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Chapter 26

Spike came into the kitchen to find the usual pre-meal gathering.

“Hey! The boys are back!” Willow said. “What all did you get into?”

“Drove around. Showed him where everything is.” Spike kept moving toward the stairs.

“You didn’t take him to Buckner’s, did you?” Gunn asked.

“Nope. I wasn’t up to spending three hours in a comic shop. I left the fan boy drool fest for you and Oz.” Spike made his exit and climbed the stairs two at a time.

He had promised to not go through the bags, but that didn’t stop him from looking through the thin plastic. After all, he was still evil sometimes. When he saw the white container with the blue KY logo, he smiled and put the bags on the table. Spike was pleased to learn Xander was feeling good enough to want some private wank time. He made a mental note to find a reason to leave him alone over the next couple of days and headed back downstairs.

Dawn was grilling Xander about her birthday present as Spike turned a chair around and straddled it.

“Come on, just a hint!”

“It’s smaller than a breadbox. Say, who uses breadboxes anymore, anyway?” Xander said in an attempt to change the topic.

Midra shook her head an pointed to the wooden box on the counter which was clearly marked with the word “bread.”


“We didn’t get it at Buckner’s,” Spike put in, attempting to divert Dawn.

“Well, no. You won’t go in there.” She leaned close to Spike and sniffed. “I know that cocktail of scents. You went to Jen’s! You got me something from Jen!”

“No, nosy one,” Spike said. “One of the snaps on Xander’s bands needed tightening. That’s all.”

“When can we go to the comic shop, anyway?” Xander asked Gunn, his expression begging for help.  The ploy worked, but the next half hour was spent with the two of them in a discussion of the finer points of action figure collection and display.

As desert was served, Midra turned to Gunn. “I forgot, beloved, a package came for you from Amazon today.”

“The bookstore or the river?” Gunn asked as if it were an old joke.

“The bookstore this time.”

“Hot damn! It must be my director’s cut, wide screen, bonus DVD of extra features, boxed set of all five Spiderman movies!” Gunn crowed. “Where is it?”

Midra sighed and rolled her eyes. “On the table by the front door where all packages live.”

Gunn reached for his cane, but Dawn bounded to her feet. “I’ll get it for you!”

“Open it out there! I don’t want packing material in my food!” Midra called.

Shortly, Dawn returned with a red and black box with silver webbing on it. “What cool packaging!” she said.

“Man. I gotta watch some of this. Who wants to join me?”

Everyone raised their hand but Spike and Xander. “Come on, Xan,” Dawn said. “I know you’ve not seen at least two of them, and it’s probably my last chance to watch a movie with you before I head home. Please?”

Spike watched as Xander fought a mental battle before slipping on a smile. “Sure, I never could say no to you.”

Dawn bounced up and clapped her hands. “Yay! I’ll make the caramel popcorn. I know it’s your favorite.”

After forty-five minutes of popping popcorn, fighting for prime seats and reminding Xander of the plots of the first two movies, they finally started watching the third Spiderman movie. The TV room had several platforms, each higher than the last. Spike sat in a comfy chair just behind the front-row loveseat that had been claimed by Xander and Dawn with his feet up on the back.

Spike watched Xander more then the movie. Any time Xander grew too still, Spike would teasingly rock his foot and tap Xander in the head. Most of the way through the film, Dawn moved the popcorn bowl the side and laid down with her head in Xander’s lap. She smiled up at her friend, unaware of the sudden stiffness Spike saw in his shoulders. He could sense Xander’s anxiety rising.

“Oi! Niblet.”

“What, Spike?”

“How about fixing your old babysitter a cuppa?”

“But Spike, I just got comfortable,” she whined a bit.

“Come on, you make it just right. When will I have another chance to have your tea before you visit again at the holidays?” Spike used his best flattering voice.

Dawn sighed and looked up at Xander. “I think he’s jealous. Do you want anything?” Xander shook his head no. “I’ll be right back, uncle Spike.”

“Uncle,” Spike snorted.

As soon as Dawn left the room, Spike climbed over the back of the loveseat, drawing catcalls of “down in front” from the rest of  the room, and dropped down beside Xander. “She was bogarting the caramel popcorn,” he explained, picking up the bowl and placing it between them. He briefly met Xander’s eye and smirked, grabbing a handful of popcorn.

