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Shortly after "Doublemeat Palace"

Rated NC-17

Note: This is one alternate ending to the story "Marble." Read the beginning first. 


Marble (The "Bad")


Soon she paused and took the stake from his chest. He imagined her licking the blood from its tip and knew his cock throbbed inside her. She set the weapon down beside her.

His attention was drawn back to Buffy as he heard the snick of a plastic cap opening and the chemical smell of lubricant hit him. What is she doing with that? Judging by the moisture running down the insides of his thighs, she was producing more than enough natural slippery. She leaned forward, laying on top of him and reached one hand back. He felt her touch against his balls. What is she doing? Then he felt her finger against his cock through the wall between her anus and vagina. She’s putting her fingers in her ass! She’s never let me play like that, even though I’ve begged!

She writhed and moaned against and around him as she opened herself up. After a bit she sat back up,  twice rising and lowering herself on his so-hard penis.

He felt the stake brush his side as she picked it up again and the lubricant smell is renewed. Buffy once again lay on him. He suddenly knew what she was doing. I'd give my left fang to watch her slip the rounded handle of her stake inside her ass.

She rested her forehead on his, and he felt her relax and press, her breath hot on his neck and chest. He felt the sweat pop out on her forehead as she pushed the rounded knob past the point of resistance. He knew well the rush of pain and the feeling as it rapidly melted to pleasure. He traced the path of it against his cock where it filled her cunt. Her hair whipped across his face as she worked the wood in and out even as she ground her clit against his pelvic bone.

Christ. I want to grab her, move and come! She's torturing me! Then she stopped and pulled out the stake with a gasp. He heard the clatter of it hitting the stone floor. What evil does the slayer have planned now?

Buffy rose herself up and again studied the beautiful face under her. I never expected him to stay still for so long. If it weren’t for the occasional slight thrust of his hips or gasp of breath, I’d wonder if he had drugged himself. I bet he thinks he’s not moved at all.

Reluctantly, she rose herself off his hard cock its heavy warmth flopped to his belly. She dismounted and knelt beside him, eyeing its size. It’s not been this big before, no way. She bought a dildo out of a catalog which seemed the same size as Spike's cock in anticipation of this. The exciting thought of him filling her ass squashed any thoughts of turning back. 

Reaching back to her pile of treasures, she picked up a condom. Deftly, she ripped open the packet and rolled the black rubber over his hard cock. A condom? Why is she doing that? Then, she picked up the tube of lube and dropped a cool dollop on the head of his penis which has been heated by her body. Fuck. Is she going to put me in? Buffy smiled at another small victory as she felt his prick jump. She looked to his face, but he still had not moved. With a light touch she spread the lube over the dark surface. She reached around and slipped more lube into her waiting ass.

Straddling him once again and bracing one hand on his chest, she lifted the weight of his cock and positioned it. A few deep breathes and she was centered, relaxed. She opened her eyes again and studied the beauty beneath her. It is Spike's cock about to slip inside me. Where nothing male has ever been. Soon he will be coming hard inside me. The head slipped in and met the point of resistance. Wait, Buffy. You don’t want it to hurt. Well, not too much. She paused, remaining still until her body stopped trying to force out the intruder. Another breath which she felt echoed in the pale chest beneath her and she lowered herself. He's so big. Fuck, yeah! There it is again. That wave of shocky pain. Her eyes closed and she cried out softly. But just as quickly the pain came, it was gone. She opened her eyes to find Spike's blue ones looking back at her.

Spike had to see. Had to watch. She is asking too much of me to stay blind to her deflowering. She can dust me if she wants, I have to see this. He saw her glazed eyes close as she cried out and tossed her head. He felt unbelievable tightness as the head of his cock slipped into her tight channel. I’m the first. I just know it. The flutterings and squeezes of her muscles were almost too much, but still he did not move.

Stretching. Is it possible? He's fitting inside me. Somehow. God! I've never felt anything like this in my life! Her eyes opened to meet his.

At the sight of those blue knowing eyes glinting at her it took all she had to not ram herself down upon him and come right then. Blue. So pretty blue. So very full. I want it in me, now. No, patience.  Damn it! That is why the elaborate set up. I wanted it to be special. To be... private somehow. He still hasn’t moved, thank God.

Slowly she lowered herself another inch. Christ, he’s long and hard. How much is in? How much more?

