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BtVS - 4th season – very shortly after chipping. Between “Hush” and “Doomed.” Spike does not know he can hurt demons.


Darkfic. Blood play, torture

Rated NC-17

The Least I Could Do

Xander did not even bother to tie him up any more at night. He was faced with an unlife of working for pig’s blood. First Dru kicked him out of her life. Then he couldn’t fight. He can’t hunt. He can’t kill. His existence was now an empty shell.

Xander had fallen asleep despite Spike’s nightly game of taunting him, and the vampire was completely bored. Silently he put on his long leather coat, habitually checking his pockets to make sure he’s armed, and headed out.

Perhaps he could find some passed-out coed on campus. If she’s unconscious, maybe he could steal a sip of blood. It wouldn’t hurt her after all.

He kept to the better-traveled paths tonight. He didn’t want to be re-captured. At one point, he heard the crackle of a two-way radio and changed his course. He found himself walking near Buffy’s dorm. No harm in a bit of peeping. As he neared the building, he caught a familiar scent. Casting around, he soon located Willow walking in the most wrong way she can. Lost in mope mode about her lost boyfriend, she shuffled along with her head down, clutching a book.

Spike had found his pleasure for the evening. Here’s a bit of sport. Creep up on Red and scare the piss out of her. She should know better than to walk around anywhere wearing a ‘victim’ sign. Maybe she’ll be at least a little afraid of me after that.

For ten minutes he trailed her. Her neon pink shirt with a lacy collar was a help. He practiced long-ago honed skills, a couple of times getting so close he could touch her, then falling back, and letting her move to a more secluded spot. Perfect, she was moving into the park-like woods between the library and the cafeteria.

Spike was about to make his move when the bushes next to her erupted and two vampires sprang out. There was a magical flash, and Willow went limp. Spike cursed his inattention,  the chip, and the lack of Slayer. Who the bloody hell is that? With a magical capture spell, too. Instead of a kill, these two were clearly in it for the capture. One of them shouldered Willow and headed off toward the woods that edge the side of the campus. He had to do something, and quickly. With just one to deal with, I can take him. Then I’ll rescue Willow, take her home safe, and the Scooby gang will reward me with lovely heaps of cash. And they’ll be less likely to stake me any time soon.

On the way Spike started seeing other night beings heading in the same direction. So it’s a party then. I’ll just have to crash it. I’ve no doubt I can get in, grab her and get back out. Been a while since I’ve been to a good party.

Soon the vamp carrying Willow stopped before one of the many caves in this neck of the woods. Spike knew the area well, and this cave in particular because he lived here at one time. He had set up a cozy nest with Harmony, the ditzy blond bint, while digging out the Gem of Amara from a near-by tomb.

Spike watched from the shadows until he saw the routine. The guests showed up, some carrying captives, and stopped to talk with the henchman at the door. He looked at a list waved them through. He could go and find Buffy, and let her rescue her friend, but it looked like the party was about to start. He could just leave her there, but he has to admit that of all the Scoobies he likes her best. She’s cute, she’s smart, and she treats me with respect. Why couldn’t it have been Xander? I’d let them feed off him while I sat back and watched. Besides, it’s a party. He has to crash a party.

Spike drew himself up and donned his attitude of authority. Spike could be a commanding presence when he chose. Striding like he still lived there, Spike approached the door. The henchman stopped him. “Who are you?”

“I’m Spike. Who’re you?”

 The henchman read down his list. “You’re not invited.”

“Look under ‘Mr. Vamp who will make your life hard if not let in.’ This is my town you’re crashing. Take me to your leader and we’ll sort this out.”

The man looked Spike up and down and called into the cave. Another burly vamp showed up. “Take him to Arcalis. But keep an eye on him.” The vamp grunted and led Spike deeper into the caverns. I’ve heard of Arcalis. In his 80 short years as a vampire, he doubtless added a few chapters to the Watcher’s dairies with all the wicked things he’s done. Oh, not as wicked as me, but he has a style about him. On the way he passed alcoves with trays of sharp implements in some and piles of blankets in others. He caught the smell of fear and glimpsed a row of people laid out like a buffet line. He thankfully saw a bit of Willow’s absurd pink shirt.

