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Warning: If you do not like the darkest side of Spike or character deaths, fly away little butterfly. For, as the title states, everyone dies, some horribly.

Spike & Buffy

Everyone Dies

 Chapter 6

Sunday Evening Continued

Buffy sighed and let herself into her dorm room. After the literally nightmarish roommate had gone away, Buffy was glad to have the place to herself. Still, it did get lonely. I wonder where Wil went? She said she would study with me today, but I’ve not heard from her. It’s not like her. I bet she’s with Oz. Buffy hesitated, then dialed Willow’s dorm room. The line was picked up with a burst of very loud music. Buffy hung up without even asking about her friend. Even though her own roommate had been an actual demon, Willow’s assigned partier ran a close tie with her for evil. She dialed the number for Oz’s room and Willow’s quiet boyfriend picked up on the second ring.

“Hey Oz. Is Willow there? No. I haven’t seen her all day. No, I haven’t tried the library. You look there and I’ll call Xander. She’s probably got her nose in a book somewhere. Yeah, I’ll let you know.” Buffy bit her lip as she hung up the phone. She was about to pick it up again when it rang.

“Willow!” Her friend’s voice was scared and panicky over the poor connection. “I was just wondering where you disappeared to. Oz is…. The Alpert Crypt? I know where that one is. Okay, I’ll be right there. Call…” The line went dead before she could tell Willow to call Oz. She quickly called him herself, but got no answer. She left a message on his answering machine. Buffy hesitated a second more, debating about calling Giles. But from the tone of Willow’s voice time was important, so she grabbed her slaying kit from under her bed and took off.

She hurried across town and soon arrived at a familiar section of cemetery.

She walked quietly, crossbow ready. “Willow?” she called softly.

“Well, well, well. Buffy Summers, fancy meeting you here.” Spike swaggered out from behind a crypt with his thumbs hooked in his belt.

Buffy lifted her crossbow. “Spike, what are you doing back in town?”

Spike smiled at her, cocking his head to one side. “I missed you, pet.”

“I think Drusilla dumped you again.” Buffy was alert and watchful, not letting Spike get too close.

“No. In fact, I’m going to see her in a couple of days. She had some things to do in New Orleans. I’ll catch up with her there.”

“Where’s Willow?”

“Willow? Your height, cute, red headed? She’s over there with Xander.” Spike pointed over Buffy’s shoulder.

Buffy moved so  as to not expose her back to Spike and looked where he indicated. What she saw filled her with horror. Xander, dressed in neat black clothing was holding Willow against his chest with her arms behind her back. She was gagged and struggling weakly. What most froze her blood was Xander’s vampire features. “No!” Not Xander, of all people, not Xander!

Spike paced toward her. “Yep. He’s mine now. You know, you really should’ve slept with him when you had the chance. He’s… how do I say this nicely… well equipped. I bet if Angel pants hadn’t distracted you so, you two would be married with a widdle baby by now.”

Buffy fought down warring tears and anger. How does he know I was ever attracted to Xander? I never told anyone. “What are you talking about?” she said through gritted teeth. “Let Willow go.”

“I’ve read your dairies, pet. You really shouldn’t leave those lying around.”

Lying around? In a lock box in my bedroom at home… “How did you get those?”

“I took them from your bedroom.” Buffy’s eyes widened. “After I kidnapped your mother. She’s hot,” Spike leered.

“No!” She ran at Spike.

“Stop, Slayer,” he said, deftly stepping out of the way. “Xander!”

Buffy froze and looked to Xander who had lowered his mouth to Willow’s throat. Buffy stood down.

“Where’s my mother?”

“She’s fine. For now. You really should’ve un-invited me from you house. Of course, your mother likes me. She would’ve asked me in, anyway. She’s quite lonely these days, you know.” Spike smiled and strolled casually to a tall tombstone to lean against it. “You should visit your mother more often.”

“What do you want?” Buffy’s eyes shifted between Spike where he posed and Xander where he held Willow. “What do you want to let them go?”