Shortly, Dawn returned with a cup of tea and a fresh soda for herself. “Hey! That’s my seat!”

“You moved. Fair’s fair.” Spike ignored her and watched the movie.


Spike blinked up at her with wide blue eyes. “Thanks for the cuppa, pigeon.”

“Oh! I should dump this on your head.”

“Hey! No food fights!” Willow called.

“I wasn’t gonna,” Dawn glared down at Spike until she remember the futility of having a staring match with someone who didn’t have to blink. With a dramatic sigh, she flopped into the chair vacated by Spike.

Spike felt Xander’s tension largely drain away. After a big fight scene, Xander leaned over and whispered to Spike. “You know I only claimed caramel popcorn was my favorite back then because you hated it and wouldn’t eat it.”

“I know. It’s going to take forever to get this crap out of my teeth.”

The movie ended and Xander stood up. “I… I think I’ll take a pass on any more movies tonight.” This was met with a chorus of protests. “I’m sorry.  Go on and watch without me. I… I’m going to try out that big tub in my room.”

“I was going to make cookies,” Willow pouted.

Spike watched Xander flounder, ready to give in again. “Want me to bring you up a snack after the last movie?” Spike asked, well aware that Xander had bought plenty.

Spike could see his relief as he answered. “If you want. Thanks, Spike.”

Spike shrugged. “Go soak your head. It will do us all some good.”

Xander chuckled and made his exit.

“You want to lay on my lap?” Spike smirked up at Dawn as Oz changed movies.

“I’m mad at you,” she said with an exaggerated pout.

Spike’s voice softened. “Don’t be, pet. You were making Xander uncomfortable.”

“I was?” she squeaked. “I didn’t mean to. I couldn’t tell. Why?”

“I don’t know why, Luv. Don’t say anything to him. We spent the day talking about… dark stuff. I think he just needs some alone time is all.”

She climbed over the couch and sat down. She looked at her fingers where they twined around her soda can. “I guess we’ve all been wanting some time with him.”

Spike reached out and petted her hair once. “Yeah. Now he needs some time with himself.”

Xander took two six packs from the kitchen before escaping upstairs. Once there, he went to the bathroom and turned the taps on hot in the big bathtub. He stared at the splashing water and did his best to block out the memories of another brought up by Dawn's bright eyes looking up at him from his lap.

He tore open both shopping bags and dumped them on the table.  Absently, he ripped open a Hurricane bar and bit into it. He picked up a beer, the three boxes with the toys and the lube, and, with the chocolate gripped in his teeth, he returned to the bathroom. He opened the boxes and tumbled the toys into the sink. When he was with Anya, she had loved toys and wanted to explore all kinds and shapes. Having read all kinds of sex books, Anya had always insisted that new toys should be washed before use, and washed even better afterwards. Eventually, she talked him into letting her try one on him. It had frightened him how much he’d liked it. When she’d left, he’d tried larger ones than he’d ever let her near him with. He knew it had been an attempt to fill the emptiness of loosing her.

Now he felt empty again. He lined up the items he’d gathered on a shelf by the tub, lit a few candles, turned off the lights and, with a shrug, sprinkled in some herbal bath salts. As he settled into the steaming water, he let himself think back to Anthony and the day he’d been claimed.


Anthony wanted him around. That was what Xander kept coming back to. This meant something, it was permanent. Sure, Anthony had not declared his love or devotion, but the guy was a vampire after all. Yeah, sure, Spike loved Buffy, and so had Angel. It did happen. Anya had loved him. Demons did love. Anthony, apparently did not operate that way. Maybe… maybe this was the only way Anthony could show him. After all, Xander hadn’t let him in; hadn’t let Anthony fuck him.

His decision made, Xander called for a guard and arranged for a pleaser to bathe him and brush his hair. The young man who tended him could have been anyone for all the attention Xander paid. He was thinking about Anthony and what he wanted to do. After he was cleaned, pampered, and oiled, he sent the boy away to send word to Anthony requesting an audience.

“Xander,” Anthony said, smiling slightly. “I’m glad you chose to join me this evening.” With the grace of a gentleman showing a visitor into his grand manor house, Anthony escorted Xander to a chair before sitting on his own.

