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I have not been writing fan stories for very long. I even admit to not being a Buffy fan for more than three years. You see, I didn't care for Angel. But then came Spike. (Insert all kinds of glowing praise for James Marsters here.)

I have been writing stories for some time, and Buffy stories for about a year. I was shy about sharing my work until I went to a panel at Dragoncon 2003. The wonderful, bold ladies on that panel patiently answered questions and taught lessons. My thanks to you all. My list of panelists is far from complete, but I do believe it included: harmonyfb, annsj, ficbitch, and wisteria. I have a page of notes scribbled on that day, but as to who was there and who was discussed as someone to read has become lost. If anyone wants to share a list with me, I would be grateful to have it.

I also want to thank my ex-coworkers. They have put up with my babbling about the Buffyverse for some time. Thanks to them for being beta readers. Any mistakes pertaining to the Buffyverse that remain are mine, for the wonderful souls that once worked at the Waldenbooks were not so well versed in all matters Joss as I.

I realized that as the series was ending, I did not want it to. So I have written my own Spike-filled adventures. Some stories are just events or scenes I think fit in the Buffyverse or fill in missing events. I am not strictly a "redemptionist" (one who believes Spike did not need to get his soul back to be good) but I do think he had potential all along. The fact he was willing to get his soul says it all. 

It is the paradoxes and complexities of the character which draw me. (And, of course, the hotness of him) Over the years, Spike has acted every way from evil to saintly (I will not say angelic). Sometimes he accomplishes both at once. 

I hope you enjoy.

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Vampire Sex

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