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6th season - Some time after “Wrecked” (Dawn's arm needs to heal) and before "As You Were."


Spike/Dawn (implied)

Rated "R" Voyeurism, Masturbation

New Age of Dawn

Dawn clutches a branch some 20 feet up in an old oak, which shades part of Sunnydale Cemetery. Well, it during the day shades part of this particular cemetery. At night it casts stark shadows and provides a dark place to hide. From her safe perch, she watches a battle rage beneath her. Two figures trade blows in the light from the streetlamp, which filters in over the wall around the cemetery.

The smaller figure is brightly colored, with flashes of gold, pink, and blue. The larger figure is shades of black with highlights of pale white. The smaller one is knocked to the ground and the taller one seems to fly after it, leathery wings flapping behind. There are snarls and growls as the leathery figure is kicked off to land on it’s back on top of an above-ground tomb with an inscribed top like a table or alter. The bright one leaps atop the table, its feet landing on either side of the other one’s hips, apparently pinning its wings.

“Ready to yield, evil fiend?” asks Dawn’s sister, the Slayer, hefting a stake to dust the vampire foe.

“God, yes!” moans Spike beneath her.

Dawn’s eyes widen as the two pull and rip at one another’s clothing. From her high vantage point, the teenager catches only glimpses of Spike’s bare chest and her sister’s round buttocks as Spike thrusts her skirt up around her waist. Dawn had wondered about what was going on between the two. Buffy had been acting extra twitchy whenever the vampire was around. Considering how twitchy Buffy normally was, this said a lot. Dawn had already spent several nights in this tree near the crypt Spike called home before her far-to-fruitful sighting tonight. In her teenage, inexperienced mind she had thought to see kissing, maybe some groping, but never this. She remembered seeing Angel and Buffy kissing once. It had none of the fevered desperate motions the two shared beneath her. Even Riley was a boy scout compared to what she was seeing now.

Buffy has her back to the tree and throws back her hair as she straddles Spike, his black coat spread on the rough granite under them. Dawn shifts her weight and cannot help but rub against he big, smooth branch she straddles. Her foot slips and a little branch snaps under it. Everyone freezes.

“What was that?” Buffy whispers.

“It was a big old owl took off from the tree over there. I saw it,” Spike answers. He slides his hands under her pink shirt and does something. “Like that, Pet?”

Buffy throws back her head and starts to move over Spike again. Dawn’s eyes grow wide. Spike is looking straight at her. He grins wickedly.

“That’s right, Pet. It feels good to move, to grind, doesn’t it?” He is speaking right at Dawn. She cannot help but hump the branch to which she clings. She bites a twig to keep from making noise.

Buffy looks back at Spike but has no idea his attention has been split. Her nails trail over his chest and Dawn hears a hiss of indrawn breath. “I’m going to come, Pigeon, how about you?” Everyone knows Spike only calls Dawn 'Pigeon,' but apparently Buffy is too far gone to notice. His hand moves under Buffy’s blue skirt and does something that makes her cry out softly and buck hard against him. She falls forward onto his chest. Spike is looking into Dawn’s eyes as his own hips thrust up into her sister.

After a few minutes everyone is still. “Yeah. That was good,” he murmurs, stroking her hair. “Like the first time.”

Buffy sits up on him abruptly. “No. Not like that. That was...”

“A revelation? Special?” He cocks a brow at Buffy.

“A mistake. Just like this was.” Buffy scrabbles off him and pulls her clothes into place in jerky motions, leaving Spike with torso and hips bare to the night air.

“Come on, Love….”

“No! I am not your love!” Buffy grabs her discarded underpants and runs off into the night with all her slayer speed.

Dawn only barely notices this fit of temper (so like Buffy to have everything and complain about it) as she stares at Spike. This is her first good look at live (well, in- person) male nakedness. The dark pubic hair is stark against the paleness of his flesh. Spike rolls off the crypt and pulls himself together with his back to Dawn. Then he slouches over to the tree and leans against it.

“Need help down, Niblet?”

“Uh… maybe.” She answers quietly. Her legs feel shaky and she’s ever so slightly dizzy. Her body wants more than she knows how to put into words, but most of it has to do with Spike. And his body.

The vampire very quickly swarms up the tree and plants himself in the crotch of a branch next to her. He folds his arms and strikes up a conversation as if they had been watching a movie. “So. Enjoy the show? I thought the actress was melodramatic, but the lead actor was a hell of a good looking guy.”

Dawn starts to giggle, but Spike suddenly presses a finger to her lips, eyebrows scrunched in concentration. “Shhh,” he breathes.

“Spike?” Buffy calls from below. She reappears from the path she had run earlier.  She looks around the clearing, puzzled. “I know you’re around here somewhere. I can feel you.” She goes to tombstone and picks up the forgotten stake. “I just wanted to ask if you would take care of Dawn Friday.” She waits for an answer. “Ok. Fine, pouty boy.” With a flip of her hair, Buffy is gone.

Spike watches her go and looks back to Dawn. She is intently focused on him. He realizes he still has his finger to her lips.  He is very aware of how it smells of Buffy and his own musk. He starts to take it away, but Dawn grabs his hand and sucks the finger into her mouth.

“Hey!” he exclaims as he reclaims his hand, looking alarmed.

Dawn’s face clouds up and she scrabbles out of the tree, almost falling twice. She only gets two running steps away before Spike grabs her by the arm and spins her to face him. “Whoa, hold on! What’s got into you?” He looks down into her huge, angry, brown eyes.


Spike looks as embarrassed as he ever gets. “I figured you had already seen some, you may as well see all. Plus, I was worried about you sneaking out nights to hide in trees. Some pretty nasty things like to hunt in trees. I thought I’d give you want you were looking for. Now that you’ve seen, you can stay home where it’s safe.”

“Not that. I understand Buffy and you getting together.” Spike is surprised to hear this. He thought they would all hate him for having touched the precious Slayer. “You’re smart and as strong as she is, and you take care of me, and you’re the only man who hasn’t left her. And you’re so hot.” Dawn’s babblefest trails off.

Spike is flattered and confused. He also feels some hope that if Dawn is on his side, maybe Buffy will tell the other Scoobies. He is tired of being a dirty little secret. He had led Buffy to this spot so they would be seen together. Now he regrets taking advantage of Dawn’s spying. “Then what is it? Why are you so mad?”

Dawn looks away for a second, then back into his eyes. “Why not me?” Spike freezes. “My sister treats you like dirt and you still fuck her. I’ve loved you since… well, as long as I’ve been around. Buffy died and you spent all summer with me. You could have…”

“Dawn. That just wouldn’t be right.” Spike folds his arms in an attempt at an authoritative stance.

“Why not? I’m a woman. Women got married at my age in your day.”

“Because most people died at 34. You’re 15, Dawn. That’s an eye blink to me. I’ve spent 15 years straight drunk in my existence.”

“Aren’t I pretty enough?”

“Dawn, you are so beautiful you are dangerous.” She smiles a little at that. 

“Am I not just not good enough for you?” she asks in a tone that says she believes that is the reason for Spike’s rejection.

“Dawn. We cannot be a couple. OK?” He drops his arms to his sides and glances away at the impromptu bed. “And…it’s that you are far, far too good for me.” He looks in her beautiful teary eyes. “In another lifetime, I would have taken you and kept you, which would have meant destroying you. But that’s not me anymore. I care about you, Pigeon. That’s why not you.” He picks a bit of leaf out if her hair. “Go see if you can sneak back in the house before Buffy knows you’re gone.” He turns and walks back toward his lonely crypt, leaving Dawn to stare after him.

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