Xander had been confident until he’d actually stepped into Anthony’s rooms. The tall vampire had been wearing a red silky robe with golden lions around the hem that Xander had never seen. He was like a chieftain with a tribe of one. Xander swallowed and worried the cuff of the plain, light robe he’d put on. “Um. Yeah. Me, too.”

“Xander,” Anthony said gently. “You certainly look fine this evening.”

“You do, too.”

Xander looked shyly away until Anthony softly called his name. “Xander?”

Xander practically leapt from his chair and kneeled at Anthony’s feet where he sat in his throne-like chair. “Anthony,” he said, his voice thick with emotion. “I want to be claimed and… I want you to take me, use me in any way you wish.”

Anthony put his hand on Xander’s soft hair and looked down into his eager brown eye. “You know that’s not a requirement.”

“I do know that. But it’s what I want.”


Xander closed his eye to the flickering candle light and could see only Anthony in his fine robes as he stood, drawing him up and leading him back to his sleeping room. He could felt he strong brown hands on his and remembered the rare warm grin his lover wore. Xander wrapped his hand around his hardening cock as he thought about what happened.


It was Xander’s first time to see Anthony’s inner haven. The walls were tapestry covered as outside, but here there was a orderliness that wasn’t in the public room. Only a single layer of carpets lay smoothly on the floor. Several paintings of landscapes hung neatly around a low bed that, apart from a chest of drawers and a small table, was the only furniture in the room.

“Xander,” Anthony murmured. “I was hoping you would one day let me in. I admit I was jealous of those you took to your bed in my stead.” He pulled Xander into his arms and kissed him gently on the lips.

“I… I didn’t mean anything against you, Anthony.”

“I realize that. I am not offended. You were only safeguarding the only thing left to you.” He laid his long fingered hand on Xander’s chest over  his heart. “I will do my best to not betray your confidence.”


Xander ran his free hand over his chest, remembering how Anthony had taken off his light robe and laid him on the bed. He had stepped back and revealed his own lean body. Xander’s cock throbbed at the image of his lover’s tall, brown body.  


“You are beautiful, my Xander. This life is hard, but it has chiseled your body into a living sculpture. I have long wanted to worship it properly.”

Anthony’s body was cool against his own as the vampire reversed their positions from the outer room and knelt beside the bed. He bent over to kiss Xander and caress his body.

“I want you against me, please,” Xander breathed after Anthony had adored every part of him.

“Of course, my own,” Xander’s cock jumped at the new endearment. Anthony chuckled. “Poor sweet, you want to belong as much as I want to claim.” Anthony lay atop Xander, their hard cocks rubbing together.

“I do. Gods, yes I do.”

“You’ve thought everything over?”

“I know there’s no going back, and I trust you, Anthony. I’m so very happy you want to keep me around.”

Anthony chuckled and thrust his hips to press his cock against Xander’s abs. “You’re the best thing that’s been presented to me in over forty years, Xander. I would be foolish indeed to turn away a treasure like you.”

“How?” Xander asked, then just kissed Anthony instead.

“How? Or When?” Anthony pulled back and looked down at him.

“Which do you want to do first?”

“I want to make love to you, Xander, then we will sleep. Then I want to claim you and have you again. It was as my sire did it. It allowed me to feel the… connection my drinking your blood will create.”

“I thought you said there wasn’t any mystical effects.” Xander hesitated.

“For only as long as your blood is within my system. Are you still agreeable?”

“About both? Yes. Fuck me, Anthony.”


Xander picked up the bumpy dildo and ran  his hand over it, feeling each progressively bigger section. Even as he wondered how much of it he could slip inside, he knew it hadn’t been that long and his body would eagerly take it all. He picked up the KY and cursed as he remembered the chemical water based lube wasn’t like the oil that was available in the caves.

He raised up out of the water to his knees, his body steaming in the warm air of the bathroom, and leaned on the edge of the tub. He slicked up the toy and pressed it into his body as he allowed himself to remember that night.


Anthony reached to a small lamp on the table and picked up the upper portion of it. It was then Xander realized it was a warming stand for a small jar of oil. “You knew I’d give in,” Xander said.

