Blood’s thicker than water…Missing Heroes

Text by Calypso Woodhaven

Book 15: All in the Family


“Uh mmmm.” A guttural moan from the dark alley.


“That’s it, baby,” a man panted, “Come on.”


Faith grinned at this and slipped through the shadows to get a closer look.  Sounded like someone was getting into it hot and heavy and Faith hated to miss out.


No,” the woman hissed in a barely audible whisper.


“Oh, yeah,” the guy insisted.


“Uh uh,” the woman protested, her voice sounding strained.


“Scream for me,” the man hissed, and there was a wet tearing sound followed by a loud piercing scream echoed through the alley.


The smell of fresh blood was too much for Faith; she sauntered into a pool of light.


A woman was hanging from a chain link fence, wrists bound by razor wire. You couldn’t quite tell where her outsides stopped and her inside started. The vampire who’d been working her over growled and turned.  His wicked sharp fangs were bright white against his dark skin. “You’re gonna want to move along,” he hissed menacingly.


“No, I’m pretty sure I wanna stay, Charlie-boy.”


“Faith.” Gunn morphed back to his more human visage, but his eyes still glowed a fierce yellow. He whistled loudly. “Damn, don’t you look all kinds of fine?”


“Not so bad yourself.”


“Still can’t believe Daddy bagged a slayer.  What you doin’ here, girlfriend?”


Faith grinned; they were two peas a pod, Angelus’ only childer.  Even Willow couldn’t compete. It was why she was here. “Angelus is back, he wants you home.”


“Angelus? Or Angel?” Gunn spat.


“Splitfoot let him walk. Not a soul in sight.” Faith confirmed.  “We want you with us.”


A glimmer of excitement flashed in his eyes. “What you got planned?”


“Bringing the hammer down on the goodie two-shoes, forever.” Faith grinned. “You in?”


Gunn nodded. “Sign me up.”


“I told him you’d come,” Faith said smugly. Business completed, her look turned coy and she lifted Gunn’s gore streaked hand, licking the tip of his finger delicately. “We got time before we gotta meet him,” she said, breathlessly.


Gunn gave a husky laugh. “You’re just dying to finish the breather off, aren’t you?”


“Mmmm hmmm,” Faith replied, unrepentantly.


“Go for it, baby. It’s been too long since I’ve seen you work.”


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