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Shortly after "Doublemeat Palace"

Rated NC-17

Note: This is one alternate ending to the story "Marble." Read the beginning first.  


Marble (The Good) 


Soon she paused and took the stake from his chest. He imagined her licking his blood from its tip and knew his cock throbbed inside her. He heard the weapon clatter to the floor.

Using her strong legs, she rose and fell in a steady rhythm, like a tide. She alternately sat up straight and lay against his chest. God, I want to watch. She’s so beautiful by candle light. He imagined her body shining in the sweat he could feel trickle along her legs where she had them clamped tight against him. When she leaned forward, she touched his lips, his eye lids, his cheeks with soft kisses. Her apple-scented hair brushed his face and neck.

Finally, Buffy took one of Spike’s limp hands and brought it to where her light and his dark hair intermingle. Teasingly, she rubbed his thumb against her clit.

"I wish this statue would come to life and fuck me till I come,” she said, her voice husky.

At her permission, a shudder went through Spike. It's like a switch had been thrown and circuits came to life all along his body. There was a single sharp jerk of his hips and he drove his penis as deeply into her as possible. He allowed his eyes to open slightly so he could watch is golden beauty writhing on his prick. It did not take much attention from his practiced fingers before Buffy was bucking around him, riding him to orgasm. With an involuntary groan, Spike emptied into her. Wave after wave of pleasure washed him as pent-up energy was released.

Spent, he let his hands slide off, his eyes close, and his knees straighten even as Buffy stopped shuddering from the aftershocks. Once more, he was the still statue, although this time one with a smile carved onto perfectly shaped lips. With a sigh, Buffy pulled herself up his chest and planted a kiss on those lips. Her hair tickled his face as she whispered in his ear.

“Tomorrow you choose the game.”

The marble smile grew wider.

I want to read another ending!

The "Bad": Buffy's plan turns kinky

The Ugly: Buffy's plan turns very dark. Warning: Character Death

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