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Spike & Xander Stories

(Many are rated PG and higher)


Teaser: Spike and Xander are some time, some where and getting along a bit.


Rated:  Parings: Spike &   Word Count: 398  Posted: 12/12/05

Setting/Spoilers: None

Themes: Inspiration objects Drabble

Spike Flavor: Nostaligic, snarky    Soul?   Chip?  ?

Bugger Me   

Teaser: Xander turns to Spike for some lessons.


Rated: R for Content    Parings: Spike & Xander       Word Count: 2,683  Posted: 7/22/04

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Summer 4/5 or early 5

Themes: Drinking, Bad kissing decisions, Slash 

Spike Flavor: Amused, Helpful  Soul?  N    Chip?  Y

Candy Perfume Boys          

The titles in this series and all song lyrics used in the stories are taken from Madonna's "Ray of Light" album.  See Main CPB page for details.


(Track 1) Candy Perfume Boy

(Track 2) Candy Perfume Vamp 

(Track 3) Magic Poison 

(Track 4) Heady Danger  

(Track 5) If I Could Melt Your Heart 

(Track 6) Night Is Getting Colder

(Track 7) Substitute For Love

(Track 8) No Candy, No Perfume

(Track 9) Sadness Forget You      

(Track 10) Power of Good-bye    

CD Bonus Track: AU Sleeper Drabble 

CD Bonus Track: Willy's Best


Teaser: Xander visits a place he's heard of in Africa .


Rated: PG  Parings: None   Word Count: 1,630  Posted: 11/12/04

Setting/Spoilers: Post "Chosen", "Not Fade Away"

Themes: Character study, Angst

Spike Flavor: Missed    Soul?   Chip?  N


Teaser: In which Spike gets bored and decides to seduce Xander. He finds some surprises along the way. 38 chapters + bonuses


Coercion!Verse Main Page

Note: This page contains many stories set in the Coercion!Verse.


Rated: NC-17 overall       Parings: Spike/Xander       Word Count: Complete!

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS

Themes: Masturbation, Voyeurism, Slash, Bondage, Toys, bit of Blood Play, Some demon/demon forced sex, Torture

Spike Flavor:  Trickster, Sexy, William       Soul?  N   Chip?   Y/?


Don't Ask, Don't Tell + Telling and Asking  

Teaser: Spike remembers an encounter with Xander


Rated:  Parings: Spike/Xander   Word Count: 269 + 60  Posted: 3/9/05

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Late Season 4, & just before "Dirty Girls"

Themes: Spike POV

Spike Flavor: Lonely  Soul?   Chip?  N

Dream a Little Dream, or The Hermaphrodite Plot Bunny   

Teaser: A story based on some one else's strange dream.


Rated:   NC-17     Parings: Spike/Xander     Word Count:5,515   Posted: 8/24/04 

Setting/Spoilers: Summer 5/6, I guess

Themes: Hermaphrodite Sex!

Spike Flavor: Curious, Obsessed         Soul? N     Chip?    Y

Five Stages of Love  

Teaser: Five 100-word drabbles about the stages of love.


Rated:   NC-17     Parings: Spike/Xander     Word Count:500   Posted: 3/9/05 

Setting/Spoilers: Summer 4/5, I guess

Themes: Slash

Spike Flavor: Sexy, Bold         Soul? N     Chip?    Y

Have You Seen Me?  

Teaser: Spike has been rescued from the school basement, and Xander has to learn to deal with Crazy Spike. 


Rated: PG  Parings: Spike & Xander  Word Count:   Posted: 3/9/05

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Between "Help" and "Sleeper"

Themes: Hurt/comfort

Spike Flavor: Crazy    Soul?   Chip?  Y


Teaser: Xander chances on some "quality personal time" with a few favorite toys and Spike interrupts.  

Part 2: Beach Blanket Bunghole

Part 3: Back Door Cabana Boy

Come Again


Rated:NC-17  Parings: Spike/Xander  Word Count:   Posted: 2/21/08

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS 

Themes: Slash PWP

Spike Flavor: Sexy Seductive  Soul?   Chip?  Y

Generation Gap 

Teaser: Spike and Xander are some time, some where and getting along.


