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By Spike's Red Rose & fanbot

who wrote Faith & Spike

Written for RPG fic challenge

Sept. 2004

BtVS just after "Lover's Walk." When Spike left the Magic Box, it was night time. When we see him speeding away, it is broad daylight. What did he get up to?


Rated R

 Fu*king with the Enemy

Spike left the Magic Box feeling better than he had in months. He had been so busy making up with Dru, he had not taken time for all the things he loved: fighting, killing, feeding and fucking. The fight in the Magic Box had taken care of the fighting, now for the rest. Spike figured the Slayer would be occupied for the rest of the night rescuing and tending to her pets. So what else was there to do in Sunnyhell but head for the pathetic excuse for a nightclub they called the Bronze.

With a bounce in his step, Spike strode down the short main street toward the club. The stars seemed to shine again and the people all smelled so delicious. A curvaceous form with bouncing black hair caught his eye. So different from Dru's lovely, yet bony body. He studied how this one moved and worked his way closer.

Something started to bother him. There was a tickle at his senses, like... like when Buffy was around. He paused and looked around for the Slayer, but could not locate her. The tickle faded as the brunette moved away from him. Puzzled, he followed her into the Bronze.

She walked through town, edgy but hopeful.  Faith had been building steam all night, and not one of the vamps she'd dusted so far tonight had done a damn thing to vent it.  In fact, all the slayage had only amped her up more.

She'd gotten three in the little cemetery, four in the park; nothing behind curtains three or four.  Maybe downtown would be good hunting grounds tonight.  Plus, bonus points for a little dancin' and romancin' if there weren't any nasties to play with.  The Scooby gang was all huddled up in the wake of non-monogamous kissing, and Faith just couldn't hang with all the shame-on-me energy they were throwing around.  She was sick of the shame on anybody vibe.  A little Bronzing would rub that bad feeling right off.

She stalked into the downtown area, feeling her Spidey sense give a little twinge, but as she neared the Bronze, it backed off a bit - hanging at the very edges of her perception.  She figured the vamp'd either pony up eventually or she'd dust him on the way home.

Spike kept his attentions low-key. He'd had one fight tonight and didn't necessarily want another. Plus, this girl was hot. He stood back by the wall and watched how she played the crowd of eager young men who soon gathered around her.

Bronzing was almost always a guaranteed good time. Faith danced around the edges of the floor, watching the boys watch her.  It was good to be the hunter, baby.  Especially when they thought she was prey. 

Spike puzzled over how much she felt like the Slayer. He sensed another vampire in the room and waited to see if she would pick him out. It didn't take too long before the stupid fledge moved toward her.

Ooh, speaking of prey.  Her vamp stalker seemed to have gotten his balls up.  Or maybe he thought she was just a dessert tray.  She figured he could be her treat for the evening - cute enough for a dead guy... a quick trip out back and maybe he'd work off a bit of the tension for her.

She danced closer, teasing.  "Hey big boy, got somethin' to show Mama?"

The vamp smiled, played along, "Go for a walk with me?"

Faith was amused, but took his offered hand.  "Does that line work a lot?"

He didn't get much time to answer, though - out the doors and into the night too fast, and before they had much cleared the doorway, she had turned on him.  A turn into a left backhand punch, he was on the floor for a second, before he caught on that she wasn't always as easy as she looked. 

Spike watched how the girl fought, how she moved. Somehow, this was another Slayer, she had to be. He wondered if the real Slayer knew about her.  He grew aroused as he watched her fight, and it became impossible to hide in the shadows any more. 

Two or three shots in, she realized she would have to ease back a bit if she wanted to get her heartbeat up with this one, hey, what was slaying without a little work out? 

She danced back, teasing, and he followed trying to keep up.  No words, which she appreciated, usually the empty threats and being called a bitch tended to anger her into killing them too soon.  So with a fair amount of sandbagging she managed to beat the newbie into about 12 minutes of pain, before finally giving in and dusting him.

As she slapped her hands against her thighs, she noticed that tingle - still there...

Faith sensed his attention and, gripping the stake, searched the shadows. Spike stepped out of the dark corner of the alley, his hands in his pockets.

