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AtS mid-season 5

A conversational reaction to the news of the conciliation of "Angel".

Rated PG

May Day

“Oh shit.”


“It’s almost May.”


“I hate May. Bad things always happen in May.”

“Like what?”

 “Like me sodding getting burned to bits saving the world.”

“Oh. Huh. Buffy killed me in May.”

“Buffy died in May.


“I went to sodding Africa.”

“The hotel blew up.”

“Buffy took up with Captain cardboard.”

"I lost Conner."


“Never mind… I was sunk in to the bottom of the ocean”

“That must have sucked.”

“It did.”

“Drusilla kicked me out the last time.”

“I took over this place.”

“You win.”

"I wonder what it will be this year?"

“Shut up. Never invite apocalypses.”

“At least we can face it together.”

“You mean that?”

“It’s nice to have someone else around who can survive a sword through the chest.”

“Thanks, Mate.”

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