She reached back and slipped her fingers around the base of his cock. Spike couldn’t help it and gasped.

Ignoring his slip, she slid her fingers up until she encountered the ring of her anus. It’s so  stretched. Slayer healing has another use. She lowered herself more, then pulled back out some. I don't want to rush this. I’ve wanted it too long. A girl only gets one first time.

Just how long is he anyway? She grasped his penis, looked in his eyes and raised herself up off of him, the feeling of being emptied making her moan. She ran her hand over his penis and judged his size. Half of that was inside me! Soon, it will all be, to the root! Once again she positioned the head against her and looked into Spike's eyes.

She is so beautiful! A thin sheen of sweat covered her. When she pulled him out, he almost cried at the loss of the warmth, but to his wonder she is just wanting to experience the entry again. This time, her eyes locked with his. She knows who she is fucking and exactly what she is doing. To me. Spike sighs in happiness. This time she slips him in more easily, her mouth working as if chewing the air.

As slowly  as she can stand, Buffy lowered and raised herself. In a bit. Out a little less. Again she reached down to trace his entry. When there is just a final inch left, she put her hands to his chest, met his eyes, and let her weight drop down.

A shudder went through her as she relaxed, closing her eyes and concentrating on the feeling of fullness. She started to rock up and down, just a bit. She saw the pleading in the blue eyes which are the only thing alive about him. Such control and I can release all that coiled power with a word.

Buffy paused with Spike’s hard cock half out of her. Eyeing the beautiful body under her, she reached down and fingered her clit. I know what she is doing. I’ve teased her often enough. He felt her anus tighten and relax around him. Still, he remained frozen.

Her motions reached a frantic pace, then she paused. She looked into his eyes and gasped, "I wish this cock inside me would come to life and fill me with its seed."

Bloody hell, yeah! At her permission, a shudder went through Spike, like a switch had been thrown and circuits came to life all along his body. His mouth opened wide, there was a single sharp jerk of his hips, and he drove his penis as deeply into her as possible. Wave after wave of pleasure washed him as pent-up energy was released.

When he started to soften within her, she slid forward across his chest made slick with her sweat. He could not help but gasp as he slipped out her tight hole. Sated now, he kept his eyes closed, once more plying her game. She climbed off and carefully removed the condom. Why did she bother with that anyway? His answer came when she again touched him with lube-slicked hands. Easy clean up. The Slayer wants another round. With a few well-practiced moves, he was hard again. Buffy straddled him once more. She lay down, his cock laying along the crack of her ass. He felt her breath on his face.

“Spike,” she said softly. “Stay where you are, but touch me. I want to feel your hands all over me. You can look, but don’t talk.”

Spike’s angular face animated. He opened his eyes and an adoring smile twisted his lips as he ran his hands up her arms, across her shoulders, and down to cup her breasts. Buffy took his once-more hard cock and guided it into her wet cunt. As he slipped in, Spike pinched her nipples, giving Buffy a triple sensation. He started a steady thrusting.

Both were still high from their last orgasm and they rode the glow together toward another climax. He ran his long fingers over her small body, feeling the muscles under her curves.

Buffy loved his hands on her. It made her feel tiny and delicate. Fragile. Spike was not as physically big as Angel or Riley, but she loved they way they fit together. It was like there was no effort, only craftsmanship. Her legs wrapped easily around his hips. His long, skilled fingers slid over her body. As she had touched him earlier, he now found all the places that made her moan. He pulled her down so her head rested on his shoulder. His hands and, at just the right spots, his neatly trimmed nails traced down her back. They slid down to cup her ass. Wickedly, he teased her sensitized hole.

“Stop that,” she murmured, despite how good it felt.

He left off the teasing and continued his touching down her legs. Finally, he slipped a hand around her inner thigh. Buffy sat up and looked into his eyes. It did not take much attention from his practiced fingers before Buffy was once again bucking around his cock. With an involuntary groan, Spike emptied into her once more.

Spent, he let his hands slide off, his knees straighten, and his eyes close. Once more, he was the still statue, although this time one with a smile carved on to perfectly shaped lips. With a sigh, Buffy pulled herself up his chest and planted a kiss on those lips. Her hair tickled his face as she whispered in his ear.

“Tomorrow you choose the game.”

The carved smile grew wider.

I want to read another ending!

The Good: Buffy's plan stays straight

The Ugly: Buffy's plan turns very dark. Warning: Character Death

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