"Nice work. Buffy know you're stealing her racket?"

Faith stiffened, "She knows. We're sharin'."  She looked the new vamp up and down.  Not bad.  Not at all.  From the hot leather coat, - Faith made a mental note to get him out of it before staking him - to the sexy smirk, this vamp looked like just what she'd been looking for.

Still, if he knew Buffy... "Buffy letting you live for some reason I should know about?  Or d'ya think I'd get extra points for doin' you?"

"We've got something worked out. I like the way you fight, Love. Maybe you'd like to show me some of your other moves?

"Baby, I've got moves you couldn't keep up with.  But we can play a little slap and tickle if you really want to die right here."

"I'm no fledge, Pet. I'm Spike. Maybe Buffy's mentioned me?"

Faith considered. Spike, eh?  That's definitely gonna count for something back at the ranch, but maybe she could get her licks in, too.  "Yeah, I heard you played a little hide the Scooby.  Got the cheerleader with some rebar, eh? Still, for all the trouble, I heard it was more of a country song than anything.  She left you and took your truck, yo." 

He didn't know what she meant by the remark about the cheerleader, so he let it go. "That's beside the point." His voice sunk to a purr. "You know about vampire stamina. Let me show you want a vampire can do who's had decades to practice."  He curled out his tongue to touch his upper teeth.

"That's kinda kinky. Fucking with the enemy." Faith said, considering him. Spike tilted his head. "I like that. Let's see what moves you've got," she turned from him, and stalked back into the club.  Her motion was well oiled, suddenly dripping sex and fire that had been obviously missing before.

Faith slinked out onto the floor and swayed to the music. Her arms rose above her head and her short, blue top rode up. She held out a hand to him and beckoned with a crook of her finger. Spike tossed his coat over a chair, grinned, and joined her.

Spike didn't dance often. When he danced with Dru it was more often a hold and sway than a real dance.  This vixen would move in close, her body radiating heat. He breasts bounced and jiggled under their thin covering. Even in the heat of the club, her nipples were hard.

She liked the way this one moved. Now that he was close, she could feel the age in him. Over a hundred, she remembered the stuffy watcher saying. And, damn he was hot. She studied the play of lights over his cheekbones as he moved gracefully beside her, never taking his attention off her. She danced closer and touched him, running her hands over his leanly muscled arms.

Spike was cool to her fingertips, and when the beat allowed, he touched her lightly. The music changed and she drew him close. She reveled in his coolness, he in her heat. They touched where her belly was exposed by the dance, her back where his fingers tripped along, and at the juncture of her neck where his forehead rested.  So hot, so dangerous.

Faith knew he could probably bite her before she could stake him, thankfully staking was faster than a draining.  Of course, if he just ripped her throat out....

The possibilities helped the excitement along, she felt it sticky the leather of her pants after soaking through her panties.

Spike could smell her sex. He loved a woman in leather pants, how they held in the heat and created a sheen of sweat on a human's hot body. He had to get a ride on this one. One of his secret fantasies may come true. He was going to get to fuck a Slayer.

She noticed he was backing her none too slowly out of the meager light, and wondered almost idly if it would be death or desire.  Or both.  What a way to go out.  She let him maneuver them, more than she knew she should.  Faith was tired of should, though.  Tired of trying to be holier than she was.  She was a fuck up - might as well enjoy the ride a little.

Spike grinned as the Slayer in his hands allowed him to maneuver her toward a corner he knew. A niche was formed by a pillar and a back wall, creating a space hidden from the crowd. The pillar was close to the stage, the band would see them when the stage lights flashed off, but the exhibition didn't stop Faith from flowing along.

He pushed the small Slayer back into the corner and ran his hands over the rounded belly he'd been eyeing. He bent to kiss the tops of her breasts where they swelled out of her top as he ran his hands under to cup them and push them up. She was so much more... ripe than Buffy.

Spike so far had every move she'd been looking for, and hadn't even broken a sweat. Lucky thing about vampires.  Still, when he pressed her against the coolness she moved, a little danger was one thing, but this was too much. She slipped out from between the vamp and a hard place, turning, using his momentum to switch their positions.

