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Some time season five. Tiny spoiler for "Chosen" 

Rated G

Buffy Dreams Effulgent

"My heart expands 'tis grown a bulge in it

inspired by your beauty, effulgent."

                                    William "Fool For Love"



Buffy came bouncing into the Magic Box to find Giles counting the till and, surprisingly, Spike sprawled at the big round table doing research.

“Hi, Giles. More reading lessons for little Spike?”

The blonde vamp glared up at her, “Oh ha, ha. Get a new one Slayer.”

“Yes, Please,” put in Giles. “Xander’s already used that joke this evening.”

“Sorry. I guess we’re all stating the obvious.” Buffy smirked at the vamp and peered at the stack of books before him. “North American Mushrooms and Fungi, Subterranean Plants, Bauquish’s Metaphysical Fungi, Lichens and Mosses. Are you taking up gardening, Spike?”

He growled his reply without looking up. “No. Found something strange growing in a tunnel. Thought I’d see if it was dangerous.”

“You mean valuable,” Giles corrected.

“Same thing.”

“That reminds me, I have some research to do, too,” Buffy chirped.

Spike called to the Watcher, “Rupert, isn’t that a sign of a coming apocalypse?”

“It may very well be." Giles bantered back, making Buffy pout at both of them. "What do you need, Buffy?”

“A dictionary.”

“What kind?" Giles loved research mode and quickly warmed to the task. "Cyrillic? Demon? Samarian?”

“Um, English. One that says what words mean.”

He hesitated. “No, actually." Spike emitted a snort of laughter which Giles ignored. "What word are you looking for?”

“Effulgent,” she carefully pronounced this unfamiliar word. 

“I think it has something to do with light, why?” Giles answered, returning to his till.

“I had a dream last night and… it felt faintly prophetic. I saw someone emitting a golden light and laughing.”  Giles did not see the glance Buffy shot at Spike. “Somehow, I knew that was what was happening. It was effulgent.”

“That’s what it means,” Spike supplied from behind his book, disinterested. “Effulgent. Diffusing a flood of resplendent light. Radiant. Gleaming.”

A silence fell over the magic shop. Spike looked up after a minute to find the two of them gaping at him. “What? It’s a perfectly perfect word.” They dismissed him and started talking Slayer prophesy and what it might mean. Spike, disgusted, went back to his studies and added quietly to himself, “only problem is nothing rhymes with it.”

I like the idea of Spike still knowing some Victorian words. I also think Buffy had far too few prophecy dreams. 

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