He could not help but notice traces of his previous dwelling. There was a pink sheet from the bed. There was one of Harmony’s unicorn posters of all things. There was that damn ornate screen she had him drag in all the way from the dump on the far side of town. The things a man will do just to get laid.

The man gestured for him to wait and stepped through a curtain. A burly demon stood and glared, daring Spike to try anything. Shortly, the first vamp came back in and motioned Spike through. “Arcalis will see you now.”

He was a little shorter than Spike, and broader. His skin was dark, his hair thick and black, pulled back into a severe pony tale with a leather thong. The sides of his head were shaved and a variety of tattoos highlighted his cheeks, lips, and face. His hands, too, sported dragons and arcane symbols. While many people attempting this looked stupid,  he came out looking dangerous. It was like he had earned each and every tattoo with great trial and effort.

“So, a crasher.”

“The way I see it, you’re crashing my town, Arcalis. I think I should get to play.” Spike stood with thumbs hooked in his belt.

“So, you have heard of me. And you are?”

“Spike. Perhaps you’ve heard of me?” He calmly shook out a cigarette and lit it.

“I had heard you had left town.”

Spike blew a plume of smoke in the air and casually eyed a tapestry hung on the cave wall. It depicted a unicorn standing on a sunny hill. Another trace of Harmony. “Well, I’m back. I got back a couple of weeks before you arrived. Though I can’t say much about your taste in decor.”

Arcalis waved a hand dismissively. “A lot of tacky objects were left here by a previous tenant. We’ve been here a week. Why you are choosing now to pay us a visit?”

“I’ve been busy. Then, I heard a party was brewing. I’m not one to miss a party.” Spike cocked his head at the host. “But, I see no reason why we can’t all get along. What brings you to Sunnyhell anyway?”

“I am here to kill another Slayer. You don’t seem to be doing the job.”

Spike drew himself up. “She keeps the competition cleaned out. Plus, I’ll get her when I’m ready. It’s more fun to toy with them first. Make them afraid. I heard you took one out in the ‘50’s. Welcome to the club. Although, you know, I’ve done two. I am going to make it three.”

The man looked Spike up and down. “Very well.” He stepped away and broke the tension between them. “Let’s sit and talk after the party. We have plenty of favors. Tell you what, I’ll let you have first pick.”

“Thank you. And if you need any help, look me up. I know this town well.”

When he clapped Spike on the back, it was all Spike can do to keep from ripping his head off. Only the thought of the newly-implanted chip zapping his brain held him back. “I like your attitude. Come. Let’s look at the prizes.”

A dozen people were laid out on the floor, all looking like they were in a trance, some staring with mouths slackly open. “Are they drugged? Never taste as good drugged,” Spike sniffed, poking one with a boot, looking them over like they are vegetable on a stand.

“It’s a spell.” Acralis pointed to a green orb glowing on a stand. “Once they are all selected, I cover it up and the music starts.”

Spike walked along the line, bending over to inspect this one and that. One young man he hauled up by his collar and smelled him. “This one is sick. Won’t last long.” Spike dropped him, hiding the pain from the chip. An overweight teenage girl with too much make-up he rolled over. “Too much meat.” He barely looked at Willow. She looks unharmed. He could now see a cheery cartoon squirrel on the front of her shirt. Making a face at it, he moved along the line. He reached the end and looked back over them all.

“Nothing here to suit you?” asks Arcalis.

“Yeah…” He returned to a skinny Goth girl in a too-short skirt and picked her up. “On second thought, she may enjoy it too much.” He put her back and picked up Willow. “This one looks like a screamer. I think I’ve seen her around town.”

“Excellent. I understand she put up a fight. Pick an alcove. If you need anything, ask one of the runners, the ones in blue. When everyone has arrived and we are ready to start, a gong will sound.”

“How Roman.” Spike chose an alcove with ropes run through a ring in the wall and a pile of  reasonably clean blankets in the floor. He smirked to himself at the memory of Harmony tied to that very ring, screaming in pleasure. I liked to make her scream, cause then she wasn’t talking. It was shielded on two sides with no passages behind it. He could be private with what he did, yet not be completely cornered. He could see into several other play areas form this spot. He sat Willow against he wall and tied her hands up over her head. He snapped his fingers at a passing blue shirt. “Bring me duct tape, a pitcher of water, and a glass. Oh, and a pair of scissors.” He took these items when they arrive without comment and kneeled to Willow again. He ripped off a short length of duct tape. Blocking anyone’s view with his body, he dampened his finger and ran it over her lips and around her mouth before sticking the duct tape over her mouth so it would not stick as much to her skin. He started to remove his coat, then thought better of it.

