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BtVS summer 4/5

“How bored were you last summer?” Buffy to Giles

Giles & Xander

Rated PG

Twenty Naughty Nymphets

Even though he had been expecting Xander, Giles sighed when the door burst open and the boy came bouncing in, unannounced. Thankfully, Giles’ wards against evil entering worked better than his lock.

“How’s my favorite Englishman today?” Xander burbled.

“Quite well, thanks,” Giles answered from in the kitchen. “I thought I’d make some real food today.”

Xander tossed his plastic shopping bag on the couch and came over to peer into the kitchen. “Smells like real food. Is it greasy?”

“No, not in the least.”

“Then it can’t completely qualify as real food.”

Giles rolled his eyes and went back to chopping carrots.

“Hey, check out the new VCR!” Horrified, Giles dropped the knife and dashed around the corner. “Giles makes some home improvements in the electronics department. What’s show…ing?”

Giles scrambled to a halt to see Xander holding an unassuming VCR tape in his hand and gaping at the neatly typed label. “’Twenty Naughty Nymphets!’” he gasped.” THE ’Twenty Naughty Nymphets?’”

Giles fiddled with the strings on his apron. “Well, I can explain…”

“Is this the British, uncut version?” Xander turned the tape over and then squinted at the VCR. “Pal format! It is!”


“Oh my God. I’ve only ever seen grainy screen caps of this one!” Flabbergasted, Giles could only watch as Xander carefully put the tape back in the player and turned on the TV. 

“Xander, I…”

“Come on! You’ve not actually started cooking anything have you?” Xander grabbed the remote and flopped down on the couch.

“Well, no.”

“So let’s do movie first, then the dinner. I had brought ‘Animal House’ to further your education in American cinema, but seeing as you’ve got this gem! Belushi has to wait!” Xander patted the couch. 

With a resigned sigh, Giles took off his apron and sat on the far end of the couch. Having seen this tape many times before, he had more fun watching Xander. The young man sat on the edge of his seat and watched the third generation tape like a film historian with a re-discovered Lon Chaney short.  “Oh! Here’s the bit with the swan. What so naughty about a… Oh.” Xander lapsed into silence for all of five minutes. “They say  that girl was underage at the time of filming, but weren’t there different laws when this was made? And doesn’t England have lower ages for… Oh, my God! So that’s what they’re doing in that scene!”

When the end of the tape was reached, Xander begged to watch it again. Giles smiled indulgently, and slipped off to the kitchen to finish making dinner. He finished his perpetrations to the continued babble from the living room, glad for the company, yet dreading having to see Xander’s film choice. Then he paused in thought. Maybe Xander would like to see the rest of his collection.

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