“I want another Slayer notch on my belt. You see, I’ve learned form my past experiences. The first one was an impulse. I found her, fought her, and killed her. The second one I got to play with. She was fine and danced so well.” Spike shook his head in remembrance. “She managed to hide her kid before I got to him and I so wanted to turn him first. He would’ve made a cute five year old vamp. Now you… I’m doing you right.”

Willow shook her head vigorously, and Xander jerked up on her arms, making her whimper.

“I want you, Slayer. You lay down your arms and submit to me. Then, not only will I let Willow go, I’ll tell her where Giles and your mother are captive so she can rescue them. I’ll enjoy you, do what I want to you until I’m bored. I may just let you live if you please me enough. Then I’ll take Xander with me, and leave Sunnyhell forever.”

Tears streamed down Buffy’s face even as she got more and more angry. “You’ve got Giles, too?”

“Did I forget to mention that? Naughty Slayer. You’ve not been checking in with your Watcher. They’re entombed somewhere in the Sunnydale sewers with, oh, about five hours of air. I think it’s fair. Two of your friends and your mother for one of you.”

“How do I know you’ve not already killed them?”

“Ask Willow, she’s seen,” Spike shrugged. “She was blindfolded, so she doesn’t know where.” He nodded to Xander who lowered Willow’s gag.

“Buffy! It’s true. He beat Giles, he… he’s walled them up. I can cast a spell, find them. Kill him, Buffy!” Spike nodded again and Xander re-gaged her.

Spike struck a pose, his arms crossed. “Kneel before me, Buffy, and the three people you love most will live. Sorry about Xander, but I was lonely.”

Buffy looked to Willow who gazed back with eyes huge and wet with tears. She looked at the distorted face of Xander who leered at her much as Spike had. I can submit to him. I can take anything he can do to me. Xander’s already dead. I have to save my mother. I have to save Giles. I have to save Willow. Maybe he’ll let me live. If not… I am the Slayer, another will rise. Giles will tell the Watcher’s council what Spike has done and then hunt him down. Buffy pulled herself together and dropped her crossbow.

“The stake from your waistband too, please,” Spike said. She pulled the carved, hardwood stake out. Her Slayer abilities automatically accessed the chances of hurling it at Spike and then getting to Xander before he snaped Willow’s neck. Hopeless. She dropped it. “Is that the famous Mr. Pointy? Left to you by the Slayer Dru killed? My, my. I’m impressed. And the one in your boot and the pencil in your hair. You really shouldn’t put all your secrets on paper, love.” Buffy dropped all the pieces of wood she had hidden about her body before walking over to Spike, her back straight.

She stood before the taller vampire, looking him in the eye. “You’ve not won, Spike. Giles will have the Watcher’s council after you.”

“No he won’t. They’ve fired him and you’ll have nothing to do with them. Read your dairies, remember, Pet?” Spike reached up and toyed with her golden hair, running his fingers through it.

Buffy jerked her head away. “Make him let Willow go.”

Spike grabbed Buffy, turning her around, twisting her arms up behind her back, and smiled. “He already has.”

Buffy looked over to see Xander and Willow locked in an embrace, kissing deeply. “Willow!” Buffy breathed, already knowing what to expect when her friend turned around.

Golden eyes shone from under red bangs when Willow left off kissing Xander and turned. “Hi Buffy,” she smiled with grotesque parody of Willow’s sweet grin, then went back to making out.

“Aren’t they a cute couple?” Buffy tried to wrench loose and failed. “I love it when you struggle.” Spike’s face changed and he reared back to bite deep in her throat. Buffy abruptly snapped her head back and smashed Spike’s nose. “You’re only making it worse for yourself, Slayer.”

“I think you're bluffing.” She put a foot up on a tombstone and pushed back, toppling them both backwards. She wriggled out of his grasp and grabbed one of her stakes. She hurled it at Willow who ducked, and the sharp length of wood was embedded in Xander’s chest. Buffy caught a glimpse of apology on Xander’s familiar human features as he crumbled to dust.

Spike leapt up and grabbed Buffy again, wrapping his arms around her, pinning her arms. “I do so have them. Stop fighting me, Slayer, or your mother and Watcher will die horribly.”

Willow sauntered over. “She killed Xander. Can I help torture her?”