He then stood with arms crossed at the opening to the alcove. He watched other vampires arrive and pick play spaces with their party favors. The big bad inside him reveled in the excitement. Damn this looks like fun. It’s been so long since I’ve been to, or, hell, staged a party like this one. He knew the rules well. I have to stay focused, get myself, and, if possible, Willow out of here alive. If anyone here learns that I can’t hurt even demons I’ll be dust in an instant. If I’m lucky they won’t torture me first. Of course, this crew doesn’t look like the get-it-over-with type.

There were several guests he recognized and a few token pleasantries were exchanged. Very shortly, his host’s voice sounded, echoing through the caves. “Ladies, gentlemen, and others, welcome. House rules are this: play with your toys, but not with other guests or their toys without their permission.” A gong sounded. “Let the games begin!”


Willow’s last memory was of being grabbed from behind. She had tried to fight, but the world blacked out on her. Now, the first thing she was aware of was that her arms were tied painfully over her head. Her eyes snapped open and a face swam into focus before her. Beach blond hair, sharp features, and piercing blue eyes. Spike? Did he kidnap me? Why would he do that? She wanted to ask him what was going on, but her mouth was covered. He was kneeling in front of her, sitting back on his heels. Screaming sounded from all around her. A motion over his shoulder caught her eye. She saw a blonde girl tied to a table, with a vampire in demon face ripping the clothes from her body. A tall, muscular vampire with arcane tattoos covering him blocked her view.


“Are you awake, pet?” Spike was aware of  Arcalis coming up behind him. He turned and grinned at the younger vampire. Damn. All I needed was two minutes. If Red gives away the fact I’m not hurting her, we’re both dead. He took Willow’s chin in his hand and forced her to focus on him as he squatted before her. “Do you understand me, Luv?” His voice was low and seductive. She nodded, her eyes wide. This would make the third time he has had Willow as his captive, so she knew to take him seriously. “We’re going to play a game. I’m going to pretend to hurt you, and you’re going to pretend to be scared.” His back to Arcalis, he arched his brows at her and made an “okay?” expression. Her eyes darted behind him and widened even more. “No, wait,” he continued, taking the purr out of his voice. “Let’s take all the ‘pretends’ out of that last sentence and do it for real.”


Has his chip stopped working? Oh God. He’s going to kill me for real this time. Spike took one of her fingers and twisted it back. That didn’t hurt! She looked in his eyes and saw the intensity there. Suddenly she knew. He’s as captive as I am. He can’t hurt anything. If they know that… She whimpered behind her gag and nodded furiously. “Let me hear you, then.” Spike ripped off the duct tape, wincing at the pain the chip fires through his brain.

Willow started sobbing full force and begging at once. “No, please no. I’ll do what ever you want.”

Red is smart, she’s caught on. Spike took her finger again. Willow screamed. “Now you smell afraid. Huh. And oddly like strawberries. That’s better.”


The watching vamp nodded and moved away. “Enjoy.”

Spike twisted and pulled on her fingers until he was sure attention was elsewhere, then he said out loud to her. “Let me tell you what else I  am going to do to you.” He moved up close, moving seductively. He took her chin in one hand, tilted it aside, then barely whispered in her ear. “I have to do this to get us both out of here alive. Play along and live.”

"Nooooo.” Wept  Willow shaking her head violently.

“My grandsire Angelus was the most evil vampire in the books.” Spike said as he hoisted her to her feet and shortened the rope around her wrists. “He taught me everything I know. Well, he laid the ground work. For the next hundred years, I was self-taught.” Spike picked up the scissors and started cutting off her clothes. “He’s the only vampire ever considered more evil than I. I wonder when the re-evaluation is held. Did you know humans taste better when they’re afraid? It’s the adrenaline, acts like caffeine.” He cut patterns in the cloth, revealing her breasts and crotch first. With a snip he cut the head off the cartoon squirrel on her shirt.

