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Everyone Dies

 Chapter 4

Saturday continued

Spike carried Xander out to his car and laid him in the trunk of his black ’59 Desoto, throwing a blanket over him. “It’s early yet, and you’re going to be hungry when you wake up. Let’s find some take out.”

Spike took a chance of being seen by one of the remaining Scoobies and hit the one nightclub in town, the Bronze. There was a woman he had scoped out. She was there every Saturday and she sat alone, drank one fuzzy navel, and listened to the band. He had watched her sit alone in the corner and how she longingly watched the other, much prettier girls dance and get picked up by young men. Her two “nice” outfits and sparingly applied make-up told her sad story. He had seen her look at him, too. A careful approach, and he soon had her in his car.

He made out with her in the parking lot for all of ten minutes before he snuck another dead soldier boy prize from out of the glove box.  He stunned her with the small stun gun, grinning as her body shook. He then drove her to a crypt in a cemetery far from the Slayer’s campus, tied her up, and gagged her.

He left her on the floor, laid out Xander on one sarcophagus and hopped up to sit cross-legged on another. He settled back with the dairies to await Xander’s awakening. Spike did not often sire new vampires, for too many unknown factors were involved. Some come back rabid, like wild dogs, and some just plain stupid. Sometimes they woke to their new life right away, some took two days. He really hoped Xander would not take two days.

Eventually, the girl woke up. Spike had bound her tightly, and she could do little more than wriggle and test her bonds. Spike looked disinterestedly down at her. “Be still, pet. Or I’ll have to kill you like I did this guy.” Spike patted Xander’s feet which were all the girl could see. She subsided for a while until she got really uncomfortable. Then she started to wriggle again and try to talk through her gag.

Spike jumped off his perch. “Did I tease you, love?” he purred. “Are you mad at Spikey? Let’s give you some attention so you will SHUT THE FUCK UP!” His purr turned to a snarl. Spike picked her up, pushed her face down over where he had been sitting, and ripped off her once-nice skirt. With no preamble, he roughly pushed into her. “Is this what you wanted? Lonely girl? No one at home but cats? Maybe if you’d bothered to loose 30 pounds and bought some clothes that were actually pretty, you could’ve gotten a date.” He climaxed and tossed her back on the floor. “Now be quiet, or I’ll tazer you again. I have homework to do.” Spike put himself back together, picked up his book and resumed reading, ignoring her sobs.

Just after dark, Xander abruptly sat up. “Good morning, sleepy head. I was beginning to think you were never going to wake up,” said Spike cheerily. He closed his book to watch Xander.

Seeing what was clearly a corpse move, the girl started screaming. When he turned his face with thickened brow and sharp teeth on her, she screamed louder. Spike watched with the pride of a parent as Xander made his first kill, although he kept trying to feed too long. Spike stepped up. “No point now, Mate. You’ve gotten all the good out.” Xander dropped the girl and turned on Spike with a snarl.  He paused and the game face faded away. He regarded Spike with human features. Spike was glad to see dark brown eyes spark with intelligence and that he was holding himself straighter, with more confidence.

“Spike?” Spike grinned and nodded. Xander launched himself at Spike, his fighting face returning. “You killed Giles!”

Xander’s fledgling qualities were still unknown, so Spike was ready for anything. He easily deflected the unskilled charge, allowing Xander to crash into the crypt wall. Xander charged again. This time Spike grabbed his arms and flipped him over, stunning him with the impact with the floor. In an instant Spike was kneeling on him, his knees holding Xander’s arms to his sides. Spike just regarded him calmly until he stopped thrashing.

“Now, are you done? You are not going to kill me, cause I am your sire. You will respect me. And, if you try again, I’ll kill you.”

“You killed Giles!” the boy screamed through sharp teeth.

“You say that as if it should mean something.” Spike looked down at his pinned childe. “Think about it. This is just a reflex you’ve carried over from being human, as you died. I’ve given you what I promised and will give you more.” Xander struggled against Spike’s weight. “Giles was never going to open up to you,” Spike deftly lied. “He had too much to loose. I read all of his dairies. The one you looked at was almost three years old. In the most recent one he pities you.

Xander stilled and examined his thoughts. Spike felt him relax and saw his game face vanish. Xander looked up at the man above him, with a new air about him. “You promised me sex.”

Spike chuckled and got up off the new vampire. “I am so glad you got your priorities straight.” Spike helped Xander to stand up, and then belted him across the room. “I am your sire. You will do what I say. We have decades ahead of us to have fun, but it will be when I say and how I say.  I’ve things I need to do and you’re a big part of it.” Xander picked himself up and looked up at Spike from under long lashes. Spike came close to him again and Xander flinched. He ran his hand down Xander’s chest to cup his member through his pants. “I’ve seen what you’ve got to offer and I want it as much as you do. But, I have a time limit. Do what your sire says and we’ll have fun aplenty.” Spike abruptly turned away and gathered his books. “How’d you like to carry on a time-honored tradition among vampires? Who’d you most want to kill when you were alive?”

Xander did not hesitate. “My father. My mother. My Uncle Rory.”

Spike shouldered the bag. “Let’s go then.”

On the way to Xander’s house Spike taught his childe how he had to be invited in. He goaded the boy with bits he had learned from the writings of his friends about his abusive parents and total mouse of a mother. He advised him, “don’t rush your fun. You only get to kill your parents once.”

