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I define "Nice" stories as ones which are humorous, or contain little more ratings content than the series. Say, broadcast after 10 pm status. 

Fanbot's "Nice" Stories

Antiques                    NEWEST

Teaser: Spike and Xander are some time, some where and getting along a bit.


Rated:  Parings: Spike & Xander  Word Count: 398  Posted: 12/12/05

Setting/Spoilers: None

Themes: Inspiration objects Drabble

Spike Flavor: Nostaligic, snarky    Soul?   Chip?  ?

Buffy Dreams Effulgent

Teaser: Spike helps Buffy with some research.


Rated:    Parings: Buffy & Giles & Spike    Word Count:  348  Posted: 3/31/04

Setting/Spoilers: Some time season 5, a hint of "Chosen"

Themes: Humor, Prophecy

Spike Flavor:  Snarky, William        Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

Candy Perfume Boy

Teaser: Spike teaches Xander a lesson about boredom at the Bronze.


Rated: PG     Parings: Spike & Xander    Word Count:2,123

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Some time late 4 to mid 5

Themes: Some slashy flirtation. Songfic

Spike Flavor: Trickster        Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

Sequels: R rated Candy Perfume Boys Series


Can I Miss Him?

Teaser: Why hasn't Buffy killed Spike? 


Rated: PG       Parings: Buffy/Spike       Word Count: 1,170

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS - Late summer 6/7

Themes: Buffy POV, Prophecy, memories

Spike Flavor: Redemption         Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

Archived: Vampire's Kiss


Teaser: Xander visits a place he's heard of in Africa .


Rated: PG  Parings: None   Word Count: 1,630  Posted: 11/12/04

Setting/Spoilers: Post "Chosen", "Not Fade Away"

Themes: Character study, Angst

Spike Flavor: Missed    Soul?   Chip?  N

The Change  

Teaser: Buffy reads a note left by Spike.


Rated: PG  Parings: Spike & Buffy   Word Count: 791  Posted: 8/22/04

Setting/Spoilers: Post "Chosen"

Themes: Angst

Spike Flavor: Sweet, Loving    Soul?   Chip?  N

Generation Gap                    NEWEST

Teaser: Spike and Xander are some time, some where and getting along.


Rated:  Parings: Spike &   Word Count: 294  Posted: 12/12/05

Setting/Spoilers: None

Themes: Inspiration objects Drabble

Spike Flavor: Sweet, Loving    Soul?   Chip?  ?

Idle Wishes                     

Teaser: Be careful what you wish for in Sunnydale. 


Rated: PG   Parings: Spike & Giles, Spike & Tara, Spike & Buffy  Word Count:  12,785 Posted: 5/8/04

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS - AU after "Triangle"

Themes: AU, Human

Spike Flavor: Snarky, Caring, William  Soul?  N/Y    Chip?   Y/N

I'm Immortal             

Teaser: Spike thinks over Buffy's choice. 


Rated:  G     Parings:  Spike & Buffy      Word Count: 285   Posted: 4/22/04

Setting/Spoilers: AtS after we know who Buffy chooses. (Currently my guess)

Themes: Character Study, Songfic

Spike Flavor:  Melancholy        Soul?  Y    Chip?  N

It's Not Always Blood

Teaser: What if Buffy was wrong and Dawn was the only key?


Rated: PG       Parings: None       Word Count:1855  Posted: 3/7/04

Setting/Spoilers: End of "Gift" and a bit beyond.

Themes: Multi-character POV, AU, character deaths

Spike Flavor:  Angsty        Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

Lord Nelson                   NEWEST

Teaser: Xander is learning to cope with the loss of an eye. Spike helps.


Rated:  Parings: Spike & Xander  Word Count: 1,357  Posted: 3/9/04

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Shortly after “Dirty Girls”

Themes: Inspiration objects Drabble

Spike Flavor: Sweet, Loving    Soul? Y   Chip?  N

May Day

Teaser: A conversation between two vamps about bad luck.


Rated: PG      Parings: Spike & Angel  Word Count: 130  Posted: 3/17/04

Setting/Spoilers: AtS Mid-season 5

Themes: Angel the Series is canceled

Spike Flavor:   Worried       Soul?  Y   Chip?   Y

Massacre or Penny Dreadful

Teaser: "Can't any one of your damned little Scooby club at least try to remember that I hate you all?" Spike "This Year's Girl"


Rated: PG-13    Parings: Spike/Buffy  Word Count: 543

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Some time late 4 to mid 5

Themes: Vignette, Spike POV,

Spike Flavor:  Trickster        Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

Missing Scene: Hush

Teaser: What does Spike do all day in Xander's basement bedroom?


