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She's Enchanted


Oh, sheís special all right, Niblet. She keeps me hidden. Helps me fight. She keeps me warm. I do so get cold! She carries what I need. Yeah, she does heal right quick.


Here, her arm was torn almost completely off. I was fighting this Grixlox demon andÖ Oh, I told you about that one? Well, sheís been stabbed in the back I donít know how many times. Her bottomís been torn ragged. Her chest. Gee, it gets mauled all the time.


Of course itís a her. What else would a bloke call something that wraps so tightly around him?


Come on! Iíve heard Anya say worse things than that!


I picked her up in New York. Spotted her moving like a Slayer doesÖ er could. Didnít have her around two months before this scar here happened. I didnít notice during the fight, but afterwards here is this wound. Well, by then Iíd become real attached to her.


Actually, Dru liked her too. Said she liked the way she moved and smelled. So, I patched her up best I could and took her to this magic dealer and asked him about a preservation spell. He tells me I wouldnít be able to move with her around me. That defeats the purpose, donít it?


So we talk about what I want and we come up with a kind of healing spell that links it to me. I donít really feel it, but it acts like a second skin. She can be destroyed. A couple of  times Iíve been hurt so bad Iíve had to heal myself, then heal her. It cost a pretty penny, and eventually she may get damaged to the point she canít heal, but until then, the old girl is mine. I hope to be dusted with her around me.


So, no, for the thousandth time, you canít wear my coat!

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