Even when lives hang in the balance….sometimes it’s hard to fight your own demons…Missing Heroes.  

Text by calypso Woodhaven

Book 5: Inner Demons


“Fee Fi Foe Fum…I smell the blood of a rogue demon hunter,” Angelus taunted, his voice light. He moved in and out of the shadows and moonlight stalking his prey.




Angelus hissed, and looked down. A crossbow bolt was sticking out of his shoulder. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft, grimaced and pulled hard.


He looked at the metal point, glittering wetly with his blood. “I’d forgotten how much that hurt.”


“Yes, well, forgive me for not feeling too badly about shooting you,” Wes replied, his clipped and cultured voice coming from somewhere to Angelus’ right.


Angelus flung the bolt behind him as he rushed the former watcher’s position.


Wesley had barely turned to run, when the vampire was pushing him forward, pressing him to the wall.


“You think he didn’t know?” Angelus breathed. “He saw it all : the long loving looks, the sacrifice, the late nights researching his precious shanshu.”


Wesley shook his head. “No.”


“Yes.” Angelus whispered pressing himself harder into the watcher’s back. “He used you, and because he wanted to be human more than anything.


“But don’t worry, Wes. I’m not him. I’m not going to deny myself someone who’s so willing and eager.”  The vampire slipped a large hand, cupping Wesley’s sex.


“No,” Wesley whispered again, but his body betrayed him.


“Yes I will. And you love it.”


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