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Mid- “Smashed”

Missing Scene  

Spike sweeps out of the crowed basement, the three nerds already forgotten.

Warren watches the vampire leave. “You know how easily he could kill that chip?”

“How easily?” Jonathan asks, lovingly restoring Boba Fett to his stand.

“Well, all he needs is an EMP.”

“EMP?” Andrew asks.

“You know, an electro-magnetic pulse, like UFO’s  put out.” Jonathan knows this much techno knowledge.

“Or a bulk tape eraser.” Warren puts in. “Just put it to his head and-Zap! No more chip.”

Jonathan has that dreamy look which sometimes makes the other boys uneasy.  “I bet you could even re-program it to make him stronger.”

Warren ignores this remark and studies the printouts. “It’s funny, he never asked me to take it out.”

“Could you have?” Andrew asks, coming over to look at the data.

“Oh, sure, in about 30 minutes. I’ve got all the stuff I need right here.”

The nerds ponder this a minute, then go back to their interrupted plans.

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