comes in many sizes....and shapes...Missing Heroes.

Text by Calypso Woodhaven

Book 9: Curve of the Scimitar

"Wow, you really went all out," Willow said, admiringly.
"Eh," Faith shrugged, looking down at her work. "I guess." She blew at a stray strand of hair sticking to her sweaty face, growling when it remained in place.
She lifted a hand to wipe it away, when Willow stopped her.
"Here, let me get that." Willow gently swept it out of her face. "You're gonna get all icky."
"Thanks." Faith crouched down and picked up on the tattered pile of clothing next to the cooling corpse and began to clean her hands and the bloody knife.
When she was done, she held it up to the light inspecting the blade.  "It's just not the same," she lamented.
"Guess you miss the one from Sunnydale." 
Faith nodded, "You never really forget the one you pop your cherry with."
"Hmm." Willow bit her lip, and then smiled widely. "Give it here."
Faith handed Willow the knife, and then hissed as the sharp blade cut her palm. "Careful, Red."
"Sorry," Willow shrugged, her grin making it obvious that she wasn't. "Blood magic."
Whispered words and the metal hissed and started to stretch and pull, like quicksilver. Deadly taffy in her hand.
When the spell ended, Willow held up a familiar split blade, glinting and wicked sharp. “Shiny weapons are a girl’s best friend. You gonna let me play with it sometime?”
Faith grinned evilly, as she took it. "You know it. Just as soon as I take this baby for a test drive"


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