When she was naked, he stepped back and looked at her. She’s so nicely put together. She’s no Slayer, but she’s… wow. If I do have to kill her, I’ll turn her this time. I bet I can fight the pain in my head enough to do that. He set aside the scissors and pulled a switchblade from his coat pocket. He flicked it open and cocked his head at her. “Did you know you can cut someone and they won’t even feel it as it happens?” he said conversationally. “It’s true. If the knife is sharp enough and the draw is quick enough.” He looked in her eyes and mouthed, “sorry.”

He moved vampire-quick and cut a thin, shallow, cut across her bare stomach. His chip did not fire. “I’ve not lost my touch,” he said smugly. Willow looked down and felt faint at the sight of the long thin threads of blood trickling down her pale flesh. She screamed. His wrist flicked a couple of more times and she was soon covered in thin ribbons of blood.

Spike dropped to his knees in front of her and put a hand on either hip. “Now I’ll learn if you taste like strawberries, too.” Spike bent over and licked up one trailing thread. “Better than I ever dreamed,” he purred with real pleasure. Willow sobbed and tried to twist out of his grasp.


I can’t believe he did that! She was naked, bound and bleeding. Behind Spike she could see several people tied up in various ways and horrible things being done to them. One woman appeared to be already dead, yet a yellow demon with red spines was happily screwing the corpse. The creepy vampire with all the tattoos came around again. Spike did not turn around this time, keeping his focus on her. “Let’s see where else you’d look good in red.” He roughly spun her around and she felt the air from his arm as he moved behind her. She felt her blood trickle down the crack of her ass, but true to his word it didn’t hurt when he cut her. After a minute it felt like a long paper cut. Thin lines of pain traced her body when she moved. And then he was drinking of her, licking her. I believe what he said. It all fits. I don’t think he’d play with me this way, at least not in front of others. He would… he would take me off to himself. He turned her around again, looked up at her, and leered. He licked her blood off his chin with his long tongue. Yet he is enjoying this! I bet he hasn’t had human blood in weeks. Spike held her eye contact and rose up to lap blood off her breasts, nipping at her nipples with blunt teeth. What is wrong with me? I am aroused by this! She whimpered, he chuckled. I can’t think about that. She made herself look at the tattooed vampire and the horrors going on across the way.


Arcalis watched Spike silently for some minutes. “You are indeed skilled. Many of my guests have already killed their toys and the night is yet young. She is both aroused and frightened. And you have not even shown your true face.”

Spike pretended to have not noticed Arcalis standing there. “Hummm?” He turned slowly to his host. “Yes, why wouldn’t she be? Why waste such a fine tidbit? As for the other… It’s all in the timing. Would you like a taste?” Spike stood up and made another short cut across her shoulder. With a nod, the host stepped up and licked Willow’s arm. She turned wide eyes on him and screamed again.

“I think you’re right. Strawberries. And magic.”

Spike snapped his fingers. “That’s were I’ve seen her before. She was in the magic shop just before I killed the proprietor.”

Arcalis chuckled. “The night is young, the fun has just begun. Do you need anything?”

“Got any bourbon?”

“I’ll have some sent over.” Spike knew his host was watching for one more flourish, so he added a short cut just in the hair line over her right eye. If there is a scar, it will be hidden. She’s so pretty it’d be a shame to scar her. Fine bits of red hair rained down and stuck in the blood on her belly. Head cuts bled like mad and soon her face was a half mask of red. Arcalis left and Spike drew up close to Willow. He ran his hands over her, spreading the blood from the many shallow cuts on her body.


Willow looked into Spike’s face as he stood so close to her. For all that he is doing to me, I feel… protected. Her nudity was shielded from other eyes by his long leather coat. And while he stroked her skin and smeared her blood, occasionally lapping her skin, he avoided the cuts as much as he could. Maybe it is just to keep from hurting himself. His cheeks were drawn in and there was a too-gleeful glint in his eye. She was struck by the paradox that was Spike. Once before when he came to kill her, she wound up comforting him when he couldn’t. Now he had come into a situation as dangerous to him as it is to her, yet he was enjoying what he was doing. He moved with long-practiced skill and once again she feared him.

She saw Spike inhale her scent and knew he must smell her fear. He did nothing to lessen it.


A runner showed up with the bourbon. Spike took a long pull form the bottle. He was aware that several guests were standing around, watching. “Beautiful,” he stated, admiring his work. It’s been so long since I created such art. The last few years Dru was ill, then kept him chasing all over the world, not giving him any time to create. “What about you? Are you thirsty?” Willow hesitantly nodded.

