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Chapter 33

“What ever you want, Spike.” Scott pinched and rolled his client’s nipples before running his hand on down and admiring the rippled abs.

Spike closed his eyes and let himself get lost in the sensations of a human man touching him. The boy’s technique was still unpracticed, but that just added to it.

“Mmmm, Spike,” the boy said, his lips moving against Spike’s neck as he grasped Spike’s erection.

“Yeah! Like that.” Spike thrust into the boy’s grip. “My neck. Kiss my  neck.”

Scott kissed and nipped at Spike’s neck as he worked his foreskin. “So hard, Spike.”

“Do you want me, whelp?”

“Yes, Spike.” He truthfully did. This man was a little strange, but he’d never seen a man’s body that was so beautiful. He laughed in his mind. Two months ago, he’d been a virgin to the world of gay sex, now he found himself with a woody for another man. True, the man’s build was small enough he made Scott feel oafish. It was funny that until he actually touched him that Scott thought Spike was much taller.

“Tell me what you want,” Spike gasped.

“I want to take you,” the boy said, then hesitated. Most clients wanted to take him. He thrust his hard cock into Spike’s hip for good measure.

“Yeah? How? Tell me how.”

“I want to bend you over and slide my thick cock into your tight hole, Spike.” Dirty talk often got him tips.

Spike sucked in a deep breath, his eyes still tightly shut. “Harder! Bite… bite my neck!”

Kinky, but it wasn’t the first time that had been requested. At least his client was clean and sober. He bit into Spike’s neck just below his ear, stopping short of drawing blood, and was rewarded when his client arched his back and spent in his fist.

That was thirty dollars earned. Only thirty out f a possible five hundred. Disappointed, Scott kissed Spike’s neck and started to roll away, only to be stopped by the surprisingly strong arm around him. “Where you going, Whelp?”

“Well,  you’re done…”

“You’re not.” Spike reached over and grabbed the boy’s flagging erection. Scott gasped.

“Um, no. But I don’t matter.”

“You said you wanted to take me. Were you lying?” Spike’s voice had a new edge of steel to it, and perhaps some hurt.

“No! No! You’re sexy as hell. For a guy.” Scott clapped his hand over his mouth, worried that he’d offended his client.

Spike chuckled. “Then get the lube from the bathroom and get on with it.”

“But you…”

“Came, yeah. I have remarkable stamina. Fetch!”

Scott stumbled from the bed and pawed in the overnight kit sitting on the sink until he found a tube of KY. When he returned to the bedroom, Spike was laying on the bed face down with a couple of pillows under his hips. His face was turned away, and he was fingering his asshole. The exotic long braid lay across his bare back.

Scott paused and took a condom from the pile of his belongings. At the sound of the package opening, Spike called out, “no. I’ll pay more for bareback.”

Scott hesitated. He knew the risks, and so far he’d managed to not do it more than once. “I… I don’t know.”

“My partner is a germaphobe,” Spike gave the practiced lie easily. “He makes us get a test every year. We tested clean just two months ago.”

“But… I may not be clean.”

“I don’t care. A hundred dollars over and above the five. Please. I want to feel you pump me full. My partner never will.”

“Okay. Sure.” Truth be told, Scott wanted that lean ass straight up. He dropped the condom back on the table and climbed in bed behind Spike. He lay on his face, holding his buttocks spread with both hands. Scott wondered how he breathed like that. The pale skin of the back beneath him was faintly crossed with old scars. Scott ran his hand over the firm, upturned buttocks before him as he fisted his cock to hardness.

He picked up the lube and put some on his cock and fingers. Gently, he worked in a finger. After he had two fingers in, Spike panted, “That’s enough. Make me take it. Be rough. I… I shouldn’t want this like I do.”

The man’s hole was tight, but he had learned to always do what the client said. Scott lined his hard, thick cock up with Spike’s hole and thrust. He hadn’t expected Spike to raise up to meet him, and he found himself buried to the hilt. Both men gasped at the sudden sensations.

“Lay… lay on top of me,” Spike gasped. He shifted his hands to pull at Scott’s hips.

“I’ll crush you.” Scott looked down at Spike’s pale body.

“It doesn’t matter!” Spike snarled, then took a deep breath. “Please. I want to feel you all around me and in me. Your warmth.”