"Let me drive a while, baby."  She whispered, wicked smile in place, and slid one knee between his.  Her fingers slid along his smooth chest, raising the hem of his shirt. She leaned in and licked along a small naked patch of his collarbone.

Spike shuddered. A Slayer was licking his neck, and in just the right place. Of course she'd know that was a vampire's sweet spot.

Faith dug the response. This might be more fun that she'd hoped.  Her hands slid down the front of his lean body, shivering a little herself at the feel of him.  She leaned in, watching his eyes drifting over her breasts and his expression shift to sudden slackness as she glided over the stiff fullness in his jeans.

"I want some of this. Now."

"It's a little close here, Pet. That's the trouble with leather pants, isn't it? Let's go somewhere there's more room," Spike moaned.

"I like it here. I like the music. It makes it feel like you got a heart in your chest."

"I thought that was what you wanted, no heart." Spike looked at her levelly.

"It makes break-ups so much easier. Get your pants down, hot rod." Spike undid his pants but not his belt. Button flies were the only way to go. No sharp teeth to bite where they aren't wanted. As he watched her wiggle her tight pants down to her mid shins, he worked his hardening cock through the fly. 

Faith reached behind herself to grab the pillar and brought her feet up, planting her heavy boots on either side of his arms. Spike was startled to find his arms so neatly pinned by the leather stretched across his chest, his teeth effectively kept from her person, and her dripping opening neatly presented.

"Do I have to do everything?" Faith asked. "Put it in."

She didn't have to tell him twice. Spike lifted her ass a bit with one hand and guided his cock into her slit with the other. He hissed as her heat surrounded him. Strong muscled clamped down and he hissed again.

Faith took him in, quick and deep, enjoying the cool intrusion as she always did. She knew he'd warm up soon enough. She started to thrust, suspended between the wall and pillar, the vamp trapped and unable to contribute. She liked the size and heft of him. He fit her well. As she studied his handsome features, he opened his eyes to show a sliver of blue and a wicked grin lit his face. 

"What are you smirking at?" she asked, not pausing.

"Well, with your hands so occupied, your poor clit is neglected, and you can't stop me from doing this." He slid a slim fingered hand up off her ass and around the inside of her thigh. Before she knew what he had in mind, his clever fingers found her clit and tweaked it as is he'd been there before. 

Faith had wanted to ride for a while. To feel his cock, look at his pretty face, and then dust him. Buffy friend or no, but this was new. She yelped and started to buck against him as his clever fingers manipulated her clit. she felt him grow harder inside her and cool wetness run out of her and drip off her ass.

She pushed his hand away and dropped her feet to the floor. She pulled up her pants, unmindful of the moisture, studying the vamp as she did so. "That was hot, vamp. You surprised me."

The cocky grin was firmly planted on his face as he snapped his hand to fling away the cum clinging to it and tucked his softening cock away. "I told you, Love. I've got decades of practice. Let's go play somewhere else."

"I got a place. It's a cheap hotel room, so I won't even have to invite you in. Of course, I'll just stake you if you come back again. "

"Let's make a pact, Pet. Let's go have some fun, then decide if we want to kill each other.”

"Sounds fair. But just for tonight. No vamping for you, no slaying for me." She pulled her clothes back into place, nodded, and lightly shoved him toward the door.

With the knowledge he was going to score with a Slayer, Spike collected his coat and led her back to his car.

"Cherry ride," she admired as she climbed in, pushing liquor bottles to the floor to do so.

"She's sweet. Careful with those bottles, I think there's a full one somewhere." She fished around among the bottles at her feet as Spike started the car. The Sex Pistols screamed out, making her jump. He bit back a laugh and reached for the volume. "Sorry, Pet."

She stopped his hand before it reached the knob and raised up with a half-full bottle of Jack Daniel's. "It's cool. I just wasn't expecting it." She unscrewed the top, took a slug, and passed it to him.

Spike smirked and took a drink, watching as she bopped to the music. He really liked this one. He hoped he wouldn't have to kill her. Yet.