Spike poured a glass of water and feed it to her. After letting her drink a minute, he shot a ‘watch this’ look at the crowd and leaned in to her. “I’m starting to draw a crowd,” he breathed in her ear. “I’m going to have to step it up.”

Willow sputtered and choked in reply. Spike looked to a demon couple who have gotten tired of whatever they were doing and wandered over. “Words are the best of weapons. All this screaming has gotten me excited. What about you?” He kicked the blankets out of the way and eased up close to the little redhead.


Spike looked in her eyes and slid his hands down to her Venus mound. Willow pulled, kicked, and tried to escape his probing fingers. He can’t be going to do that is he? Willow twisted and tried to get away. “Stop it! No!” she cried. His cool fingers persisted. She gasped. He’s so… skilled! “Quit it! No!” She felt herself grow wet even as she bled and the ropes cut her wrists.

Spike stepped back and cocked his head at her. “Really?” He gave her a feral grin. “What’s the safe word? Will there be no having of you tonight?” he asked in a mocking tone.

Is he giving me an out? Despite the risks, he’s giving me an out. He’s talking about when we were at the factory last year. She looked at the crowd as if to seek help, then back in his eyes. “It would only be slightly better than having a bottle in my face,” she spat at him.


Spike snarled and undid his belt. “Then we’ll do a comparison. First I’ll have you, then I’ll put a bottle through your face.” He hoped she did not notice just how hard he already was when he opened his jeans. “I want to see your pretty face as I fuck you after all.”

He grabbed one of her legs and held it up, her knee to his side. The long coat was spread and blocked everyone’s view. Spike dug his switchblade out of his pocket and flicked it open. “Let’s see about some lubrication.” He held up the blade for the crowd to see and brought it down low between them. Willow’s eyes followed it and she screamed yet again as she watched Spike slice the flesh of his penis to produce a ribbon of red. Hurts so good. I wish I could cut her there, like that. He flicked the blade closed with a practiced movement and put it back in his pocket. He bent his knees and rubbed his erection against her, spreading the blood until no one can tell the source. “How’s that? Slippery enough? Wouldn’t want to hurt you.” Spike threw back his head and laughed even as he took her by the hips. He pretended to position himself, then trust sharply upwards. Willow screamed. No one could see that he was just rubbing against her, between her legs.

Damn, what is wrong with me? Now I want him. He was moving against her, not inside. All he had to do is shift his position slightly and he would slip in. The only man I have been with is Oz, and he left me. But Spike is beautiful, and I want him. Even with the blood, the public show and the pain. I want him inside me. “Is that all you’ve got?” she asked, looking him in the eye. Murmurs from the crowd told her they were impressed with her courage. Spike paused, tilting his head.

“No. I’ve got this.” Spike shifted position and slid into her while at the same time he shook his head and shifted into vamp face. His eyes turned yellow and the handsome angles of his brow furrowed into the face of a demon. This she was not expecting. A deep groan of pleasure is blurred with a cry of fear. She could not believe this feeling. Spike pressed on a cut on her back, sending pain through her, riding along with the pleasure. Already light-headed from the blood loss, she swooned in a wave of intense sensation his arms.

Spike wrapped an arm around Willow’s suddenly limp form, holding her full weight.  He drove himself deep within her and lowered his mouth to the cut on her shoulder. I can’t allow myself to drink too deep. It would hurt me so much. Fucking chip. I want to kill, to drain. I want to come. I want to fuck her until she breaks apart. But… I… can’t. If I come in her now, like this, I’ll rip her to bits. Internally cursing his whole existence, he faked an orgasm. He bucked within her and snarled. Quickly, he let her slide from his grasp and hang limply against the wall from her wrists. She was pale and her breathing was shallow. In the old days, I could keep her alive for days, play with her. Now… yet now…  If she dies, they’ll blame me. If I save her, maybe they’ll pay me. If I’m to save her, I have to get her out of here, fast. He stood panting and suddenly became aware of applause from behind him. Spike willed his erection gone, put his already-healing member away and fastened up his clothing. He pulled on his Big Bad face and turned to the crowd.

Arcalis stepped up. “Impressive. I see what you mean about saving your true face.”