Hesitantly, Scott lowered himself. His football player’s body completely covered the smaller man. The rush of excitement he felt was unexpected. His girlfriend always wanted to be on top because he was so big and she never let him fuck her ass. He thrust in and was rewarded with a groan.

“That good for you, Spike? It’s great for me,” Scott murmured. He lowered his head to kiss Spike’s cheek, but the man turned away, his eyes still tightly closed.

“Fuck me, use me like you will, Whelp. Don’t get mushy.”

Scott shifted and thrust even harder into Spike’s tight ass. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of the small body pinned under his and the clenching tunnel around his cock. His client’s hair smelled like fine liquor, smoke, and some kind of musk or spice. He rocked there as along as he could before needing more. He rose to his knees, pulling Spike up with him. “I’m gonna fuck you hard, okay?”

“God! Yes! Take me! Fuck me!” Spike dropped his hands and reached for his own cock.

He grabbed Spike’s hips, enjoying how he could feel the points of his hip bones even with lean muscles of his legs against his own. The room was filled with the sounds of slapping flesh and grunting breaths. “Harder!” Spike ordered.

Scott clenched Spike’s hips with a force he knew would bruise the pale flesh and slammed the smaller man to him. It was not long before his movements grew erratic and he came. He started to pull away, but Spike reached back and grabbed his hip again. “Lay… lay on me again. Don’t pull out.”

His cock was softening, but Scott managed to lower Spike back down and he covered him one more. “How’s that?”

“Good. Relax, you won’t crush me.”

Scott settled over the slight, yet muscular body and had a sudden intuitive flash that he would never have a lover like this again. He sighed and gave into the urge to kiss the back of the head that was presented to him.

An unknown time later, he woke up. The memory of the fantastic orgasm came back to him and his partly erect cock throbbed. He blinked more awake. He still filled and covered his client who was laying still beneath him. Too still. Tentatively, Scott touched the hand that lay beside Spike’s face. It was cool and limp. “Fuck!” Scott cried and scrambled off the cool body and away from the bed. He’d crushed him. He could swear the man wasn’t breathing.

To his surprise, Spike rolled over. “What’s all the noise?” he demanded. “Why did you leave?”

“You… you weren’t breathing! You were so still!”

Spike scowled. “Sleep apnea. Should’ve told you.” Spike eyed the frightened man. His heart was pounding and fear poured off him. Spike’s stomach rumbled. “Go shower, I’ve got a business call to make.”


Spike rolled over and out of bed with one smooth movement. Scott couldn’t help but think of some big cat, for there was a grace in even these simple movements that spoke of predator. “Go. Shower. Now.” The sweetness of earlier was replaced with something more steel. It was a trick of the light, but he thought he saw glints of gold in the blue eyes. He’d seen blue eyes turn green before, but never gold. For the first time, Scott feared his client.

“Okay. I... yeah, I need a shower.” Scott grabbed up his clothes and scrambled for the bathroom. He locked the door this time.

Spike sighed, rubbed his face, and fished his cell phone out of his coat pocket. From memory, he dialed a number.

“Butch’s Butchery,” answered a familiar, gruff voice.

“Hey, Butch, it’s Spike.”

“Spike! Long time no call. What’s up?”

“I need a discrete delivery. Three pints of whatever’s fresh.”

“I got some antelope in this morning.”

“No. Nothing African.”

“Buffalo? Nothing more American.”

“Yeah. Three pints.” Spike gave the directions and sat down on the edge of the soiled bed. He slumped and ran a hand over his hair. He was in need of a shower himself. The sex with Scott had been amazing, but now he had to dispose of the body, so to speak. Back in the day, that meant a sewer drain or a dumpster, now it would mean chit chat and a plane ticket to somewhere. Sometimes Spike hated the soul.

He called room service and ordered a tray full of food that young men liked. Fifteen minutes passed and he was about to go drag “Scott” out of the shower when the water finally shut off. He listened to the boy fumble around and get dressed. Hesitantly, Scott opened the door.

Spike still sat sticky and naked on the edge of the bed. “I’m sorry I snapped. I have low blood sugar.” The sweetness was back.

“Um, maybe you should order some food.” Scott wondered how the man could not be cold.

“Just did. I ordered a protein drink from a heath store for me and burger and fries for you, sound good?” He saw Scott look at the money on the table. “If you want to go, take it all and go. You’ve earned it.”

“What?” Spike saw Scott add up the actions of the night before. Even with the barebacking, he hadn’t come close.