Outside his family home, Xander was the gawky young man again. He had a natural actor’s ability, making Spike wondered if it was from hiding his desires for so long. They could hear the TV blaring away inside, so Xander banged on the door. “Mom! Mom!” Despite it being late in the evening, the neighbors were used to shouting from the Harris house. 

Xander’s mother opened the door. “What is it? I’m trying to watch TV!”

“I’ve brought a friend over. Why don’t you invite us both in for fruit punch?”

“Why didn’t you let yourself in through the basement?”

Xander looked shame-faced. “I lost my keys. Besides, I want you to meet my friend properly.” Xander’s mom gave Spike a good look.

Spike was suddenly all Victorian manners and proper accent, putting put on a charming smile, and holding out a hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Harris. Your son Alexander has applied for a job with my company and I feel he can go far.”

Right away she straightened up and patted her helplessly disarrayed hair before taking his hand. “Oh, come in then.” Invited, Spike entered her home. “Xander, Get in here and fix your guest something to drink,” she snapped, seeing her son linger.

Resistance gone, he joined them inside. “Where’s Dad?”

She clicked off the television and made a swipe at the hopeless task of tidying up. “He’s upstairs, having a lie down. It’s nice to meet you mister…?”

Spike turned to her calmly. “Spike. Call me Spike. Xander, why don’t you show your mother the trick you recently learned?” He looked over her dumpy shoulder at Xander.

When she turned a confused face to her son, she found his good-looking features twisted into the face of a vampire. “Your son’s grown up, Mom.” He grabbed her by her pale blue polyester collar. “All these years you stood by and let him beat me. All these years of turning away. All this time of making me live down with the laundry. It’s all ended.” He followed her as she backed across the room, trying to pull away. She hit the couch and he let her fall back on it.

“Xander… what?”

“It’s all over now.” Xander fell on her and bit deep into her neck, feeding noisily.

Spike was distastefully studying the clutter of cheap porcelain pigs on a shelf. “Don’t fill up. You have another to kill, ” he said over his shoulder.

Xander looked up at his sire with an evil blood-coated grin. “Upstairs,” he growled as he stood up. “I’m being a poor host. Please, have a drink. I’ll be right back,” he said to Spike, indicating his dying mother sprawled on the couch.

“Take your time. I’m good here.” Xander ran up the stairs two at a time and Spike fed from the woman who smelt of Aquanet, Avon, and Spaghettio’s, killing her.

He made himself as comfortable as he could in a broken-down recliner, and added to the overflowing pile of butts in the ceramic horseshoe ashtray on the wagon wheel coffee table as he listened to the row upstairs. Xander berated his father, telling him everything he had been wanting to say all his life. Spike heard the rough voice of the man replying, using the words “fag” and “useless” a lot. Then there came the sound of blows, of screams, then of silence.

Forty-five minutes after going upstairs, Xander came back down, his face smeared with gore. “That was fun.”

Spike smiled proudly at his childe. “We have some time. Shall we go to your place?” He nodded to the basement door.

Xander suddenly looked sheepish through the blood. “No. I want to go into the fine guest room they made my bedroom into this summer.” Xander lead them into a room upstairs, which, like the rest of the house, was decorated in the finest Home Décor had to offer.

Spike turned to his childe. “I am proud of you. I don’t let anyone tell me what to do very often, but this time… this one time. You tell me what you want. My sire was not so kind, and I hate him for it.”

“Angelus?’ Spike nodded. “He’s hot.”

“And a right bastard. This is about us.”

“I want to… I want you to fuck me. I want to fuck you. I… I’ve wanted to see you naked for the longest time. I love how lean you are. Like Gambit.” Spike let the comic book hero reference go without comment and slowly stripped down. When he stood naked, Xander growled with need deep in his throat. “Can I touch you, sire?”

“Of course, pet.”

He ran his trembling hands over Spike’s smooth body. Spike took them in his own. “You’ve no reason to fear. You’re free now. You can do what you like, take what you like, fuck whoever you want.”

Xander gazed into Spike’s blue eyes with his deep brown ones. Tears stood there. “My sire. My savior.” He dropped to his knees before Spike and took the waiting cock deep in his mouth like a starving man.

Spike guided the virgin, murmuring suggestions and teaching him how to best please his sire. When Spike came in his childe’s mouth, Xander swallowed it all like nectar and sat back on his heels.

Xander looked expectantly up at him, waiting for his orders. “On your hands and knees, childe. I want what’s my due,” Spike ordered, pointing to the bed. Spike was Alpha male here, and was going to keep it that way.

Some hours later, they both lay sticky and very much spent. Xander rolled over and fondled Spike once again.

“I’m sorry, pet. But we have no more time to play today. The sun is almost up. Can you feel it?”

Xander closed his eyes for a minute. “I can. It’s like I can smell it.”

“Be aware of that, it will keep you alive. Now, let’s clean up and go downstairs.”

Xander turned angry. “I don’t ever want to go down there again.”

Spike stood, towering over Xander. “You must. You are the next critical link in my plan, and it means you have to clean up, go downstairs, and dress in your old clothes.”

Xander rose to his knees on the bed, challenging his sire without realizing it. “Why?”

Spike punched him so hard he flew off the far side of the bed. “Because I said so. I told you from the start I have a plan. Now go!”

Xander picked himself up off the floor. Old Xander was still there in the new and improved body. “I’m sorry, sire. Forgive me.”

Xander and Spike took hurried showers and retreated downstairs before the sun could come in.

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