“Years of practice, Mate.”

A drunken vamp came up to Willow and pawed her. “’She’s not dead yet. Are you going to finish that?”

“It’s mine! Get away!” Spike hurled him across the room.

“Is there a problem, Spike?” Arcalis wondered at Spike’s sudden possessiveness of what should be leftovers.

“Yeah. I don’t like to share. It’s been fun, but I think I’ll take my party favor and go home.” Damn. I know what I have to do to get out of here, and it may even kill me.

“Why would I let you do that?” The host drew himself up, still not trusting this strange vampire. He had heard many stories about Spike. Quite a few made him out to be a trickster and not to be trusted.

“Because it’s the polite thing to do.” I hate this guy! Bracing himself against the expected explosion of pain in his head, moving with blurry speed, Spike pulled a polished length of wood from his pocket and staked Acralis. His body crumbled to ash. The partygoers murmured and shifted. Spike had to pause a second to recover when the pain he was bracing against did not come. “Listen up.” he declared, feeling heady with joy over the chip not working. “This is my town. She’s my Slayer to kill. Finish up your little party and be gone before tomorrow night is over. Or you’re next.” He pointed around the room with his stake. Inside he was doing a victory dance. I can hurt demons! My life is not an empty shell. He untied Willow and tossed her uncomplaining body over his shoulder. He held her with one hand and grabbed the bourbon bottle with the other. “It’s been fun, but I’m taking my treats and going home.” He took a slug of the liquor and worked his way through the confused crowd to the front of the caves. The henchman was standing at the entrance in a fighting stance.

Spike stopped and looked at him. “Arcalis is dead. If you move now you can take over.” He leaned in and confided to the confused vampire. “I won’t challenge you unless you’re still here after tomorrow night.”

He strode out of the party and into the cold night air, leaving the man to realize all his dim dreams could come true. Let his own people kill him. Keeping an ear open for followers, he walked for a mile. In the heart of the woods he discarded the bottle after one last pull and put Willow down on a soft patch of grass.

“I’m sorry, Red. It was the least I could do.” He took off his coat and wrapped her in it. She was so small it covered even her feet. She smiled weakly at him. “With a little care there should not even be any scars.”

“No scars?”

“I don’t think so, pet. Let’s get you somewhere warm and safe. Hold on.” Spike cradled her in his arms and took off running with all his vampire speed. Giles’ apartment was the closest safe place.

When he got there, he kicked at the door. As usual, the faulty lock popped right open. “Rupert! Get down here!” The apartment was dark, but Spike could sense the Watcher upstairs in his loft bedroom. He lay Willow on the couch as he heard the older man fumbling around.

Lights came on and Giles appeared in the living room tying the belt of his robe. “What? Spike? What’s going on?”

“Vampire gang. They captured Willow. I had to go in undercover to get her out.”

Giles pushed Spike aside and kneeled beside Willow. His eyes narrowed as he saw the blood covering her face. “Are you okay? What happened?” Spike moved about Giles’ familiar apartment.

“Spike… Spike saved me. I would have been snack food, or worse, if it hadn’t been for him.” Willow looked up at him weakly. Giles. Giles will help me figure it all out.

“You’re bleeding.”

“I‘m alive.”

Spike came back with Giles’ first aide kit and a blanket. “I’m sorry, Love, but I have to have my coat. I’m going back out to get those bastards.” The black of the coat blurs his silhouette and covers his pale arms. The leather is practically armor in a fight.

Giles helped her sit up. The coat slipped off her shoulder and Giles saw more of the shallow cuts. “My God, what did they do to you?”

Willow showed some of the strength that Spike so admired in her. She looked in Giles’ eyes. “He…they did as little as possible.” She stood up and let Spike take his coat from around her shoulders. Giles gasped to see her petite body so covered in blood. He saw her pubic hair all matted with blood and… Giles looked back to Spike. Willow did not notice this look. She watched distantly as Spike donned his coat and patted the pockets. I’ll never wonder what a vampire has to carry around again. “You can’t take them all on your own, Spike,” she said.

“I plan on recruiting a little help. Take care of her, Rupert. I’ll be back.” He was gone in a swirl of coat.

Giles was appalled at the amount blood and embarrassed at Willow’s lack of modesty. He opened the blanket and draped it across her shoulders. “Sit down, I’ll get you cleaned up.”