He knelt between Xander’s upraised knees beside the bed. “No, Xander. I hoped. I have been warming oil here for many months, hoping you would give yourself to me. It is a great honor, and I respect you for it.” Xander watched Anthony’s long graceful hands as he poured a small pool of oil into his palm. He lightly touched Xander’s hard cock with the fingertips of his other hand. “May I?”

“I’m yours Anthony. You can do what you want.”

Anthony chuckled, his voice deep and rich. “Very well. What I want is for you to remember you must do the same.” Anthony ran a finger down and around Xander’s balls, stroking the furry sac. With a smile, he dipped that finger into the pool of oil and continued his trip. Gently, he circled Xander’s opening.


Xander rubbed the tip of the toy against himself, remembering Anthony’s careful touch. He’d fingered Xander before, even slipped in a finger or two as he’d sucked Xander’s cock. His careful touch always made Xander feel special and cherished. It was so unlike the touch of those he had hired to do the same. Xander pressed the toy in, allowing himself to remember how Anthony touched him. The long buried memories shocked him with their intensity. He forgot about the feeling of the toy as each larger section sank into his body. He didn’t notice the flickering candle that was so like those in Anthony’s room, and instead of the fragrant bath salts, he smelled Anthony’s musk.


Anthony gently prepared his lover, watching as Xander rolled his head on the pillow and clutched the sheets. “Anthony…” he breathed.

“Am I hurting you, Xander?”

“God, no. I want you, Anthony. I want you in me. Please.”

Anthony kissed Xander’s sweating thigh and carefully removed his fingers. “I need more oil.”

Xander watched as Anthony again poured oil  into his palm, then wrap his fingers around his own hard cock. “You’re bigger then most of them,” Xander said, swallowing.

“I know. Changed your mind?”

“No. No.” He met his lover’s eyes. “Please.”

No more was said beyond endearments and encouragements as Anthony sank slowly into Xander’s ready body. When Xander’s body relaxed and accepted him, Anthony started to thrust slowly, with long smooth strokes. Xander could only focus on the feeling he’d been denying himself. Long he had wanted Anthony’s hard cock inside him, and now he’d opened himself up in every way. A weight he’d not known was on his heart had been lifted. He looked in wonder up at the deep brown eyes of the vampire he’d taken for a lover and now trusted more than anyone in the world. The candlelight made the jewels braided  in Anthony’s hair wink and sparkle, reminding Xander of his deadliness as a fighter, even as he wondered at his tenderness as a lover. Xander decided his demon magnet status had finally been to his benefit.

Anthony stroked his lover’s sweating face and ran his hand down to rest on his chest. This human’s heart was strong in many ways. That he had opened himself up to him, a soulless vampire, was a source of wonder. That he was going to claim him and share a stronger bond thrilled him. Xander gasped up at him, gazing with a lust-clouded eye. For a second, Anthony wished he could see his reflection in that perfect brown. Many times Xander had called him handsome with an edge of a deeper emotion. Anthony knew he wasn’t attractive in the typical way. His nose was large, his forehead high, and his limbs long with bony joints. But when this special human called him handsome, something no one but his sire had before, he felt it. After many long minutes, Anthony lay down atop Xander and kissed him gently. “You’re so hot, Xander. Like banked coals around me.”

“Anthony…I’ve never felt this…complete before.”

“Xander…” Anthony said, reaching between them. As his oil-slicked hand wrapped around Xander’s leaking cock, he spilled within his human lover. As Xander felt Anthony’s cock thicken and throb with in him as the vampire’s thrust lost rhythm, he came, too.


Xander balanced on his knees in the water. His left hand pressed the dildo all the way in, jiggling it and making it rub against his prostate. His right wrung an orgasm from his cock, splashing on the down stroke. Spent, Xander splashed back down in the water. Numbly, he sat the toy on the side of the tub as his heart rate slowed.


For all his strength, Anthony’s lean body was light to Xander as he lay upon Xander’s chest, listening to the human’s heart regain it’s steady pace. He breathed deep the scents of Xander’s clean hair where it lay spread on the pillow beneath them, and their musk and sweat as it mingled.

Anthony tried to rise, only to feel Xander’s arm tighten around him. “Don’t go,” Xander said sleepily.

Anthony relaxed again. “I’m not going anywhere.”  

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