Letting Spike support her, Buffy raised her feet with Slayer speed, bringing a foot up to either side of Willow’s head and whipped it to one side. With a crack, Willow’s neck snapped and she crumbled to dust with a sneer for her best friend.

“Now I’m really mad,” Spike growled in her ear. “I wasn’t through playing with her, yet.”

Buffy twisted an arm around and grabbed Spike’s crotch, hard, making him let out a howl and involuntarily release the Slayer.  “Looks like I’m the one has you by the balls. Where are they?” She cruelly twisted.

Spike snarled and ripped her hand away. “You play dirty, Slayer, so I’m not going to play at all.” He punched her, hard, in the face.

Buffy whirled and landed three kicks to his chest before he could recover. “Tell me where they are, and I might just leave you live.”

Spike regained his balance and ran at her. “Too late. You see, I don’t care if they die.”

She was already in motion, moving for her slaying bag.  Spike did a handspring off a tombstone and landed in front of her. Buffy came up with a sword, slashing at him.  “Right now, I care if you hurt!”

Spike evaded, pulling out a wicked knife from under his coat. They fought across the area, evenly matched foes, until Spike finally disarmed her. “I’m the better fighter, Slayer. I always will be.” He slashed at her, giving Buffy a nasty cut across her chest. “I’ve got you, Slayer,” Spike hissed. “I did want to fuck you six ways from Sunday, but I think I’ll just kill you here.”

Buffy ducked and rolled, ignoring the pain in her chest. She came up with a stake. Maybe I can still save them. He really has a thing for getting in my pants. “If I let you have me will you still release them?” Buffy circled him wearily.

“I’ve changed my mind. Your mother, I’ll fuck into oblivion. Giles, I’ll just snap his neck.”

Buffy lunged at him. “Monster!”

“Just noticing that? Wait, I just remembered something. I’ve already done that.”

“What?” Buffy dropped her guard. Spike leapt in and had the knife at her throat in a blink.

“Your mum. I fucked her. She went out happy. Giles. I killed him quick. Xander, I fucked him every way possible. Willow. Damn. I didn’t get to her. She and Xander fooled around in the car, on the way over here, however.”

Buffy attempted to elbow him in the gut, but he twisted out of her way. “Damn you, Spike!”

“Way the hell too late for that, Luv. I’ve been damned for decades.”

Buffy managed to get a foot against a tombstone and gave a strong shove back, but Spike had Buffy held good. He went with the motion, backpedaling. They came up hard against the wooden door to a crypt. His back was to the door as he twisted her head to one side. Buffy’s strength was about gone. This is it. I’m paying for the mercy I should have never shown this animal. He’s killed everyone I love. And now he’s got me. At least he’ll not get to rape me. Suddenly, an arrow whizzed past her ear, pinning Spike to the crypt door by his shoulder. He let go of Buffy who stumbled away and turned to see her helper. It was Oz with a crossbow.

“Oz! Get out of here!” shouted Buffy.

With a snarl, Spike ripped the arrow from his shoulder. He dove for a near-by headstone.

Buffy ran for her bag and yelled at Oz once more. “Get out of here!”

“You’re wounded. You need me. I’m staying.” Oz stated in his calm way as he re-loaded the crossbow.

A knife flew from behind the stone where Spike crouched. Buffy turned to follow it’s path, to warn Oz. In the instant she turned, Spike stood and fired a tazer at Buffy. The government issue device shot out wired barbs that imbed in Buffy’s back. She went down, twitching, from the electricity delivered into her body.

Oz, who dodged the knife, hesitated a second between helping Buffy and aiming at Spike. It was all Spike needed. He flew at Oz, and grabbed hold of the slight young man with shoe polish black hair. Oz was small, but strong and did his best to twist out of Spike’s grasp. Spike got Oz in a head lock and went in for the kill when he felt muscles start to shift and bunch as Oz began to transform. Spike snapped his neck instead of feeding on him. “Werewolf,” he spat. “You must be the witch’s boyfriend.”  He paused, looking down at Oz’s body, shrugged, and cut off an ear for his trophy bag.

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