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Chapter 42

They raced the sun home. Spike led Xander through the rapidly brightening woods. When they reached paths well known to Xander, he panted to his new lover, “go on! I know where I am.”

Spike dropped back and ran beside him. “You sure, Luv?”

“I just found you, I don’t want you dusted before I get some more of that…” Xander leered at Spike’s backside.

Spike laughed with a twinkle in his eye, and before Xander could blink Spike was gone.

Xander slowed his frantic pace and jogged easily through the woods. Breeds of birds he’d known all his life welcomed the morning, and he realized he hadn’t watched the sunrise in far too long. He took the path to the overlook and sat on the bench. As the sky brightened and the ocean started throwing back sparkles, Xander sighed.

“I’ve got a new lover, Anthony,” he said quietly to himself as he fingered the pearl. “William the Bloody himself. I wish I could say you two would have gotten along, but I’m not so sure. I know you couldn’t have resisted fighting with one another. Now there’s a pants-tightening image. I… I tried to not love him, but he’s so… sweet. He’d kick my ass if I ever called him that to his face. To be honest, I don’t know if he loves me. After all, he’s not said it.” Xander’s hand dropped from the pearl. “You didn’t either. Until it was too late.”

Xander watched a squirrel hop up on the table beside him. He often ate his lunch here and had taken to bringing nuts. “No treats today, furry one. I didn’t know I was coming.” The little gray creature stretched out his head, sniffed at Xander, and jerked back. “What’s wrong?”

The squirrel chattered at Xander and leapt to the nearby tree trunk. From a safe branch he scolded Xander some more. “Okay! I’ll bring some later. Or not. I don’t think I’m going to leave my room today. I want some more vampire lovin’! Oh, unless you smell Spike on me.” The little creature chattered. “Too bad, buddy. I have a feeling it’s going to happen a lot.”

Xander looked back at the ocean and his belly growled. He hopped off the table, making the squirrel vanish into the tree tops. Smiling at the new day, Xander set off home.

Half-way down the path, he met Oz on the way up. “Mornin’, Oz!” he called.


Xander stopped on the path level with his friend. “What’s got you up  and out early today?”

“Seeing as how our two Slayer trainers disappeared last night. I get training duty.” Oz turned back toward the house and nodded for Xander to follow him.

“Sorry about that,” Xander said in a tone that indicated he really wasn’t. “So what are you doing in the woods? Did another Slayer go astray again?”

“Damnest thing. Gunn and I were sitting at the kitchen table when this vampire comes bursting through the door. He ignores us and stares out the window like a dog waiting for his master to come home. After ten minutes, he’s pacing and growling. So I ask what’s wrong. He all but picks me up and throws me out the door to come looking for you.”

“You’re shitting me!”

Oz shook his head. “Just please don’t tell Spike I said he was acting like a dog.”

“I won’t.” Oz studied Xander’s grin and nodded.

Shortly, they reached the house. After Spike making him feel like a teenager being dressed down by his parents for staying out too late, Xander quieted Spike with a kiss.

“Breakfast, now. Then you can take me upstairs and ground me.” Xander said, drawing a chorus of catcalls from Oz, Gunn, and Willow.

“Oh, I’ll… ground you,” Spike said, suddenly becoming aware of the audience. He looked in Xander’s completely happy face and dropped all pretence. “Bloody hell. Get your Fruit Loops and let’s get upstairs already!”

Xander turned to find some food, only to have Willow thrust a laden tray into his arms. “Compliments of the house.”

“Thanks Willow, you’re the best.” Xander turned to go, but paused. “Is… is Antloa all right?” he asked after the Slayer who had been afraid of Spike.

“A Watcher is coming today to take her back to her people,” Gunn said. “Midra’s not left her alone.”

“Good. Thanks. Come on, Spike!”

When they reached their room, Xander burst out laughing. A sign saying “Honeymoon Suite” in fancy lettering with a glitter edging on it had been taped to their door.

“Bloody hell,” Spike muttered, opening the door for Xander.

Xander batted his eye at Spike. “Aren’t you going to carry me over the threshold, lover?”

“That’s a fertility ritual and you’ll spill your breakfast,” Spike said, going into the room first. A laughing Xander almost ran into his back. He peered around Spike’s shoulder. A big vase of cut flowers stood on the table with a note leaning on it and a brightly wrapped box beside it.

