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BtVS - 4th Season. Just before ”The Initiative.”  

Spike does some recon before tracking the slayer to campus and Giles has a little fun.


Rated NC-17

Adventures of a Bachelor Watcher

Part 1: Groupie

The black '59 Desoto skidded to a halt just short of the sign which cheerfully read “Welcome to Sunnydale.” A lean figure in black climbed out, eyed the sign and landed a well-placed kick in the center of it, toppling it.

“Home sweet home,” Spike sneered.


Giles sat on a stool in the corner of the Espresso Pump, crooning a ballad from the early ‘70’s, and accompanying himself on guitar.  He had been coming here privately for some time, keeping his hobby from the group of barely-not-teenaged Scoobies who had lately moved on. His visits to the coffee shop had allowed him a reason to get out of his bachelor apartment and a chance to talk to adults once in a while. Tonight, the adult he wanted to talk to was a woman smiling at him over her coffee.

He felt her eyes on him as he finished up his last set of the evening. She was very striking, tall, curvy, with long red hair, and vivid green eyes. She was blessed with that pale, freckle-free complexion that few red heads have. Her black lace dress looked antique and was tailored to show off cleavage and curves. An intricately worked silver and onyx ring flashed on her hand. He took his bow and she motioned him over.

“You have a wonderful voice. Do you have a recording out?” she asked as he joined her at her table.

“Um, no. This is just a hobby. It gets me out of the house.” He held out his hand. “I’m Rupert Giles.”

She took his hand briefly, “I’m Melina Black. Sorry to hear you don’t have a CD, I’d buy one if you did.”

Giles bought her a coffee and they chatted. He learned she was in town because of supernatural rumors.

“More than one web site reports this little town is high on the weird scale. I just thought I’d come and check it out. Have you ever seen anything weird, Rupert?” she asked in a conspiratorial tone.

“I’ve seen a few things,” Giles sipped his tea to hide a smile.

“Have you ever seen a vampire?” Giles wasn’t sure he liked how her eyes lit up. “I know they aren’t all Anne Rice and cuddly, but I’d love to see one.” She leaned in close to him and he could smell her musky perfume. “If you see one, will you point it out?”

“Certainly,” Giles trailed off. “In fact, speak of the devil…” His attention was diverted from the creamy cleavage presented to him by a familiar swirl of black behind her.

Melina turned to see where he was looking out in the street full of passersby. “Who? Which one?”

“The tall chap with the dated hair and leather coat,” Giles said dryly.

Melina laughed. “Oh, I bet that’s just the look he’s going for. It's very 'Lost Boys.'”

To Giles’ horror, Spike walked into the coffee shop and up to the counter. He leaned on the counter and offered a charming smile to the girl there. “You got anything sweet?” he asked in his lower-class English accent. “I’ve already had a salty snack this evening.” While she was getting his sticky buns, Spike turned and noticed Giles.

“Rupert, you old bookworm, how are you?” Spike paid for his food and strode to their table.

“Just fine, Spike. I thought you went to Brazil,” Giles answered through clinched teeth.

“I can’t stay away from this party town for long, you know that.” Spike nodded to Melina. “Who’s the new bird?”

Melina held out her hand. “Hi! I’m Melina. Rupert says you’re a vampire. I’ve always wanted to meet a vampire.”

Spike flourished his coat like a cape, took her hand and delicately kissed it. He straightened up, delighting in Giles’ horrified expression. “Ruppie shouldn’t be telling his old pal’s secrets just to impress girls.” Spike gave his most charming laugh. “He just calls me a vampire because I keep winning at poker.”

“Go away, Spike.” Giles glared at him.

“Now, now.” Spike cocked his head at Melina. “I tell you what, Luv, if you get tired of playing ‘student with an overdue book and the harsh librarian’ and want to play ‘maiden ravaged by good-looking vampire’ look me up.” He headed out, clutching his bag of buns. “Tell the gang I say ‘hi,’ Rupert.”

