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Unbreakable Revenge

"Really?" Chapter 1

Posted on LJ 20 July 2008 and forgotten about until 5/13/2011 when feedback was left.

A tear ran down Xander’s cheek and neither one remarked on it. “I love you, too, Spike. You’ve been so good to me.”

Spike pulled him into another kiss. “Then let’s clean up so we can get all messy again.”

“Say it again?”

“Let’s clean up…” Spike started with a smirk. Xander pouted and Spike kissed his lower lip. “I love you.”

The two men stepped into the shower together, touching and kissing.

Xander looked at Spike, beads of water hanging on his lashes. “So what do you love about me?” he teased.

“Where to start?” Spike mused as he poured a palm full of soap.

“I love these hands,” Spike said, picking up one of his hands. “They’re so strong and rough.” He lathered each finger and stroked the palm. “You can swing a sword with deadly speed, yet you can touch my skin so lightly you make me shiver for more.”

Spike guided Xander’s hands up until they rested on the walls of the shower.

“I love these arms. I love when you crush me to you in passion and hold me gently in sleep.”

He poured more soap and turned in the circle of Xander’s arms. “I love this chest. I love to rest my head against it, feel your warmth, and listen to your heart thunder.”

“How does that make you feel?” Xander asked quietly, not wanting to spoil Spike’s game, but not able to help himself.

Spike tilted his head, considering, as he lathered the matt of hair on Xander’s chest. “Safe,” he admitted quietly.

Xander laughed, “that’s ironic, isn’t it? I mean, you’re stronger and immortal, and I’m just…”

“The one who loves me, yeah?” Spike cut him off and looked him in the eye. “Now shush, before I loose my place.”

Xander grinned.

“Let’s see…” I love these nipples.” He pinched them both at once, Xander sharply inhaled, and his cock bobbed encouragement. “Cause they make you do that.”

Spike ran his hands down to Xander’s belly. “I love these abs. I love watching them as you fight, flex, and breathe hard.”

Xander’s cock now stood completely erect, but Spike didn’t touch it. Instead, he ran his hands to the outside of Xander’s thighs. “I love these legs.” He added more soap and knelt before his lover. With a few pushes, he guided Xander to step back and widen his stance. “I love to watch you run and swim. I love to feel the heavy weight of them on my shoulders.”

Xander groaned. “You missed a bit, Spike.”

“Did I? Well, I’ll work my way there on the return trip.”

“You’re bad,” Xander said with a smile.

“And don’t you forget it.” Spike worked his way behind Xander, lathering his legs, but avoiding his hanging sac. He stood up behind him.

“I love these broad shoulders. I love to watch you carry heavy things while you work in the sun,” he said as he moved behind Xander and ran his hands over his back. “I love to see this back ripple under me as I move behind you, within you.”

Xander moaned softly, enjoying Spike’s touch and praise.

Spike planted his hands on Xander’s waist. “And here is where I love to hold you, make you move as I wish.”

He slid soapy hands down and cupped Xander’s cheeks, spreading them. “I love this ass. How I’ve watched it these many months, wanting to slip between them.”

Spike pressed his erection against Xander, making him press back.

“Spike,” Xander moaned, his voice hoarse with desire.

“Yes, love?” Spike asked lightly.

“Let my ass show you how much it loves you, too.”


“God, yes, Spike. I want you.”

“Hummm,” Spike mused. “I think green apple sounds smooth and soothing.” Spike picked up a bright green bottle of shower gel and poured a generous amount on his cock and fingers. He gently eased a finger into his lover. Xander opened up, welcoming him. Soon, Spike worked in more fingers. “I love this asshole,” Spike murmured, shortly replacing his fingers with his hard cock. Both sighed as he easily slid in to the hilt. “It’s so hot and deep.”

“God, yes, Spike,” Xander pushed back, wanting as much as he could inside.

Spike stroked evenly, his hands on Xander’s hips. “God, this is heaven, but I can’t help but feel I’m forgetting something.”

“Is there anything else about me you love, Spike?” Xander gritted, wanting to touch his neglected cock, but keeping to Spike’s game.

“I love your face, Xander. I love seeing your soul in your eye and how readily you smile. I love the beauty of you, Xander.”

“Yeah, you too, Spike. But what about my cock? Don’t you love it, too?”

“Oh, yes. That’s what I’ve forgotten. Funny how one can overlook small details when admiring the big picture.”

“Hey, my details are not small!”

Spike slid soapy hands around with fingers spread, and ran his fingers under Xander’s balls. “No, they’re not. I love these heavy, furry balls, how they draw up when you’re about to come like they are now.”

“And I love…” Spike slowly slid one hand up, “this cock.” At last Spike wrapped his long fingers around Xander’s neglected shaft.

“Yes,” Xander breathed and pushed back against Spike. “Move…”

Spike thrust in and out of Xander as he worked his cock. “I love you, Xander,” he said, his breathing ragged. “Every single inch.”

Xander dropped his head and he climaxed, the clinching of his body bringing Spike along as well.

Xander let his knees buckle and turned as he lowered himself to sit on the tile under the spray of the shower. Spike sat down beside him, absently splashing water on his partner to wash away the suds.

Once Xander’s breathing evened, he pushed the heavy, wet mass of his long hair out of the way and let his head drop toward Spike. “Thank god for continual water heaters.”

“I have to agree with that one.”

“Do you love my hair too, Spike? Cause I don’t think I can stand up to reach the shampoo.”

Spike shifted, rising to his knees. “Xander, you do know I love you more than physically?”

Xander blushed, even in the heat of the shower. “Yes, Spike. I do know that. I love your soul, too. Now, about washing my hair…”

An hour later the two men made their first appearance downstairs since finally declaring their love.

“Well, look whose come out of hiding,” Midra greeted them.

“Hi, Midra,” Xander said shyly.

Spike smirked and leaned in the kitchen doorway.

“Don’t just hi me, come give me a hug .” The dark skinned lady wrapped her arms around Xander and patted him on the back. “Congratulations of finally bagging your Spike.”

“Oi! I was willing to be bagged for months!” Spike protested.

Midra opened her arms and motioned Spike to joint he embrace. “Then congratulations to you for being bagged.”

“Who’s being bagged?” Gunn asked, limping in from the living room.

Midra let them go. “The boys have finally come down. I told you they’d get hungry sooner rather than later.

“I don’t care about that, I just want to know which one’s walking funny.”

Xander looked a little guilty and Gunn burst out laughing. “Just yanking your chain, bro.” Gunn clapped him on the back.

“It wasn’t my fault anyway,” Xander muttered. “Spike opted for the green apple shower gel.”

“Whoa! TMI, Xander.”

The kitchen was soon filled with his laughing and hugging friends.

As Xander ate the plentiful food and watched his adopted family, something yielded within him. After five years of captivity and a year of being home, it finally felt real. He was safe and loved. Completely.

Xander took Spike’s hand and squeezed it.

His vampire lover met his eye and tilted his head at what he saw there. A mental barricade that he had never seen waver was gone. A new warmth shone in his eye, or more likely a very old one had returned.

Spike smiled. “Hey, Xander. Welcome back.”



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