Shadows rise and fall; indistinct in the mist…you don’t always what to believe…Missing Heroes.

Text by Calypso Woodhaven

Book 17: The Guide


“Here you go, Giles: Tobin’s Spirit Guide.” Xander grinned.


Giles frowned as he checked the cover. “You are mistaken, this is the Tarsus Compendium.  It is the correct text, however.” He began rifling through the pages, unmindful of the look that passed between Xander and Spike.


Spike snorted. “There’s another one that didn’t get out much.”


Xander snickered.


Giles ran a finger down the page in front of him, whispering under his breath.  “Ah, yes, here it is.” He looked up. “Xander, the candle, if you please.”


Xander lit the candle as Giles began to chant.


A pool of mist began to form in the center of the room, pearly and white.  They watched, transfixed as the ebb and flow of the tendrils became more ordered.  The cloud swirled and elongated, taking on discernable shape.


As the last wisps melted away, there stood a woman, pale and ethereal. 


“Dru?” Spike asked, wonder in his voice. She looked…beautiful, radiant: better than he’d ever seen her. “How?”


She rolled her eyes dramatically up at the sky. “You know how They are. Full of tricks.”


“Do you mean the Powers that Be?” Giles inquired, eagerly. “How so?”


Drusilla scowled at him. “Not for you. Picked and chose your fate, dearie.  Different rules if you’ve got the sight: stolen and used for Evil’s delight.”

“Not the time to be worrying ‘bout your soul, Rupert,” Spike admonished. “That day’s come and gone. Dru, love, got any idea how to beat the fanged and wrinkly set this go round?”


“How do we know we can trust her?” Xander challenged.


Dru wafted over to him, hand ghosting over his cheek and Xander let out a shaky breath. “Pretty kitten’s got a point.”


Spike shrugged. “Doesn’t matter, does it? She’s the spirit guide they sent us.”


“So you’ll help us beat Angelus?” Xander asked.


Drusilla smiled wickedly. “Oh yes, Daddy’s been very naughty. Meddling in things he should have let rest.”


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