“No… I’d rather shower. I feel… Do you have any orange juice, maybe a cookie? When I give blood I usually get a cookie,” Willow’s humor was still active.

Giles nodded at her calm attitude. He took her arm and guided her down. “Sit. I’ll see what I can find.”

Willow sat and looked down at herself. Shallow cuts. The blood was crusted in some places and gone in others where Spike licked it off her. They should heal cleanly, he said. And the feeling of Spike inside me. I will never forget that. She does not bother closing the blanket. Giles does not know. He must never know. No one will ever know.

Giles returned with a big glass of orange juice and a cinnamon roll. He helped her drink half the juice, and handed her the roll. He sat back, accessing her wounds. “They all look shallow.”

Willow swallowed a bite of the roll but did not look at him. “They are.”


Spike knew just where to go. He found a camouflaged gang of soldiers and led them right back to the den. Bloody jerks. He had to double back twice when they couldn’t keep up. The government bastards who neutered me can bloody well do something nice for me. Thank goodness they called in reinforcements. He thought about the magic orb and what might happen if someone in there thought to uncover it. The demons would kill the soldiers. It was a win/win situation as far as Spike was concerned. I could go in and help, but I don’t want to be back in the bright glass box. He hid and watched vamps and demons drug out in nets and several live captives recovered. Then he went back to Giles’.

He knocked lightly on the door before opening it. Giles was sitting on the couch, a crossbow nearby. “Would you like some tea?”

Spike shot a look up at the darkened bedroom, shrugged and dropped down in the armchair.

“I’m sorry I have no blood here, but I guess you’ve dined this evening.” Giles was in cold shoulder mode and his voice clipped. He took a cup from the tea tray on the coffee table and set it in front of Spike.

“Well, I’ve snacked. I’m fine.” He poured tea from the kettle. “How’s Willow?”

“She’s asleep. She lost a fair amount of blood, but I fed her and she had a shower. With some vitamins, good rest, and some ointment, she will be physically fine.” Giles looked over his glasses at the vampire who was recently his forced house guest. “It looked like she ran naked through a brier patch.”

“Yeah? So nothing major, nothing will scar?”

“It doesn’t look like it.”

Spike smiled and relaxed. Good. Maybe I should ask for a reward now.

“You did a good job.” Giles stated flatly.

“I got her out of there.” Spike was feeling confident now. “Then I went and found those soldier boys and led them back to the cave. I bet that vamp gang won’t enjoy being chipped. It looked like several other human captives got out, too.”

“I mean you did a good job on Willow. Cutting her without killing her. I’ve read of your techniques, William the Bloody, but I’ve never seen your handy work in person before.”

“Oh. Like I said. I had to go undercover.” Spike was uneasy again. Giles is on the alert, and that’s never good for me. “Have you heard of Arcalis?”

“He killed a Slayer in 1953. Not a very old vampire when he did it.”

“He was in town to kill Buffy. It was his party and now he’s dust. That’s one less for the Watchers to worry about.” Giles still looked unhappy with Spike. “If I had not played along, they would have killed her.”  Spike explained defensively. I don’t want Giles to know I can hurt things, yet.  “And I couldn’t have them knowing I can’t hurt anything or they would have dusted me. Did she tell you anything?”

“No. Only that you saved her and she was glad.” Giles took a sip of his tea. The crossbow remained very blatantly visible on the table between them. “How did you do it without hurting her? Without your chip going off?”

“You want to learn my techniques?”

“Just curious.”

Spike sighed. “If the blade is sharp enough and the draw is quick enough, it’s not felt. No pain. No chip. Plus, she played along.”

“How do you know she was playing?”

Spike was suddenly kneeling on the floor in front of Giles with his switchblade out. “I know fear, Rupert. I can cause fear, it does not hurt me. And I know how. Like this. You. Are. Afraid.” Just as quickly he was sitting back in his own chair, leaving Giles startled, his heart racing. “I wish you would quit underestimating me.” He wanted to be in good with the man so he would pay him, but he hated to be dismissed.

Giles stood up grabbed the crossbow. “And what else did you do to her, you monster?” Giles was as stern as he could be. He spoke through gritted teeth. “Besides getting a little dinner, what else did you get from her while you could?” Spike stood up and raised his hands defensively.

