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unbreakablepatch.jpg (38688 bytes)This whole story started with a manip of Xander in chains.

I want to thank everyone who helped beta this, everyone who left feedback about it on LiveJournal, and in particular, Sexymermaid who made me join a beta group. Her support and positive image in the LJ community is a bright star.

It's five years past "Not Fade Away." Spike works freelance for the Watcher's council. Xander went missing for a long time, until Spike found him. Now, Spike must help Xander recover from long, hard years in captivity.

Rated NC-17, Adult


  1.     Found

  2.     Bought

  3.     Patsy Cline & Chocolate

  4.     A Home, Green Hair & Beer

  5.     A Shower, a Meal & a Ritual

  6.     Morning & Magic Glass

  7.     Breakfast, Nudity & Mr. Swishy

  8.     A Tour, Zeb, and a Job

  9.     Shopping Bags

  10.     Sparring

  11.     The Taking

  12.     A Talk at the Beach 

  13.     Meet the Indian

  14.     Meet Anthony

  15.     Footnmouth 

  16.     Retrieval 

  17.     Shopping & Poetry

  18.     Mom

  19.     Drusilla

  20.     Norwegian Wood

  21.     Anthony's Story

  22.     Giles

  23.     A Ride in the Jag

  24.     Jen's Shop

  25.     The Truth About Claiming

  26.     First Time

  27.     Claiming

  28.     Funyuns Bad

  29.     Death

  30.     Vampire Blood

  31.     Scotch Worse

  32.     Newbie

  33.     Therapy

  34.     Not Tonight

  35.     Sparring & Talking 

  36.     A Message & a Package

  37.     Inventory

  38.     The Things He Carried

  39.     Party & Blood

  40.     Gazebo Kiss

  41.     Arboreal Vampires

  42.     It Is Said


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