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A follow up to my story “Groupie.”

Season 4. Post-"Pangs." At the end of “Something Blue” a chipped Spike is still tied up. At the beginning of  “Hush” Spike is wandering around Giles’ place like an old roommate. What changed?


Rated: NC-17

Adventures of a Bachelor Watcher

Part 2: Everything She Knows

After a typically exciting Sunnydale Thanksgiving, the Scooby gang had finally gone home. Everyone helped clean up, patch the broken windows, and do the dishes. Except Spike, of course. He remained tied to the chair where he had been all evening. The gang was still weary of him despite his claims that he was harmless and unable to hurt any living thing.

Not being able to physically have any fun, Spike heckled them until he finally drove them all off. So it came to be that Giles was left alone in his bachelor apartment with a 120-year-old once-very- dangerous vampire tied tightly to a straight-backed chair.

“Come on, Rupert,” Spike protested. “This is very uncomfortable. I’ve lost all circulation.”

“You don’t have any circulation, Spike, you’re a vampire.” Giles dismissed him and swept up a bit more broken glass.

“We do so have circulation. It’s a myth that we don’t.”

“You have no heartbeat, therefore you have no circulation.” The Watcher was tired and had no patience to deal with Spike’s juvenile attitude.

“So you’ve had your head to a vampire’s chest for over thirty minutes?”

Despite himself, Giles was interested. “No, what are you telling me?”

Spike looked smug. “I’m not telling you anything unless you put me somewhere more comfortable.”

“Oh for…” Giles looked around. “I have some chains.”

“Kinky watcher!”

Giles just glared at him.

“That will be fine. You know, give me what I want and you can have your own interview with a vampire. Your diaries will be the reference work all future Watchers consult.”

“How will I know you’re not leading me astray?” Giles cleaned his glasses as he considered this offer.

Spike shrugged. “What do I have to loose? I’ll only be talking about myself.”

“The information you give me could be used in the future to improve vampire slaying techniques.”

“I doubt that. Buffy already has it down to a science. And those storm trooper wankers probably have a big database themselves. Not that they would ever share it with you.”

Giles saw the truth in what his captive was telling him. By rendering one of the most notorious vampires around harmless, the military has done the Watcher’s cause a great service. They have unintentionally set up this golden opportunity. If he gathered enough information, he could buy his way back into the council. “You do have a point, Spike. Let me find those chains.”

Shortly Spike was settled comfortably in the armchair, bound in heavy manacles and chains.

“I may yet be thankful you came whimpering to us when you found yourself impotent.”

“Watch that! I may just call this deal off.”

“OK. I’ll just chain you in the bathtub so I can watch TV by myself then.” Giles moved to stand up.

“Ok, fine. Kick a man when he’s in the pits. Ask your questions.”

Giles had his journal out and pen ready. “Tell me about vampire circulation.”

“Well, it’s like humans are at a party. We try to say hello to everyone.”

“Very funny.”

“Ok. It’s not so much a heart beat as a slow squeeze. How else do you think we bleed or get hard? Plus, it would all just pool at the bottom like a corpse. Just like a rabbit has a very quick heartbeat and a short lifespan, vampires have an extremely slow heartbeat and long life.”

Giles wrote this down. “You made mention before dinner of what happens if a vampire doesn’t feed for a long time.”

They talked long into the night.

Giles quizzed him about the mysteries of vampire life and missing data that Watchers throughout the years have lacked, and Spike counters with demands. This pattern of question/demand/answer continued for some time with Giles filling many pages of a new journal with his small, neat penmanship. One page was taken up with an agreement list on Spike’s insistence which they both sign, also on Spike’s insistence.

Finally, too tired to continue, Giles filled one of Spike’s demands to have the television left on so he can watch all night and headed upstairs to his loft bedroom. “Keep the volume down, please. I have neighbors.”


Late the next morning Spike was demanding again. “I’m hungry! I want blood! That gravy you fed me last night had no substance to it. ”

“You said a vampire can go a week without feeding.”

“That’s after a full feed from a live body. Not after being captured, tortured, chased, and tied up for over a week.”

“I have some errands to run later. I will go by the butcher’s then. Besides, there’s no more information you can trade me for favors. I know all I need to about a vampire’s existence.”