Rated: G       Parings: Xander & Spike       Word Count: 406

Setting/Spoilers: Early "Hush"

Themes: Series

Spike Flavor:  Bored         Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

Missing  Scene: Trio

Teaser: Spike asked the trio the wrong questions.


Rated: G    Parings: Spike & The Trio    Word Count:153

Setting/Spoilers: Mid-"Smashed"

Themes: Series

Spike Flavor:  Determined         Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

Muse                NEWEST

Teaser: Spike someone long missing from Spike's life returns.


Rated: PG    Parings: Spike     Word Count: 510  Posted: 3/9/05

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS - Post "Restless"

Themes: Character Study

Spike Flavor:  Poetic        Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

PTB Ex Machina                  

Teaser: My last chapter of the "Angel" series.


Rated:       Parings: none       Word Count: 1,003  Posted: 5/20/04

Setting/Spoilers: Major spoilers for the last episode of Angel, "Not Fade Away"

Themes: Episode Related

Spike Flavor: The Best        Soul? Y     Chip? N


Teaser: Spike wanders the halls of Wolfram & Hart and remembers.


Rated: PG    Parings: Spike & Dawn  Word Count:1,301

Setting/Spoilers:  AtS Early season 5 & BtVS Mid season 4

Themes: A touch of angst

Spike Flavor:  Bored, Angsty        Soul?  Y/N   Chip?   N/Y

Scene With Mom and Vamp         

Teaser: Joyce is curious about the nature of vampires.


Rated:  PG      Parings: Spike & Joyce       Word Count: 675  Posted: 4/24/04

Setting/Spoilers: Let's say summer seasons 4-5

Themes: Character Study

Spike Flavor:  Talkative        Soul?  N    Chip?    Y

She's Enchanted                          

Teaser: Spike talks about someone very special in his life.


Rated:      Parings: Spike/Other      Word Count: 313  Posted: 4/22/04

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS any time after mid-season 4

Themes: Humor, Character Study

Spike Flavor: Talkative         Soul? ?    Chip?   

Slaying In The Rain

Teaser: Spike has learned he can hurt demons. What might Spike's favorite movie be?


Rated: PG    Parings: Spike & Buffy       Word Count:447

Setting/Spoilers: Post "Doomed"

Themes: TV violence, Humor

Spike Flavor:  Happy, for once        Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

Swimming Fool Pt. 1

Teaser: Spike & Xander share a swim at the Y.


Rated: PG-13       Parings: Spike & Xander       Word Count:1,382

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Late season 4, maybe into 5. Spoiler for "Go Fish"

Themes: Male nudity

Spike Flavor: Bored, Snarky   Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

Sequel: NC-17 rated Swimming Fool Pt 2


Teaser: Xander runs into Spike at the Laundromat. 


Rated: PG-13       Parings: Spike & Xander      Word Count:2,168

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS  Late Season 4

Themes: Trickster Spike

Spike Flavor:  Trickster        Soul?  N   Chip?   Y


Teaser: In the Summer's basement


Rated: PG        Parings: none    Word Count:1,432

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Summer Season 5/6

Themes: Spike POV

Spike Flavor:  Angsty        Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

Vessel                                          REVISED

Teaser: Buffy needs shelter. Spike provides it. A Vampire game gets played.


Rated:  PG      Parings:  Spike & Buffy      Word Count:  8,162  RE Posted: 7/14/04

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Summer seasons 4-5 

Themes: Spike is more helpful than he means to be.

Spike Flavor:  Helpful, Redemption      Soul? N     Chip?    Y


Emptied Vessel/Contents  

Teaser: A sequel to "Vessel." Spike and Buffy reflect in their experiences.


Rated:  PG      Parings:  Spike & Buffy      Word Count:  1,144  Posted: 7/14/04

Themes: Both are changed...

With A Little Help From My Clem         

Teaser: There is more to Clem than a wrinkly face.


Rated:   PG-13    Parings: Spike & Clem, Spike & Buffy   Word Count: 2580  Posted: 4/23/04

Setting/Spoilers: Mid "Seeing Red" What if Spike had met up with Clem before he went to see Buffy?

Themes: Character Study, What if?

Spike Flavor: Receptive         Soul?     Chip?    Y

Willy's Best (a drabble)

Teaser: God, I feel ... kind of bad for the guy. Gets all whupped and his best toy gets taken away... it's just ... the guy was so thrashed." Xander, "Intervention"


Rated:  PG      Parings: Spike & Xander       Word Count:   Posted: 8/18/04

Setting/Spoilers: BtVs Just after "Intervention."

Themes: Hurt/Comfort

Spike Flavor: Hurt         Soul?  N    Chip?    Y


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