“He seems nice,” Melina’s smile vanished when she saw how Giles was glowering after Spike. “What’s wrong?”

“’Seems’ is the operative word. Spike is a very dangerous man. I advise you to stay away from him.”

“If you say so. Why don’t you call the police if he’s so dangerous?”

“I’ll tell the proper people in the morning.” Giles needed to tell Buffy, but Spike didn’t seem to be up to immediate trouble. Plus, but doesn’t want to loose his chance with this beautiful woman.

She stirred her cold coffee and looked up at him from under long lashes. “Why don’t we go and talk somewhere the vampires won’t bother us?”

“”Humm?” Giles turned his full attention back to the lovely lady across from him. “Yes, I think that’s a fine idea. There are not many places open late in Sunnydale, I’m afraid. There’s the local club, The Bronze.” He hoped she would not want to go there, for any number of the ‘gang’ might show up.

“I don’t like clubs.” She looked into his eyes and leaned close. “How about your place? Maybe you can play me an encore.”

It was not long before Giles settled their tab and they were back at his place.

Giles opened the door and waved her in. She looked around at the simple, yet rich decorations, which incorporated exotic and sometimes scary artifacts. Glass-fronted bookcases were filled with obviously old books. Off the high-ceiling living room a bedroom loft overlooked all.

Melina peered at his books as Giles made tea. “You have a lot of unreadable books here. How many languages do you speak?”

“I speak 6 languages fluently and 3 more I can get by in. I can read quite a few more.” Giles replied as he handed her a cup of tea. She held it in both hands as they sat together on the couch.

“So Mr. Trench Coat was telling the truth about playing librarian?” she smiled over the rim of her cup.

“I was the high school librarian. Though there was never a student as attractive as you.” Feeling very confident, Giles leaned in and kissed her.

Melina broke away, giggled, and traded her cup of tea for a book that was lying on the table.

She clutched it to her chest, pressing her breasts even higher, and made her eyes wide. “I’m sorry, Mr. Giles. I meant to get this back at the end of the semester. The fees must be huge.”

Giles smiled then looked sternly at her. “Young lady, you may well have caused others to do without a book they needed. Let’s see what you’ve got.” He took the book and pretended to check a card in the back. “Miss Black, these fees are considerable. You may have to make payments.”

She looked up at him. “Is there perhaps something I can… do around here to work some of it off?” Melina ran a finger along the low neckline of her dress.

Giles warmed to his role. “Well, all the shelving is done and the books are dusted. There is no work at this point.”

“Perhaps something more... personal?” Melina kneeled in front of him, reached out, took the book, and set it aside. “I bet it gets lonely here in the library after hours.”

“Yes, it does.”

Melina slowly undid his belt and slacks. “Say, Mr. Giles. I have an oral report in class tomorrow. Can I practice it with you?” She looked up at him, still playing wide-eyed.

“Sh... sh… sure. I’ll give you some feedback.”

Melina worked his pants and underwear down off his hips. “Oh, my!” she exclaimed, freeing his penis. “That’s rather more lengthy than required.”

Giles made some modest noises.

She dropped character. “Shush. There is no way you cannot be aware of how well equipped you are.” She wrapped her hand around him.

“Ow!” Giles flinched away.

“Oh, sorry! I must have caught you with my ring. I’ve been meaning to get it fixed.” She took it off and put it aside. “Sharp thing all gone.” She held up her ring-free hand to show him, and drank a sip of tea before leaning back in. “It’s barely a scratch.” She kissed away the tiny bead of blood, which was near the head. ”Let me make you forget all about it.” Melina took him in both hands and worked him until he was really hard, then leaned in and licked the full length, all around.

“Now, I’m a little out of practice, but I like a challenge.” Melina slowly took his full length down her throat. Giles was amazed. No woman had ever been able to deep throat him. It was one of the unadvertised drawbacks of being well equipped.