“Move it, buster,” Xander said, nudging his back with the tray. “I’m hungry and there’s presents!”

Spike explored the room as Xander ate. The note was a fancy congratulations card signed by everyone, including Dawn and Giles somehow. The present contained an enchanted candle holder that would keep sound from escaping the room. The bedside table now sported a pump bottle of lube. A pile of clean towels was found in the bathroom, and the gift that got Spike laughing the hardest was a plastic tarp and a bottle of body oil.

“It looks like they’ve been planning this for a long time,”

They spent the day hidden away, much as they had many other days, only now they gave in to the whims and desires they had previously suppressed. They touched, talked, loved and slept.

The next morning, Xander woke up and studied the still-sleeping vampire. Spike was sprawled face-down beside him. Xander studied the sharp profile where it was mashed into the pillow until the blue eye opened. “What? Have I got a bug on my face?” Spike mumbled into the pillow.

Xander smiled. “No. I was just looking at the handsome man I get to hide away with.”

“Well do it without staring at me so much. Makes my neck prickle.” Spike turned his face away.

“I know something else makes your skin prickle,” Xander sing-songed and leaned over to kiss Spike’s neck.

“Eek!” Spike scrambled up to his knees. “That’s cheating!”

“Are there rules, now?”

“Well… you never licked me awake before. You caught me off guard.”

Xander watched appreciatively as Spike stretched and yawned. “I’d wanted to kiss you before, you know.”



Spike flopped back down beside Xander and pulled the man into his arms. “What do you want to do today, Xander? We haven’t broken open the oil and tarp yet.”

Xander gave an exaggerated sigh. “Here we are, still on our honeymoon and you already need to spice things up.”

“It’s not that. I have a new toy and I want to find out what all the attachments do.”

Xander tensed at Spike’s words. A toy, he was just a toy. He scrambled out of bed, untangling himself from Spike and the covers. “I… I just remembered, they’re delivering some paving stones for the gazebo today.”

“Xander? Oz can take care of that.” He was puzzled by the sudden change in Xander’s mood and tried to replay the conversation in his mind. “Come tell me what’s wrong.”

Xander shook his head and made a dash for the bathroom. “No…nothing. Oz is busy and I have to sign…” he closed the bathroom door behind him.

Angry now, Spike strode to the bathroom and opened the door as Xander turned the water on. “Talk to me, Xan. Please. What’s wrong?”

Xander shook his head and moved to get into the shower. Spike grabbed him by the arms and pressed him against the tile wall. “What. Did. I. Do. Wrong?” He asked, looking hard at Xander.

Xander wouldn’t meet his eyes. “What could be wrong? I’ve got room service, friends who love me and a vamp who thinks I’m entertaining.”

Spike’s grip loosened and he gently took Xander’s chin in his hand, turning him to face him. “Look at me, Xander. Listen to me. Yeah, I think you’re hot in bed. You’re also, funny, smart, sweet, and a hell of a strong person.”

Xander let out a breath. “Yeah, that’s me; entertaining.”

“Bloody hell. I can’t do anything right.” Spike’s other hand pushed Xander’s sleep-mussed hair from his face. “I love you, yeah? Every single bit..”

He was interrupted by a kiss. Finally, Xander pulled back. “So I’m not a toy, then?” he asked with a self deprecating smile.

“What? Is that what got you?” Xander nodded, embarrassed. “You are my toy only in that I want to play with you all the time. To touch you, hold you, and not share.”

“Say it again?” Xander whispered.

“Hell, I’ll bloody shout it to the world if you want. I love you, Xander. Have for some time.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Xander ventured, still unsure.

“It had to be you  making the first move, yeah? I could have made my move at the first, but I didn’t want to be… rebound. I wanted… it to be real if it was to be at all.”

A tear ran down Xander’s cheek and neither one remarked on it. “I love you, too, Spike. You’ve been so good to me.”

Spike pulled him into another kiss. “Then let’s clean up so we can get all messy again.”

“Say it again?”

“Let’s clean up…” Spike started with a smirk, Xander pouted and Spike kissed his lower lip. “I love you. 

The End

I hope to complete Spike and Xander's story in Unbreakable: Revenge

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