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Season 4 - This is set very shortly after “Doomed” when Spike learns he can hurt demons despite the chip in his head, which will not allow him to hurt any living thing. Also the thought of what might be one of Spike's favorite movies.

PG rated (With a little TV violence)

Slaying in the Rain

Buffy couldn’t get rid of Spike this evening. He was all bouncy and ready for a fight, like a kid on a field trip. He kept running ahead and twirling a cane, of all things. It had a silver handle and looked familiar. “Doesn’t that belong to Giles?”

 “Yeah. I was in the mood for something weapony.”

“They make you feel all manly?” Buffy asked, thinking of the first time they fought.

“You remember! I’m flattered!”

Thankfully, it was not long before they came upon two scaly demons harassing a college student.

“Hey! Lord of the Lock Ness!” Buffy called as she pulled one off the guy. “Aren’t you a little far from the big puddle?” Buffy laid into him and noted the student had the good sense to run away.

Spike grabbed the other one and soon had him on the ground. Bizarrely, Spike began to sing in a surprisingly good voice and dance around his fallen demon. Both Buffy and her foe stopped to gawk at the sight.

The vampire’s dance steps were punctuated with kicks and blows with the cane. “I’m singing in the rain, (Kick) just singing in the rain. (Cane to head) What a glorious feeling, (Cane to groin) I’m happy again. (Dance steps) I’m laughing at clouds (Hopped up on demon and back off) so dark up above. (Pushed demon back down) The sun’s in my heart (Major smack) and I’m ready for love. (Looked up at Buffy and grinned) Let the stormy clouds chase (Kick, dance steps) everyone from the place. (Kick, kick) Come on with the rain (Whales on demon) I’ve a smile on my face. (Danced over and knocked out the demon standing beside Buffy)  I walk down the lane (Pulled sword out of cane) with a happy refrain. (Beheads Buffy’s demon.) And I’m singing, just singing in the rain!” (Sliced off his demon’s head and slid the cane back together with a flourish.)

“Spike!” Buffy called. “What the hell was that?”

“Slishov demons. Not much of a challenge, really.”

“Not that! The song and dance routine.”

“’Clockwork Orange’, my pet. You should viddy it some time, my droog. Ask Xander. I bet he has a copy.” Spike twirled the cane and set off to continue the patrol. Now he was jumping on and off the tombstones and singing “Dobe, dobe, dobe, Do Be, Dobe, Do Be DoBe Doooooo.”

Buffy shook her head and decided she liked mopey Spike better.

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