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What does Spike do when left alone in Xander's Bedroom all day?

Missing Scene: Hush

He can’t talk. He can’t make a sound. Spike did this. No. Damn it. What’s going on? Buffy. The phone. No, that was dumb. Giles will know.

Xander pulls on clothes and heads for the stairs. He is halted by Spike clapping his hands. He goes back and looks at the vamp tied to his chair. He spreads his hands wide. “What?” he mouths.

Spike gestures to his ropes expectantly.

Xander shakes his head. 

Spike spreads his hands, palms up, fingers spread, giving him a wide-eyed look.

Xander crosses his arms.

Spike brings his hands together in a praying gesture.

Xander brings his arms up over his head in a circle, then mimes a vampire bursting into flames.

Spike shrugs, looks defeated.

Xander starts to move away.

Spike grabs his pants leg. 

Xander slaps his hand away, but looks at him again.

Spike points to the TV.

Xander mimes a remote, spreading his hands to prove he doesn’t have one, and shakes his head.

Spike points to a box of comic books.

Xander emphatically shakes his head no. He looks around and brings a small stack of books from off a shelf.

Spike rapidly takes stock, flipping the romances, westerns, Babylon 5 and Star Trek novels across the room. He points to the comics again and brings his hands together, fingers interlocked. He gives Xander his best puppy dog look.

Xander sighs. He gives Spike his sternest expression. He points to the box. He brings his hands up, forefingers and thumbs pinched close together, and separates them slightly. He holds up a single finger stiffly then points at the comics with it. He grabs up a stake and threatens Spike with it.

The vamp holds up his hands in surrender. Then mimes turning pages with a delicate touch.

Xander sighs. He takes down the box from it’s shelf above the bed and pulls out a number of the more valuable or favorite ones. Before handing it to Spike he gives the vamp another one of his best I-mean-it-you’re-dust looks.

Spike takes it with a  polite thank you nod, but cannot resist pointing to the fridge and miming drinking something out of a mug.

Xander points to the clock and twirls his finger.

Spike shrugs and starts looking through the comics.

Xander leaves with the resolve to find a new home for Spike and soon.

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