Spike threw back his head and laughed. “Stop being so British. You’ve not asked a single question about undead sex life.”

Giles stopped and cleaned his glasses. “Well… um… It’s not an area that would prove … beneficial.”

“Maybe not, but you don’t have to write it down. Let the future watchers find out for themselves. If they can.” Spike raised a scared eyebrow.

“You’re just playing with me, Spike.”

“Maybe, but I can tell you anything you want to know… and in great detail.” Spike poked his tongue out one corner of his mouth with a mischievous grin. “Remember Melina?”

Giles rounded on Spike and planted his hands on the arms of the chair. “Yes. I remember that. Your cruel trick,” he said angrily.

Spike chuckled, his voice low and rumbling. “Do you want to know about her? Think about it, Giles. I taught her everything she knows.” Spike leaned toward Giles as if to kiss him and the Watcher jerked away. Spike laughed at the Englishman’s flustered look. “Maybe I can bring her back and see who is better.”

Giles kept it to himself how much he would love to feel what she did again, how she deep throated him. “I have no desire to know who she thinks is better in bed, you or I.”

“That’s not what I mean, Ripper.” Giles just looked blankly at him. “I mean who is better, she or I?”

“That’s disgusting, Spike.”

“Is it?” Spike shrugged. “If you decide to find out, just let me go. I won’t say anything else about it.”

“Thank you.”

“You know, Ruppie,” Spike taunted, “you’ve forgotten to ask me anything about the government boys and their secret caves.”

“No, I’ve not. Willow is going to cast a truth spell on you later. We’ll have all our information then.”


A few days later, life in Giles’ apartment had settled into a routine. The Scooby gang saved the world at least once, Spike watched TV and Giles tried to go on about his life around him. It was evening and Giles had sent ‘the kids’ home and filed the books from their latest research.

“You need satellite, Mate.” Spike flipped endlessly through the basic cable channels from where he's chained to the armchair, and sipped microwaved blood from a cheery yellow mug.

Giles paused on his way to the bathroom. “How old is she?”

Spike looked at the TV. “Martha Stewart? I donno. Mid-40’s? Fancy her, Rupert?”

“Not her. Melina.”

“Oh. She’s just a baby. I made her at Woodstock. Dru and I were on the outs at the time." He drank a pull from his mug. "Interesting girl, that. She’s a people-hugger,” Spike had his long-story conversational tone on.

“A what?”

“She doesn’t kill unless she has to. I think there are weak demons just like there are weak humans.”

“So she wouldn’t have hurt me?”

Spike chuckled. “No. She does love a good bet, though.” Spike eyed him. “You surprised me that night. I thought your youthful impulses were long gone. And you cost me a hundred dollars.”

Giles glared at him. “You don’t know me, Spike.” He turned away, then stopped and cleaned his glasses with his back three quarters to Spike. “How does she get by? Um… feed?”

“Same way I’ll have to, I guess,” Spike said disgustedly, hefting his mug of pig’s blood. “Buy blood.” He thought about it. “Of course, there’s always prostitution. Pretty girl like her, or handsome lad like me, we can make merry handfuls of cash that way. Some people pay to have their blood sucked.”

“I’ve heard of that.”

“Another fact I’ll throw in for free: semen is like a power shake to vamps. “

“Really? I guess that makes since. Chemically…” Giles trailed off. “Where is she now?”

“Do you want me to look her up?” Spike had a big smile.

“No. I want to know how long I have to keep renewing the blocking spell for her.”

“She was actually in town looking for me. Wanted to have a bit of the rough and tumble with her sire.” Spike was fully cocky and proud to brag on his prowess.  “Alas, she’s gone on to cooler climes.”

Nodding his head, Giles went into the bathroom, took a nice hot shower, and got ready for bed. He came out dressed in his robe.

“There’s a Gene Kelly movie on,” Spike said, not even looking at his host. “Do you want to watch it with me?”

Wordlessly, Giles took the remote from Spike and turned off the TV. He reached in his pocket and pulls out a key.

“Hey?” Spike started.

Giles just held up a finger for silence and unlocked the chains. Without watching to see if Spike left the house or followed him he climbed the stairs to the darkened loft and lay down.