Spike sighed and looked away. Time for more acting. “It was... amazing.” That part was no lie. He’d thought he could deny his need for sexual contact and still spend time with naked Xander. It wasn’t a mistake he’d make again. “And I have nothing to do and no where to go until dark. That’s five hours. Would… I would like it if you stayed. We don’t have to do anything else, unless you want to. Just… keep me company.”


“Please. You can call your roommate or whoever you need to. I’ll buy you dinner before taking you where you need to go.”

Scott looked into the crystal blue eyes and wondered how he could have imagined the danger. “Sure. Sounds fun.”

Spike put on his robe when a knock sounded at the door. As he’d hoped, it was the delivery boy from Butch’s. He paid with a generous tip and took the plain paper bag. He sat one of the Styrofoam containers in the mini fridge and carefully handled the other two. “I’m going to drink these in the shower. I’m feeling… sticky for some reason. Sign for the food when it comes. I won’t be long, okay?” Scott nodded and Spike knew he’d stay. He picked up his smaller bag and carried it into the bathroom with him.

He turned on the shower and immediately went game face. He almost spilled the rich blood as he guzzled it down. It was cold, but he dare not heat it in the little microwave. He poured the second container in a thermos from his bag. Then he stepped into the shower. Swiftly, he washed himself and cleaned out any traces of blood from the containers before throwing them away.

When he returned to the bedroom, Scott was busily stuffing a massive hamburger into his mouth. It reminded him so much of young Xander, his still heart gave a twinge.

“Better now?” Scott asked after washing down his mouthful with a drink of Coke.

“Yeah, thanks.” Spike sat on the end of the clean bed, flipped on the TV, and surfed around until he found the sci-fi channel. One of his favorite shows was playing. Absently, he combed his hair and worked it onto a neat braid as Scott finished his meal.

“I never liked science fiction,” Scott said, sitting beside him, and startling him out of his reverie.

“Huh? Oh. I didn’t for the longest time. Than a friend turned me on to it.”

“Your partner?”

“Him? No. He’s got no imagination.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

Spike got the boy talking and learned about his past and how he’d come to be in the big city on the west coast. His girlfriend had gotten pregnant and was going to put the baby up for adoption. When her time came, she stayed home and delivered it by herself instead of going to the hospital as arranged. It was born dead, and she threw it in a dumpster before calling him.

“I went to that dumpster and I looked in. She… she hadn’t even put the little thing in a blanket. It was dead, and blue…” Scott sobbed. “I couldn’t face the police. They’d blame me, so I ran.”

Spike let the boy cry on his shoulder, soothing him. He talked the boy down, and convinced him to talk a lawyer. He handed Scott a card. “This is the best damn lawyer on the planet. Tell him your story.”

“I… I can’t afford that.”

“I can,” Spike said and dialed the phone.

“Charles Gunn,” came the professional answer.

“Charlie, it’s Spike.”

Spike heard him swallow. “Oh. Hey.”

“Look, I’ve got a young man here who thinks he’s in trouble, and needs some help getting it sorted out, will you talk to him on my tab?”

“Spike, you know I’ll help your strays any time. And Spike… I’m sorry.”

Spike’s voice softened. “I know. Here, talk to Scott.”

Spike walked to the other side of the room and busied himself  rearranging his clutter. He picked up his cell phone and stared at it. He should call Xander. After all, he was AWOL. He half listened as Scott re-told his story, then listened to Gunn’s positive comments. After half an hour, Scott hung up the phone.

“Was I right?”

“Yeah. He… he’ll hook me up with a good public defender in Dayton. Thank you, Spike.” The boy sat a litter straighter than he had.

Spike shrugged and sat down beside him. “So you ready to go home?” 

“Yeah, I… I guess last night should just about cover it. If you could just drive me to the airport? I left some crap at the mission, but it’s nothing I want.”

“Where do you need to go?”

“Dayton, Ohio.”

Spike picked up the phone and connected to the airport through information. Scott listened as Spike made a reservation in his real name and rattled off a credit card number. He hung up the phone and smiled at Scott. “You have an 11 o’clock flight non-stop to Dayton. Do you need to call someone to pick you up?”


“But what?”

“You used your card. How much do I…”

“Shut up, fool. It’s on me. You gave me something I needed this morning, so let me return the favor. All I ask is you follow through on everything the lawyers tell you, okay?”