Rated:  Parings: Spike & Xander  Word Count: 294  Posted: 12/12/04

Setting/Spoilers: None

Themes: Inspiration objects Drabble

Spike Flavor: Sweet, Loving    Soul?   Chip?  ?

Lord Nelson     

Teaser: Xander is learning to cope with the loss of an eye. Spike helps.


Rated:  Parings: Spike & Xander  Word Count: 1,357  Posted: 3/9/04

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Shortly after “Dirty Girls”

Themes: Inspiration objects Drabble

Spike Flavor: Sweet, Loving    Soul? Y   Chip?  N

Missing Scene: Hush

Teaser: What does Spike do all day in Xander's basement bedroom?


Rated: G       Parings: Xander & Spike       Word Count: 406

Setting/Spoilers: Early "Hush"

Themes: Series

Spike Flavor:  Bored         Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

Nanny Cam    

Teaser: Just what did Spike get up to while alone in Xander's bedroom all day?


Rated:  Parings: Spike & Xander  Word Count: 1,190  Posted: 3/9/04

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Mid-season 4

Themes: Voyeurism, Masturbation

Spike Flavor: Sexy, Trickster   Soul? N   Chip?  Y

Second Night of the Zeppo + Epilogue

Teaser: Why do these crazy things always happen to Xander?


Rated:       Parings:  Spike/Xander     Word Count: 10,376 Posted: 1/9/05

Setting/Spoilers: Very very early season 4. Spike's come to Sunnydale a little early. Epilogue is post "Chosen."

Themes: Slash

Spike Flavor:  Sexy, Trickster, Evil        Soul?  N   Chip?   N

Swimming Fool Pt 1 

Swimming Fool Pt 2


Teaser: Spike & Xander share a swim at the Y. Later, Spike and Xander fool around in the pool.


Rated: PG-13/NC-17       Parings: Spike/Xander       Word Count: 1,382/1,029

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Late season 4, maybe into 5. Spoiler for "Go Fish"

Themes: Male nudity/ Slashy, splashy fun, PWP

Spike Flavor:  Bored, Snarky / Sexy        Soul?  N   Chip?   Y


Teaser: It's five years past "Not Fade Away." Spike works freelance for the Watcher's council. Xander went missing for a long time, until Spike found him. Now, Spike must help Xander recover from long, hard years in captivity.


Rated: NC-17       Parings: Spike/Xander      Word Count: 41 chapters

Setting/Spoilers: 5 years after "Not Fade Away"

Themes: Violence, slavery, rape, murder, recovery, secondary character death, slash

Spike Flavor:  Redeemed        Soul?  N   Chip?   N


Teaser: Xander runs into Spike at the Laundromat. 


Rated: PG-13       Parings: Spike & Xander      Word Count:2,168

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS  Late Season 4

Themes: Trickster Spike

Spike Flavor:  Trickster        Soul?  N   Chip?   Y

Which Am I? (a drabble)

Teaser: Xander's been watching Spike


Rated:  PG      Parings: Spike & Xander       Word Count:167   Posted: 3/8/05

Setting/Spoilers: BtVS Late season 4

Themes: Flitation

Spike Flavor: Trickster        Soul?  N    Chip?    Y

Willy's Best (a drabble)

Teaser: God, I feel ... kind of bad for the guy. Gets all whupped and his best toy gets taken away... it's just ... the guy was so thrashed." Xander, "Intervention"


Rated:  PG      Parings: Spike & Xander       Word Count:   Posted: 8/18/04

Setting/Spoilers: BtVs Just after "Intervention."

Themes: Hurt/Comfort

Spike Flavor: Hurt         Soul?  N    Chip?    Y

When Love is Voiced               NEWEST

Teaser: Spike is cursed and turned into a fairy. Xander takes care of him and searches for the cure.


Rated:  NC-17      Parings: Spike/ Xander       Word Count:  3,611  Posted: 4/11/06

Setting/Spoilers: BtVs Summer season 4 maybe

Themes: Hurt/Comfort

Spike Flavor: Hurt, Fairy         Soul?  N    Chip?    Y

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