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Giles Stories


Adventures of a Bachelor Watcher


Teaser: Spike does some recon before tracking the slayer to campus and Giles has a little fun.


Rated: NC-17       Parings: Giles/Other       Word Count:2,380

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS - 4th Season. Just before ”The Initiative.”

Themes: OC, Blood Play, BJ

Spike Flavor:  Trickster        Soul?  N   Chip?   N


Everything She Knows  

(Sequel to Groupie

Teaser: At the end of “Something Blue” a chipped Spike is still tied up. At the beginning of  “Hush” Spike is wandering around Giles’ place like an old roommate. What changed?


Rated: NC-17       Parings: Spike/Giles        Word Count:2,475

Setting/Spoilers: Post "Pangs"

Themes: Original Character, Slash

Spike Flavor:  Trickster, Sexy        Soul?  N   Chip?   Y


Twenty Naughty Nymphets

Teaser: “How bored were you last summer?” Buffy to Giles "Real Me"


Rated: PG  Parings: Giles & Xander       Word Count:   Posted: 8/22/04

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Summer 4/5

Themes: Friendship, Male Bonding

Spike Flavor:  Um, Spike's not in this one.

Exchanges I

Teaser: What does Spike keep in his pockets? What do vampires do all day?


Rated: PG       Parings: Spike & Giles       Word Count:2,460

Setting/Spoilers: Summer Season 5/6

Themes: Adult themes

Spike Flavor:  Bored        Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

Exchanges II

(Sequel to Exchanges I)

Teaser: How does Spike know so much about the African demon? 


Rated: NC-17       Parings: Spike/Giles       Word Count:1,502

Setting/Spoilers: Late Summer 5/6

Themes: H/C, Sex, Slash

Spike Flavor:   Sexy, Caring       Soul?  N   Chip?   Y



Other Stories

Oc, Dawn, Angel, Multiple Pairings, Character Studies


Teaser: Drusilla buys toys!


Rated: R       Parings: Spike/Drusilla       Word Count:780

Setting/Spoilers: Pre-Series

Themes: Fluff

Spike Flavor:  Evil, having fun        Soul?  N   Chip?   N

Blood Of the Tiger

Teaser: Two lonely souls watch a movie and reconnect.


Rated: NC-17       Parings: Spike/Angel       Word Count:4,098

Setting/Spoilers: AtS After "Destiny"

Themes: Slash

Spike Flavor:  Souled, Sexy        Soul?  Y   Chip?   N

Everyone Dies  

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 78,   9,  10

Teaser: What if Spike came back to Sunnydale with a plan other than finding the Gem of Amara?


Rated: NC-17       Parings: Many pairings       Word Count: 17,616

Setting/Spoilers: Very early Season 4 just before “Harsh Light of Day”

Themes: Darkest Fic - Warning: Contains character deaths and all kinds of nasty things. Retcon, Torture, Rape, Blood Play, Character Deaths

Spike Flavor:  EVIL!        Soul?  N   Chip?   N

Fu*king with the Enemy

Teaser:  When Spike left the Magic Box, it was night time. When we see him speeding away, it is broad daylight. What did he get up to?


Rated: R        Parings: Spike/Faith        Word Count: 4,900

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS just after "Lover's Walk."

Themes: Het

Spike Flavor:   Sexy       Soul?  N   Chip?   N


Co-written by Spike's Red Rose (Faith) & fanbot (Spike) for an RPG challenge Sept. 2004.

How Spike Discovered Anne Rice  

Teaser: Spike finds a punk girl and discovers some new reading material.


Rated: NC-17       Parings: Spike/Other       Word Count: 3,890  Posted: 9/26/04

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS pre Series, New York 1977

Themes: Little bit of Blood play, Original Character, Het

Spike Flavor: Punk!       Soul?  N   Chip?   N

It's Not Always Blood

Teaser: What if Buffy was wrong and Dawn was the only key?


Rated: PG       Parings: None       Word Count:1855  Posted: 3/7/04

Setting/Spoilers: End of "Gift" and a bit beyond.

Themes: Multi-character POV, AU, character deaths

Spike Flavor:  Angsty        Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

The Least I Could Do

Teaser: Bored Spike gets drawn into an interesting situation with Willow. 


Rated: NC-17       Parings: Spike/Willow       Word Count:7,278

Setting/Spoilers: Between “Hush” & “Doomed”

Themes: Blood Play, Torture

Spike Flavor:  Bored, Sexy, Caring         Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

Mary Sue Wisteria                                

Teaser: If Buffy isn’t the perfect woman for Spike, who is?

Note: A Mary Sue character is a perfected version of the writer. It is considered something one should not do. Those of you who know me laugh all you want, Monkeyboys. 


Rated:    R    Parings: Spike/Other/Buffy   Word Count: 7,818  Posted: 4/29/04

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Summer 4/5

Themes: Original Character, Parody

Spike Flavor: Sexy, Redeemed, William       Soul?   N   Chip?  Y

Missing  Scene: Trio

Teaser: Spike asked the trio the wrong questions.


Rated: G    Parings: Spike & The Trio    Word Count:153

Setting/Spoilers: Mid-"Smashed"

Themes: Series

Spike Flavor:  Determined         Soul?  N   Chip?   Y


New Age of Dawn

Teaser: Dawn spies and gets more than she went after. 


Rated: R       Parings: Spike/Buffy  Spike/Dawn (Implied)       Word Count:1,528

Setting/Spoilers: Between “Wrecked”  & "As You Were."

Themes: Masturbation, Voyeurism.

Spike Flavor:  Sexy, Trickster, Caring        Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

PTB Ex Machina                  

Teaser: My last chapter of the "Angel" series.


Rated:       Parings: none       Word Count: 1,003  Posted: 5/20/04

Setting/Spoilers: Major spoilers for the last episode of Angel, "Not Fade Away"

Themes: Episode Related

Spike Flavor: The Best        Soul? Y     Chip? N


Quickie in a Graveyard              

Teaser: Spike offers some observations on Riley's technique.


Rated:  R      Parings: Buffy/Riley      Word Count: 374  Posted: 6/25/04

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Summer Seasons 4/5

Themes: Quickies, Voyeurism

Spike Flavor:  Trickster        Soul?  N    Chip?   Y 




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