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Some time late Season 4 - early season 5

Violence, Character death (sort of), a touch of Spike/Xander (sort of), a bit of Spike/Buffy

Spike POV

Rated R



Penny Dreadful

Suddenly, without warning, Giles is attacked. With a snarl and a war-cry, the vamp leaps on his back from off the stairs. Long, sharp fangs sink deep in the dry neck that tastes faintly of aftershave. There is little time to savor, just three quick pulls and he’s dead, like that, his heart shocked by the sudden reversal of blood. His heavy body lands with a thud, but the attacker is already in motion for his next victim.

The red-head is next closest. The fiend had been wanting to have his way with this one, she’s so small and frail, but he has to settle with another snag and drain. Her scream is cut short as he grinds his hard cock against her ass, and reaches around, grabbing her little, but firm tits. A flash of fangs and her hot, magic-rich blood flows into him. 

No time to savor. He throws the body at the boy who has finally sprung into action. He tries to catch the body of his friend, but goes down under it instead. 

The fiend leaps and grabs up a sword they’ve left laying around. The soldier boy launches himself out of the corner, lumbering. He’s not worth eating. His blood smells heavy and bitter like chemicals. How they can't smell it, he doesn't know. He leaps over the couch G. I. Joe is attempting to run around and cleaves him in half on the down stroke as he lands

The boy is back up, angry and ready to fight. He calls some challenging words as the evil monster steps up to him. The fiend drops his sword and puts his hands on either side of the boy’s head. He can smell the human’s excitement and fear. He can feel the boy’s erection through his pants. Gently, the vampire places a kiss on the boy’s trembling lips, then snaps his neck with a sudden, practiced motion, letting the body fall to the side. 

The demon girl steps out of the kitchen. She says lots of words about how she wishes she still had her powers and oh how she would get back at him. Then she compliments his fine work before throwing herself into his arms and baring her throat to his fangs. He drains this sweet one and adds her to the pile.

Adrenaline is flowing and the smell of blood and death is everywhere when the Slayer steps in the door. She runs angry eyes over the carnage, then takes in the murderous fiend as he stands in blood-soaked glory, his yellow eyes blazing. Her eyes widen as she sees who has freed her. She drops her stake and runs to him, stepping over the bodies of the Scooby gang plus one.

Her hands run up over his bare chest, laving trails in the gore. She looks up in his eyes, her body thrumming with need. He can smell her dripping sex. She opens her mouth to speak.

“Spike! Spike! I asked you a question.”

Spike shakes himself out of his reverie and blinks around at the Scoobies plus one as they look up at him. “What?” He shifts his coat to make certain his erection is hidden.

“I asked you if you knew of any new demons in town.” Buffy comes over to Spike where he sits on the stairs.

Still a bit lost in his fantasy world, Spike shakes his head. “No. No I’ve not heard anything.”

“Why are you even here?” Giles asks from the couch.

Spike shrugs. “You amuse me.”

“Whatever,” Buffy dismisses him and turns away.

With a leap, the fiend is upon her. He rips away the Slayer’s few bits of clothing and pushes her down on top of the body of her Watcher.

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