Soon, they arrived at the shoddy motel where Faith had a room.

The minute they were through the door, they frantically kissed, teeth meeting, and pulled at the clothing in their way. She pushed off his coat and tore at the buckle and jeans, teeth bared in a snarl or grin.  She wanted to at least get one good ride in, just in case he tried something stupid too soon. She watched him strip off his shirt as she undid the tie on her shirt and peeled it off. She shoved his pants down, freed his cock, and pressed him back on the bed, knees bent and boots on the floor. She admired this view as she shimmied out of her leather pants, and was climbing up and over before he had time to think about who might be on top. Riding in the car hadn't cooled her off as much as she'd hoped, and the bottle of Jack he'd shared with her helped ease some of the less fun, will-I-have-to-stake-him-first tension.

Stake me first, Faith thought.  She positioned herself over him, too hot to wait.  "Me first," was all she said out loud as she sank down.

Spike groaned as she impaled herself on him. The fire and blood of a Slayer was surrounding him. The danger of it made his senses sing.

Faith's smile went from snarling to pure sweetness as she slid down his length. He was cool inside her, like that guy she'd done with ice cubes.  His length seemed just right; she kept it slow until she found herself perched over him, full to the hilt, but still not resting on his pelvis.  Her strong legs held her suspended. "Oh, baby, yeah.  I'm gonna have to work up to that."  She rocked up again, feeling him slipping so tightly away. She didn't remember being so wet so quickly before.  When she reached the tip, she shuddered, and slammed her body completely down, screaming at the awesome, stretching, pleasure/pain

She straddled him, encasing him to the hilt and clenched. Spike groaned as his hard cock was gripped so tight. The legends were true. It really was better to fuck a Slayer then kill her.

Faith was caught up in the perfect cock, and a good view. If vampires were for fucking, and Faith was starting to take up Buffy's line of thinking on this, she had found the one worth doing. Her body moved, she rode him all for her own pleasure, trusting him to take his own.

He'd had sex with humans plenty of times, but never one this willing, this wet. And God, the muscles!

She slid up and down, with a tiny rocking as she came down to his thighs. She was rocking, slipping, fucking, so fast the sensations bled into each other. She was always full, always aching to be filled. She spiraled up and over into the danger zone, and thought, fuck it - it's a damn good way to go, as she let her control slip just barely enough to climax.

As she clinched around him again, he howled. He felt his demon rising to the fore and pressed it down with regret. She'd said no vamping. He clutched her hips and slammed up into her as he was milked for every drop.  It was so tight, so strong. Not even Dru's ever-virginal opening could match this hot clutch. Too soon, the Slayer slid off and flopped down on the bed beside him, leaving both panting.

Faith's breath evened out and she turned to look at Spike where he lay beside her. "That was hot, Vamp. Got any more?"

"Let go of a little of your control and I'll show you."

Faith considered him; saw the danger, but also the desire in his blue eyes. She could recognize a fellow spirit in this vamp. He was having as much fun as she was. "Okay, but no biting!”

Spike grinned and was on top of her in an instant. Being careful to not trap or pin her, he kissed, savaged, and caressed his way down her body.

Faith writhed, tensing every time his teeth grazed her; the implicit threat and lack of damage spurring her desire back up into the heights.  She let her arms reach up, above her head as his lips and tongue grazed her navel and below.  He licked back up to torment her nipples, licking teasingly, then chewing, sucking. 

She looked down to see blue eyes sparkling with humor and desire. "Like this, Pet?" he purred. "Or you want something... more focused?"

"Gimme what you got," she gritted.

"Oh, yeah." Spike grinned a wolf's grin as he lowered himself between her legs. His long fingers parted the dark curls to uncover the sensitive nub there. With another flash of blue eyes, he turned his attention to the little half-inch of flesh.

As his mouth proved his skills she thought she might come again.  Damn, what years of practice could give a girl.  Her breath puffing, she moaned, "Oh, yeah, oh yeah," a mantra of encouragement as he slid two fingers into her, accompanying the unnaturally fast flicker of his tongue over her clit.

