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Let's say summer season 4-5

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Scene with Mom and Vamp


“So. You’re a vampire?”


“Have been some time.”


“But you don’t have…”


“Tribal tattoos?”




“Oh sure I do. When I need ‘em.”


“Can I see?”


“You’ve lived in Sunnydale how long and you’ve never seen a vampire in game face? You are in denial.”


“I think I have, but it’s always been dark and scary. I mean, I’ve seen pictures in Giles’ books, but those woodcuts are so primitive.”


“We’ll, I think it’s best to educate the Slayer’s mum.” Spike gives his head a shake and shifts to his demonic visage with a snarl.


Joyce gives a startled yelp. In an instant, Buffy dashes in, throwing herself at Spike and knocking him to the floor. Spike immediately drops the vamp face and holds up his hands in surrender. “Wait! Wait! She wanted to see!”


“Stop that, Buffy!”


“But he was all gurr!”


“I wanted to see his fangs. I didn’t know his whole face changed. It startled me.”


Buffy shrugs. “It’s pretty damn ugly if you ask me. Buy hey, I guess it’s good for you to see.” She waits for Spike to dust himself off and sit back down. “Well, go ahead.”


“The moment’s past,” Spike pouts.


Buffy crosses her arms. “Go. Ahead.”


Spike sighs, “just for Joyce,” and goes vamp face once again.


Joyce leans in and looks him over as if he were a sculpture at her gallery. “Your eyes, so yellow.”


“Like a tiger’s,” purrs Spike.


“No, more reptilian.”


Buffy is bored and is making herself some coca. “More like jaundiced.”




Joyce studies his teeth. Spike opens his mouth wide to show off. “Your fangs. So many sharp points. Not just two like in the movies.”


“Gross, isn’t it?” comments Buffy, stirring her drink.


“He’s still handsome in a strange way.” Joyce is looking over the ridges on his forehead.


“Thanks, Love,” Spike smirks.


“I’d leave you two alone, except- ew. Never want you two alone.”


Joyce runs a finger over his forehead, “How long can you stay like this?”


“I can keep it up as long as I please,” purrs Spike.


Buffy hits him on the back of the head with a spoon.


“Ow. Watch it Slayer. You could learn a  thing or two. Ever questioned a vamp? Oh yeah, Peaches. I bet that made for some interesting pillow talk.”


“Peaches? Who is Peaches?”


“Angel,” Buffy answers glaring at Spike. “He sired Spike.”


“He’s your vampire father?”


“Granddad, more like. He sired Drusilla, she sired me.” Spike lets the vamp face drop and picks up his coca to drink.


“Is it only your face that changes?” Joyce asks, straight faced.


Spike sputters and chokes on his coca as Buffy objects. “Mom!”


Joyce just looks pleased at having caught the two of them off guard. “It’s a valid question. Do you get stronger or do you senses sharpen?”


Spike is mopping up his spill and glances at Joyce as she smugly sips her drink. “Well, yeah. All that. It’s like cocaine. Sort of. It’s a rush. That’s one reason fledgling, that is new made, vamps walk around in game face all the time. That and they are too stupid to realize how obvious it makes them.” Buffy yawns. “Oh like you knew this already, Slayer.”


“I’ve learned a lot in the field.”


“There is more to know, pet. If you ever want me to teach you in my field, I’m here.” It is Joyce’s turn to his Spike in the back of the head with her spoon. “Ow. Joyce?” Spike looks hurt and clasps his head.


“Hands off my daughter, monster.”


Buffy exchanges grins with her mom.


“You Summer’s women will drive me mad.” He heads for the door in a swirl of coat. “Flirt with me one minute and hit me the next.” The door swings shut behind him.


He is barely across the yard when the two women burst out laughing. 


“That was beautiful, Mom.”


“You were right. He fell for it completely.” The two hold each other up as they laugh.

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