All was quiet for a few minutes, and then Giles heard Spike move to the bathroom and close the door, the shower running for a bit, then bathroom door opening. The lights went off downstairs. Straining, Giles could barely hear the soft footfalls of a long-practiced stalker crossing his living room floor below. Giles found himself tensing in the moment the other would either leave the house or climb the stairs. He surprised himself by feeling relieved when the bottom step creaked.

He looked to the stairs and saw a naked Spike soundlessly gliding up, moving like a wraith. He closed his eyes when the moonlit form reached the turn of the stairs. The short memory clip of the way the pale, lean body was moving looped in his mind. He started when the silent vampire sat on the edge of the bed and put his hand on Giles’ ankle.  It was not the cold touch he expected. He suddenly realized Spike took a shower to warm his room-temperature body.

Spike ran his hand up Giles’ leg and pulled aside the robe when he reached it. The Watcher is startled at the lightness of Spike’s touch. The long fingered hands caressed his thighs and slowly moved upward. Giles could feel himself growing hard in anticipation. The vampire encircled the Watcher’s penis and gently squeezed and pulled until he was completely hard. He lay with his eyes still closed, just enjoying until Spike lay down with the full length of his body against Giles’ leg. The touch of that lean body, so clearly male, touching him, made him draw in a breath and tense up.

Spike stopped. “Should I go?” he asked very quietly.

“No. Please don’t.”

Spike said nothing more but moved his head to Giles’ hard shaft. He licked the full length of it and sucked on the side where the thickest vein stood out. Giles heard a crackle his mind  could not place at once. Spike was suddenly standing beside the bed, his beautiful face twisted to demon visage, his chest heaving, and hands clinched at his sides. The blue of his eyes has blazed into vivid yellow, which almost glow in the moonlight.

“I can’t,” Spike gasped. “It’s been too long since I’ve fed on anything but cold animal blood. All that fresh, hot blood, and it’s right there, just a skin’s thickness away. If I bite you, if I even think to hard about biting you, this bug zapper in my brain will completely spoil the mood.”

Giles just looked at the demon a moment and reached into the drawer of his bedside table. Spike braced himself, expecting to me staked. Wordlessly, Giles takes out a small onyx and silver ring and carefully makes a little scratch near the head of his penis. “Will that help?”

Spike morphed back to human in surprise. “Yeah,” he breathed. “That’s… wonderful.”

Spike lay back down, reverently licked the beads of blood, and sucked on the scratch just a little. The vampire purred in satisfaction. He pushed the Englishman’s legs apart and moved to kneel between them. Giles resisted. “I’m not after your virtue, Ripper. I just need a better angle.”

Spike folded his feet under him and rose up. Practiced lips took in the head and the cool tongue lapped in circles around it. The human’s hips rose, wanting more.

Giles had closed his eyes, distanced himself from the idea that it was William the Bloody doing these tender things to him and tasting his blood. He was not without experience in having a vampire take his blood for pleasure. No one in Sunnydale knew how many twisted things he did in his youth in pursuit of pleasure and the real reasons behind the nickname Ripper will stay, he hoped, buried.

His hands drifted of their own accord to the back of Spike’s shower-damp head. Clean and free of gel, the vamp’s hair was surprisingly soft.    

Slowly, so Giles can savor it, Spike took him down his throat. Then he started to work the muscles in his throat, and to swirl his tongue in the limited space it had. The vampire tasted the blood along with the fluids dripping down his throat and purred. Giles could not hold out very long and came hard. Spike held him pinned with no problem.

When Giles weakly pushed his head away and lay quivering, Spike got up, pulled a blanket over the apparently asleep human, and headed down stairs. He had not taken two steps when Giles called out. “It’s you.”

“It’s me what?” Spike answered over his shoulder.

“You’re better than she is.”

The darkness hid Spike’s cocky grin as he went to finish watching the movie and raid the fridge.

Confused? Check the prequel story "Groupie"

Notes: "Melina" is mine. The ideas of semen being a "power shake" and theories on "vampire circulation" are my ideas. Argue them if you want, they work for me. (Who knows, Spike may well be lying.)  As for that being why Giles is called "Ripper" <Giggle> blame my dirty mind.

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