She came all over him, screaming. Spike lapped at the juices and played her orgasm to its fullest. Finally, she shoved him away, and lay back, panting. Spike smirked up at her, rubbing the back of his hand across his mouth, then sending out his long tongue to collect the juices there.  She writhed under his attention for a second before bouncing up as he tried to begin another ravishing with his too talented mouth.

"My turn," she laughed, hauling him back up on the bed. "Wanna see if I give as good as I get?" 

"Not sure anyone gives as good as I do, Pet."  Spike challenged.

That she could live up to.  She pulled herself up on top of him, and copied his actions. She was less careful with her teeth than he had been, stopping to drag them along his neck, gnawing at the vein there.  His reaction was unsurprising, his body arched and he clenched the sheet, making a desperate but joyful sound.

Her mouth was a hot as her pussy had been, and was even more dangerous. "God, Love. You know all the right spots..."

"Mm-hmm, don't give me credit yet," Faith whispered, as she returned the favor to his nipples, finding the rhythm of him, using what he had done to her as an example.  He strained under her lips, tongue, and one hand tending his left nipple, and then switching to balance her mouth. When she thought he might pop too early from the attention, she finally strayed lower, biting and licking her way past his glorious cock, to lick along his balls. He tensed, but she went on sucking one and then both into her mouth, rolling them none too gently behind her teeth and against the roof of her mouth.

Spike gripped the sheets, tearing them. "Slayer!" he hissed.

She gripped the base of his penis, enjoying the now-warmer heft of him. Smiling, she whispered back, "Vampire." Faith eyed the curve of his body, enjoying seeing his helpless look of passion almost as much as she enjoyed feeling it. A dare was a dare, though, and Faith was not one to lose. She let her breath tickle over his tender flesh, holding back just a thought from swallowing the head.

Spike hissed. "Bloody go on, Slayer! Quit teasing a bloke!"

Her tongue darted out, tasting him, and when he responded she began in earnest.  He wasn't the only one with supernatural skills, after all.  She inhaled carefully, taking his full length into her mouth, sucking tight, and then drawing it out against the suction.

“Bugger!" he spat. She smiled around her tasty more-than-mouthful and repeated her actions.

Spike wanted to let this go on forever, but not even his stamina or training could resist the hot pull of this Slayer's mouth. He let loose a string of praise and curses as she let it get messy, pumping into her throat as she sucked and tentatively applied a touch of teeth.

"Fuck!" Spike cursed through clinched teeth. His thrusts grew erratic as the Slayer rode his orgasm. The quivers finally subsided, and Faith took one more long pull on his sensitive organ. Spike pushed her away with a curse.

Pleased with herself, she climbed up his still form, to flop next to him on the bed.  "So?"

So," Spike said, raising a scarred brow. Faith admired his ass as the vampire rolled, leaned off the bed, and snagged his duster. With practice ease, he fished out cigarettes and lighter. "That was sweet, Pet," he said as he lit two and handed one to her. "Got any more?"

She stretched and rolled her hips. "I got plenty, if you can keep up."

Spike tucked an arm behind his head and admired her rounded body. It was so unlike Dru's. "You do this often, Love?"

"Maybe.  A girl's gotta get her groove on when she can, yo.  Why? You a regular slayer layer?"

"Nah. First time, I admit. I've killed two, but didn't keep them around long enough to have fun with 'em."

Faith stiffened.  "Maybe you dealt yourself the bad hand then, eh?"

He was aware of the sudden tension in the Slayer, but didn't rise to it. Casually, he stubbed out his cigarette on the already-scarred bedside table. "That I did. If I'da known how sweet it was..."

Faith only had time to crush out her smoke, when suddenly she was on her back again. His still hard cock pressing into her. She was sure to get her own, but the desire to show up the vamp's skills was strong. She raised her knees, holding him to her, but he pounded her regardless. The feeling was thrilling, the thick curve of him was aimed just right, making her moans hitch with each thrust.  She clenched, holding him, making it hard for his body to leave hers, the friction doubled, only her drenched state keeping a real fire from bursting between them.

