At the end of days, there’s only two things saving the universe from total annihilation…Missing Heroes

text by C-Woodhaven


Vol 1: Call to Arms



“Spike, we have to do this. They’re counting on us.” Buffy soft tone was full of righteous conviction.


He ran a finger along her pristine white feathers, so pretty and bright compared to his shabby, broken ones.


“I’m tired, love,” Spike said, wearily. “So bloody tired.”


“I know, but they need you.” She held his gaze.  “I need you.”


“Oi! That’s not fair.” She knew those words never failed to stir him into action.


She grinned and shrugged unrepentantly. “So you coming?”


Spike rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah. I’ll return to the flying mudball and save the useless humans from the end of the world. Again.”


“Universe,” Buffy corrected. “Dimensions collide, end of everything. Heaven, Hell, the mall. Poof! Gone like it never was.”


Spike waved a hand, dismissively. “Whatever.”



Calm before the Storm….A Missing Heroes interlude.



Buffy woke with a start. “Spike?” she frowned, squinting into the darkness.


“Yeah, it’s me, love,” he whispered.


The bed dipped, and he took her hand, tugging gently.


“What – ”


He put a finger to her lips. “Shh. Come on.”






Spike led her out of the small house they were staying in and along the worn path that wound through the thick stand of trees. The sound of the ocean got louder with every step.


When they cleared the last of the trees, the desolate beach was bathed in the light of a single, flickering torch staked into the ground. There was a thick blanket spread beneath it.


Buffy grinned. “You’ve been busy.”


His lips found hers, and he slowly divested her of her nightgown before he laid her on the blanket he’d set up.


As they came together, lips and fingers explored bare flesh as if it were the first time. Buffy felt as if they were the only two beings in the world.


She rolled them and straddled his hips, sliding easily onto his thick hardness just as the sun began to rise.


She rocked against him, moving slowly as sleepy world began to wake around them.


“God, Buffy, hurry,” Spike urged, breathlessly, his hands moving to her hips.


She shook her head and instead laced her fingers with his.  “Uh-uh. Not yet,” she panted.  She was so close to the edge but held back, waiting.


The sun cleared the horizon, and Spike sucked in a breath as they were both fully bathed in its warm rays. He loved seeing her like this. Best thing about the whole shanshu thing, if you asked him.


Her hair was a golden halo, and it reminded him of home.


Time to up the ante. Spike pulled her to him and claimed her mouth in a bruising kiss, before shifting them. Buffy groaned against his mouth and wrapped her strong legs around his hips, pulling him deeper inside her. 


Spike stilled and pushed up on a forearm, gazing down at his beautiful, fierce angel. “I love you,” he whispered before he began to move gently within her.


He couldn’t hold up the slow pace for long, though.  It wasn’t what either of them wanted or needed. 


Spike’s eyes rolled back when she came and her muscles clenched impossibly tight around him. He couldn’t hold back a scream when her sharp nails raked his back and he threw his head back as he spilled inside her.  


Afterwards, he cradled Buffy to him, holding her close. 


If the bloody universe did end, Spike was thankful that he’d been able to make love to her in the sun at least one final time.


~ Fin


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