Melina sucked and hummed along the full length of him, her tongue flicking all around. Her soft red hair spilled over his thighs. Giles ran his fingers through it as she bobbed her head. It was not long before the Watcher came quite forcefully, yet she showed no sign of letting off the whole time. Finally, Giles pushed her away and lay panting.

“That... that was the most… amazing thing… I have ever felt.” Giles gasped after a while.

“A girl likes her compliments.” She sat beside him on the couch, leaned over, and started to nuzzle his neck. “She likes other things, too.”

Giles was getting into this idea when there was a knock at the door. “Bloody hell.”

“Ignore it. I’ll make that easy.” She gently nipped his neck and Giles shuddered.

Another knock came louder. “I’m sorry, I really must see who it is.” Giles regretfully got up and fixed his pants with some effort. He opened the door to find Spike.

“What the hell do you want?” Giles glowers. “And how did you know where I live?”

“Like I haven’t followed every one of you wankers around for months in the past.” Spike has never been invited in, so he leans casually against the invisible barrier.

“Go away, I’ve got company.”

“I know.” He looked into the room, craning his neck. “Come on, Mel, I owe you 50 bucks. I didn’t think the old stick would have the nerve to take you up on it.”

“What?” Giles turned to look at his guest.

“You owe me a hundred, Spike.” Her  lovely face morphed into the ridges and yellow eyes of a vampire’s true face. “I tasted his blood.”

Giles reeled back and grabbed a cross and stake off a shelf. “You know her?”

“You might say I made her what she is today. And I don’t believe it, Mel! Did she taste you, Rupert?”

“Get out!”

Melina laughed. “I used the old scratchy ring trick. Can I have some more, Spike?” she took a step toward Giles.

Giles held up the cross.

“No, I told you. We play our game then he’s off limits.” She pouted. “I have plans for him. Leave him alone, or I’ll stake you myself.”

“But I’m horny and hungry… and he’s big. I want to play.”

“Yeah, I caught part of the show through the window.” Spike cocked his head at Giles. “Is that why they call you Ripper?” he asks, smirking.

“Get the hell out!” Giles was blushing.

“Come on, Mel. It’s been a long time since we played together. The Big Bad will make you happy all night. I know better games than Mister Stuffy Pants, anyway.”

Giles followed her to the door, keeping the cross up between them.

“Thanks for the coffee, Ripper,” Melina giggled, cuddling up under Spike’s arm. “I had fun tonight.”

“Now, Rupert, you can’t tell me you didn’t have fun, too. After all, I taught her everything she knows.”

Giles slammed the door behind them but it didn’t completely block out the sound of their laughter.

He put his back to the door and slowly slid down it. “Stupid, stupid,” he said to himself. He had memories of her cupping the hot mug to warm her room-temperature hands and drinking just before kissing him and before… “Don’t go there, you silly man.”

Then the big danger hit him. He invited a vampire into his house. She might come back and finish the job. Rapidly, Giles performed the ritual for uninviting a vampire into a dwelling. He is thankful to still have the spell components on hand from when he blocked Angel out some time ago.

The last words of the rite were said when he spied her ring lying on the table. Wincing, he went to the bathroom and thoroughly bathed himself in holy water. The scientist/watcher in him was fascinated to see the little scratch bubble as if the holy water was hydrogen peroxide.  The rest of him just screamed silently in disgust.


Giles never saw the redheaded vamp again and never told anyone what happened. He kept it as a private fantasy that he would love to feel what she did to him again. Once in a while he pulled out the onyx ring and wished she would come back to claim it. And, of course, he had to be nicer to Spike than he ever would be, lest the vampire tell the whole story.

Check the sequel story "Everything She Knows"

Notes: "Melina" is mine. The idea of "tree-hugging" vampires and the reaction of holy water on a vampire bite are not from the show. I can't claim they are original to me. As for that being why Giles is called "Ripper" <Giggle> blame my dirty mind.

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