He had never felt this intensity and stamina from a partner before. Dru was never so focused, and certainly never this hot and wet around him. Add to this the tingle of threatened Slayer, and Spike could hold back his demon no longer. With a roar, he arched his back away from her, throwing back his head and shaking it.  His face morphed, he growled, and met her doe eyes with his golden ones.

Her senses flared, her skin sensitizing, she could hear his breathing more clearly, feel the weight of his demon in the bed with her. God, it was hot!

He was completely in her in this moment.  She watched the demon play over his features, her instincts ringing alarm bells.  The rush of adrenaline made her clinch around him involuntarily.

His penis swelled within her, it seemed to have grown even harder and more curved when he changed if that was possible. She screamed when it burst over her, but Spike didn't stop, he pounded her through the first orgasm, but did not stop.  When she could pry her eyes open, his features were human again, blue eyes focus on her, intent. He smiled and coaxed her up the path to the next, starting a cycle of rolling contractions; soft, softer, then speeding up, faster until she burst again and he softened his stroke to let her ride the waves.  Over and over again.

And so they parted and clashed again and again. The sun came up, unnoticed. They joined in multiple positions, any way she could think of, and he thought of many more. Faith hadn't felt this good in ages.  "I feel like a Prince song," she laughed, and lay in a heap of satisfaction, sweat finally being allowed to dry on her body. The vampire lay still beside her, and Faith could still feel a whisper of desire pulling her to Spike.

Spike stared at a water stain on the ceiling without seeing it. This incredible creature beside him had met his every challenge, his every whim. He turned to look at her and felt a tug in his undead heart. He had seen the need to be desired and loved that she kept tucked away under bravado and sex. Somehow he knew it was there because he did it, too. She turned her head to look at him, a sleepy smile playing about her lips, and he had to touch her again.

He kissed her, and it was too perfect.  She could suddenly feel a bit more than a good time in his lips.  His unnecessary breath fanned along her cheeks, his body warm from the hours of contact.  It was sweet, an uncomplicated kiss to follow a mostly uncomplicated fuck, right? She pushed him back, the intimacy suddenly overwhelming.

Faith stretched, arms over her head, sitting up and not looking right at him any more. "Baby, that was everything you promised it would be.  But now it's about time to call off the fair play, end our little truce. Tell you what, though. Since you've got some deal with B, and you played me so fair, I'll give you ten minutes to get a move on."  She looked at him, her mask in place once more. Her smile was wicked, but there was no sign of wavering in her eyes.  She'd stake him if he was around much longer, but she was feeling more than generous.

Rejection, again. Hurt, but not really surprised, he sat up, resisting the urge to touch her. "But, Love, it's daylight."

"Your car's right outside and I need some sleep. Get dressed, get out. Take the blanket if you need it."

Silently, Spike dressed, picking his clothes from out of the ruins of the room. No sun shone directly on the windows, so he carefully peeked out and planned his route to the car. Only a narrow strip of sun lay between him and the unlocked haven of his car. He let the blinds fall back with a clatter and turned to look at her once more. She sat up in the bed with the sheet over her breasts and a piece of the busted end table in her hand. She pointed at him, then the door with it.

He pulled on his bluster along with his coat. "Thanks for the ride, Pet. If we ever meet up again, perhaps we can renegotiate."

She shrugged, and he imagined he saw a tiny softening. "And Jude Law will ask me to marry him."

"Moving on already?" Spike quipped, and stepped out on the shaded walkway.

Spike made it to the car with the coat over his head and sat, hands on the wheel for a minute. The bottle of Jack lay on the seat, but he didn't want to loose the taste of her just yet. He tamped down the hurt and reassessed his position. In the last twenty-four hours or so, he's had a hell of a fight, ridiculed Puffy and the Great Poof, and shagged a Slayer. Repeatedly. Plus, he knew just what he needed to do to win Dru back. Spike fired up his DeSoto, cranked the tunes, and blazed out of Sunnydale.

Faith listened to the thump of music that rattled the window with a smile. She cuddled down in the mess of the bed and closed her eyes. She felt pleasantly stretched and sore all over. B sure as hell had it right. Vamps were the coolest lovers.

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