Scott ducked his head, suddenly shy. “Yeah. This… this is more  than anyone’s done for me. Ever.”

“Me with the big, shiny soul. I can’t help it.” Spike handed him the phone. “Call home. There’s someone I need to call, too.”

Spike picked up his cell phone, went to the bathroom, and shut the door.

“Hello, Chez Rosenberg,” Willow answered.

“Hey, Red.”

“Spike! Where did you run off to?”

“Had to bolt, pet. Is Xander there?”

“Yeah. Yeah, hold on.”

Spike heard her walk through the house, climb the stairs, then knock on a door. Even with her thumb over the mouthpiece, he could still hear. “Xander? Spike’s on the phone… I don’t know where he is… Okay…”

Spike stopped breathing and sat very still. Finally, he heard a door open, a soft “thanks” from Xander, and the door closing again.

“Hey, Spike. Where’d you go?”

“Out for a run,” Spike said softly.

“Look, I don’t completely remember what I did or said, but I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I… My demon nearly did something we’d both regret. I had to go.”

“So my demon did get a bit fresh,” Xander sighed.

“More than a bit, but I don’t mind. I find it flattering, actually.”

“Sorry,” he could hear the misery in Xander’s voice.

“Hey, don’t get like that. There’s nothing bad between us, okay?”

“Yeah… so, when you coming back?”

“I’ve got some loose ends to tie up and a fight to pick tonight. If I don’t get too thrashed, I’ll come home tomorrow evening.”

“Okay, be careful, Spike.”

“You too, and stay out of the bottle!”

Xander laughed. “Don’t worry about that. The ghost of my father will not get another chance to channel through me again. Consider me exorcised.”

“Speaking of exercise, we need to spar again.”

“Okay, it’s a date. Thanks for calling, Spike. I was worried.”

Spike scoffed. “I was a bloody ass for making you think it was your fault.”

“Well, do that again, mister, and you’re fired!”

“Fair enough. Ta, Xander.”

“Bye, Spike.”

When Spike came out of the bathroom, Scott was curled on the bed. Spike sat down beside him. “How did it go?”

“Well, after my mother cussed me out for scaring her so bad, she cried and told me about Melody. She’s been arrested and there’s a warrant out for me.”

“Did you give her the contact information from Gunn?” Scott nodded.

“She’s meeting me at the airport. I didn’t know what to tell her about how I could afford a ticket.”

“Tell her you got a job stripping.”

Scott laughed. “Yeah, right.”

Spike ran his hand over Scott’s broad shoulders. “Could happen. You’re a pretty man.”

“I… I think you must be an angel I was meant to meet.”

Spike barked a laugh. “I am so far from Angel, you’d never believe it. It’s still an hour an a half till dark…”

Scott rolled over and looked up at Spike. “You want me to earn my ticket?”

“No, I want to give you a present.” Spike turned on the radio to a quiet station, made the lights low, and dropped his robe.

Scott swallowed and felt himself grow hard as Spike slinked toward him. Spike gently pulled the boy up and kissed him firmly. His long fingers made quick work of Scott’s clothes as he continued kissing and licking Scott’s body as it was revealed. He lay the boy on the bed and caressed and kissed him until the boy was writhing, grasping the sheets.

Spike looked down at him. “I’ll be your toy. Tell me what you want, boy. My hands? My mouth, my ass, my cock?”

For the next hour, Spike pleasured the young man, worshiping his body and arousing him as he wanted to do for Xander.

Afterwards, the two cleaned up and Spike drove him silently to the airport. Scott hesitated before opening the door. “I… I have to thank you for all you’ve done. And that last hour…”

“Shush. It was all a selfish outlet on my part,” Spike looked straight ahead at the signs directing passengers to terminals without seeing them.

Scott put a hand on his leg. “If I can be forward… I don’t think your partner deserves you. He sounds hateful.”

Spike chuckled. “Thanks for caring, mate. You may take some of that into consideration yourself.”

“Melody’s all right. But, I think I’ve learned a lot this trip, and… I don’t think I’ll ever have a lover like you again.”

Spike sighed. “Then become one yourself. Pay attention to your partners and give them what they need, yeah?”

“I’ll try.”

“It’s been fun, mate. Best of luck.”

“Thanks.” Scott opened the door, then hesitated. “Tell me one thing?” Spike looked over at him. “What’s a whelp?”

“It means puppy. Go on, don’t miss your flight.”

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