No matter how hard you try…Evil always finds a way….Missing Heroes.

Text by Calypso Woodhaven

Book 8: Resurrection 

Angelus swept thick red hair from her neck; he briefly admired the pale skin before examining the parchment over her shoulder.
“That where they are?” he asked, pointing to the speck of glowing yellow light on the map.
“Mmm hmmm.” Willow nodded and leaned back, deliberately shifting against him.
He didn’t say anything, but pressed his belly firmly against her back as he leaned forward to examine the location further.
“Looks like you two started without me,” Faith pouted, joining them at the table.
“Oh, poor Faithy feels left out.” Willow glanced at her beneath her lashes, even as Angelus nuzzled her neck.
Faith cocked her head to the side, watching them. “Hey, if you’re gonna give me a free show, who am I to complain?” Her eyes wandered to the map on the table, and widened she noticed the glowing light. “You found them.”
“Yep!” Willow agreed. “Now all we have to do is dig.”
There was a loud guffaw from the corner and the vampires turned toward it.
“You have something to say Wesley?” Angelus asked, his eyes narrowed, tone icy cold.
Wesley gave a mad titter of laughter and began to recite, his voice hoarse from disuse :
Those whose blackened hearts have stilled
long buried in the hallowed hills
lest their wicked souls be freed
to further Satan’s evil deeds*
 “What the?” Faith began, frowning.
“Hallowed ground.” Angelus growled disgustedly, sweeping the map off the table. “He’s saying they’re buried on hallowed ground.”


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