“I did. As little. As I could, Mate.”

“Stop it!” Willow’s stern voice comes from above them. Spike could see she was dressed in a t-shirt that was huge on her and sweat pants with the draw string bunching them up tight around her tiny waist as she came slowly down the stairs. Apart from some bruises on her wrists and the cut barely visible above her eye, she looked pretty good, considering. “Giles, put that down.”

Giles backed off and laid the weapon far from Spike. Willow had an air of power around her when she needed it. “You shouldn’t be up.”

“I’m fine.” She came up to Spike and lifted a hand to a deep scratch on his cheek. “You’re wounded.”

“Am I?” He touched the place she had gently indicated. What does she think of me now? I certainly have more respect for her. I wonder if she’d like a little non-bondage fun. Or even some more bondage fun. “Guess so. I had to lead the camo crew a merry chase through the woods to get them back to the party. It looks like the happy lab for the lot of those bastards. And I saw several more humans were rescued.  I let my taxes pay for something useful for once. “

Willow smiled. “Spike, you don’t pay taxes.”

“Damn right. Evil, remember? Besides, I’m not even a citizen.” He didn’t know what to think when Willow stepped closer and wrapped her arms around him. More fun of some kind!

“Thank you, Spike. I couldn’t have gotten out of there without you.”

He hesitantly and gently returned her hug, knowing about the cuts on her back. “You were very brave. And a hell of an actress, pet.”

Willow stepped away from him. “It wasn’t hard. I just kept looking at what was being done to the other people there and imagining how bad it would be if you’d not shown up.”

Spike sniffed and shrugged. “I was just saving my own hide, you know.”

Willow smiled. “Yeah, you’re bad.”

Spike saw Giles still glaring at him and looked to the window. “It’ll be light soon. I’d better get out of here.” He looked back at Willow. “If you need anything…” she nodded. “Thanks for the cuppa, Rupert. See you around.” Spike swung out the door, closing it firmly behind him.

Willow sunk down on the arm of the sofa. Giles was beside her in an instant. “You shouldn’t be up.”

“I have to agree.”

Despite protests, Giles picked her up and carried her back to his bed. “Go back to sleep. I’ll make a couple of calls and let everyone know where you are,” he told her as he tucked her in. “When you wake up, I’ll feed you an iron-enriched breakfast.” He turned to leave, but Willow took his hand.

“Thank you, Giles. You… you’re almost a father to me, you know. You certainly take more interest. Thank you for being protective. Spike did save my life. And… and he took no liberties that I didn’t allow. It was a horrible situation, but he managed to communicate with me without any of the bad vamps catching on. They were watching him, close. But…”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to say any more. I just wanted to know how he got around that chip.”

“He never hurt me, Giles,” she said with wonder. “I was uncomfortable and scared and, well, grossed out, but he never physically hurt me. It’s weird. He was being gentle and enjoying my fear at the same time.”

“Spike is a monster, Willow. We have to remember that. Without the chip he would have killed you in your room last month.”

“But he saved me.” And he made me feel so…delicious, wanted. Like no one ever has.

“He’ll probably show up tomorrow and ask for cash for his services.” Giles leaned over and put a chased kiss on her forehead. “Sleep now. If you need anything, just call out and I will hear.”

“Okay.” Willow snuggled down under the covers, pulling them over her face. I can never have that again. God, why would I, really? I was tortured. And yet…


Spike headed back to Xander’s basement apartment where he had been staying, but could not face the boy. He still had a hunger inside him that cried for satisfaction . I can’t let him know what his best friend has been through. The whelp will blame me for the whole thing, not praise my resourcefulness and bravery for saving Willow. Keeping a  watchful eye out for the commando creeps, he hit the sewers and made it to one of his many hidey-holes. He climbed a ladder and pried open a long-neglected electrical access hatch.

He climbed into the eight foot square room and pulled the door shut behind him. By touch he found and lit a candle. He removed his clothes and settled back on the musty pallet. He rejoiced in the idea that violence was possible in his future. He smelled Willow’s blood, fear and arousal on the inside of his coat. His black t-shirt did not show the blood, yet it was soaked in it. Picturing the little redhead clothed in blood and naked before him, remembering the sound of flesh parting under blade, he inhaled her scent from the cotton and brought himself the violent release he could not allow himself earlier.

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